The 4.28KG Ultralight Road Bike | Building An Illegal Hyper-Bike

– Check this out, this is the lightest bike I’ve ever seen, it’s an absolutely ridiculous, fully functioning, hyperbike, built.

– Check this out, this is the
lightest bike I’ve ever seen, it’s an absolutely
ridiculous, fully functioning, hyperbike, built by a
chap called Steve Rose, and it weighs just 4.28
kilograms, just 4.28 kilograms, that’s ridiculous, but to
put that into context, well, that’s the same as the
whole of Game of Thrones, although a fly has just landed on it, so, well guess it’s heavier now. I’m gonna go through all
the parts on this bike and explain all the little
weight saving details on it cause it’s amazing and we’re gonna
start with the frame and fork. (soft music) The bike is built around
a 2015, 58 centimeter, Cannondale SuperSix EVO
Hi-MOD frame set and fork, and to further reduce
weight, Steve has actually, painstakingly sanded it down
to remove the paint and lacquer which he reckons saved
120 grams off the frame, and it means that it’s just
733 grams and for the fork, that’s 255 grams so a
really light platform. Moving down to the chainset area we’ve got the ridiculously bling THM
Clavicula Carbone Chainset, just 297 grams for that and
not content with metal rings, to save weight, we’ve got
Fibrelite 51/34 carbon rings on here, just 78.8 grams
for those and KCNC bolts, just 7.5 grams for those to
attach them onto the chainset. While we’re down here
you’ve probably noticed this rather tasty looking front mech well, it’s a Tiso Altore and it has
carbon front and rear plates, and it weighs just 46 grams. The pedals are quite
unusual, they’re ultralight, series titanium and they
weigh just 71.4 grams, if you’re wondering why
Steve didn’t opt for something like Dura-Ace
well, they’re really heavy, they weigh 228 grams a pair
but I’m interested to see how well these are to ride so
I’m gonna ask Steve later on. Wheels are hugely important when building a light bike and on this we have got AX-Lightness SRT 42
millimeter deep tubulars and they weigh 452 grams for the front and 579 grams for the
rear, so very light indeed, and for skewers, well
they’re made of lead, nah only kidding they’re
actually Tune Skyline, they’re titanium and weigh
17.2 grams, just 17.2, and they’re aero too as an added bonus. Fitted onto the wheels we’ve
got Veloflex Record Tubulars, they’re 22 millimeters wide and they weigh just 386.1 grams for the pair,
there are lighter tubulars out there but these,
well, they’re really good and I love the way that
the tan side walls contrast against the black carbon
of the rest of the bike. The cassette is an 11-27 and
what’s special about it is that it’s made by Recon and it’s aluminum, which means that it’s a little bit softer but it’s very light so the weight, including the spacers and
lock ring is just 107.7 grams. The shifters and rear derailleur
are SRAM Red Mechanical because they’re the lightest
shifters and derailleur you can get but they’re
not light enough for Steve, to make them even lighter
he’s modified them so check this out, he’s
added carbon jockey wheels, a carbon inner plate and
carbon Schmolke limit screws and now it weighs just 124 grams. Onto the hoods, now this is probably my favorite area of this entire bike so, well the clamps that attach
the hoods onto the bar, naturally they’re Schmolke
Carbon and weigh just 9.6 grams but the hoods as well
they’re no ordinary hood, Steve has done something ingenious, he’s actually got some heat-shrink plastic and specially cut it into a hood shape and then heat-shrunk it
on top of the shifter and that’s saved 21 grams, they
weigh just 17 grams, genius. Look at these levers, now
no uber light weight build is complete without some
serious Dremel action, so Steve got his Dremel out
and he’s cut these holes in the levers and his doing
so has saved about 10 grams, the shifters now weigh,
as a pair, just 196 grams. Onto the rest of the cockpit, so Steve has slammed his
stem because it looks pro and it also saves weight
off the steerer tube, it’s AX-Lightness along
with the bars because, well they’re just
incredibly light components. The stem is minus 17
and it’s 12 centimeters and it weigh just 82 grams, the bars are 42 wide
and they’re 162.5 grams and Steve’s actually managed
to save a bit of weight off the bars because he
chopped two centimeters off the drop because he didn’t need it. The bar tape’s quite intriguing,
it’s not actually bar tape, what it is, is tesa
insulation tape but it feels, well remarkably nice actually
and it weighs just 9 grams, the plugs, they’re day-da but they’ve had the centers drilled out and
they weigh just one gram. These very bling carbon brake calipers are actually AX3000 from AX-Lightness but to make them ever so slightly lighter, Steve has actually swapped
out the pad holders for the THM Fibula pad holders, ’cause
they’re a little it lighter, and also the bolts that hold
those pad holders in place, well they’re carbon, and the total weight, just 110.3 grams for the pair. Next up is the saddle and seat post, so this is a AX-Lightness Phoenix saddle and Steve says that he
actually really likes the shape of this saddle and it’s
really comfortable for him, and that’s the reason
why he hasn’t swapped it for something lighter,
which is absolutely bonkers, because it weighs just just 63.7 grams. Next, the seat post,
well that’s a Darimo T1 and it’s been custom made
so that it’s got a custom clamping area that’s perfect
for Steve’s saddle height and it’s just 60.9 grams which, for a seat post, is absolutely incredible. Seemingly no stone has been left unturned in the pursuit of making it lighter, so I’m gonna do a quick
run-through of some of the smaller parts and their weights. The BB is Lightening Zero
Ceramic, just 78.5 grams. The headset bearings
are FSA SL, 32.7 grams. The headset expander is 5.9 grams. The top cap, 2.7 grams, and
the dust cap just .9 of a gram. The CarbonWorks bottle cages, we’ve seen those at Eurobike before and they’re just 9 grams
for the combined pair, and four Schmolke carbon bolts attach them onto the frame at just 2 grams. A Darimo T1 seat post
clamp is just 3.8 grams. Cables are KCNC titanium,
just 25 grams for those, the cable housings well
Steve has repurposed some mountainbike cable inners,
nice hack there, 25 grams. The chain is a PYC
SP1101 with 106 links and it’s 211.7 grams, which is
slightly lighter than KMC chain. He’s even weighed the
glue used on his tubs, which comes in at 21 grams. Now you’ve probably heard me
mention Steve quite a bit when talking about this bike so I
think it’s time we met him. I’ve gotta ask, ’cause
I’m sure many people watching this video will be dying to know, what is it like to ride
a 4.28 kilogram bike? – Well it’s pretty fun to be
honest, it’s pretty crazy, the front end, quite light. – Do you find you’re doing wheelies? Like when you’re riding along or? – If you’re going up a hill
and you’re pulling hard, I have had that happen before
but mostly it behaves itself, just hold on tight going
downhill is my only advice. – Well I hope you’ve
enjoyed watching this video as much as I have geeking out
over this incredible bike, and if you have then why
not give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to
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