The Benefits of Fasting Pt.2

how should one break a fast? how should one break a fast – with a breakfast high water content fruits.

how should one break a fast? how should one break a fast – with a breakfast high water
content fruits right high water content fruits, really important the oranges,
watermelon, limes the best way to break a fast especially
if it’s a long fast or a fast of some duration beyond beyond seven days it’s
really important to do that because it will just
clean down, clean down the colon I mean we’ve all been there with fast
enough that memory is God did a fast and the next day I’ve been gone that fast I
think the last few days that fast Karen over to this and traveled over to Paris
and you know this was years ago by the way
when I see such rings so I’ve done this beautiful fast and so I brought some
grapes organic grapes you break the fast we have I hit Paris and what’s Paris
famous for wine baguette got me it got me the baguettes and I had a bag right
off a fast oh my word yeah I was in severe severe
pain and then gut-wrenching so a lot of time people people break the pastor
don’t do that whooping the fast in the wrong way yeah arm and people people
people out she can damage damage to organs aren’t you benefit fasting you
know but we didn’t talk a lot that facet cook we just backtrack a bit yeah yes
because right different that was a fasting
yeah so what one one one where fastest easiest wheat warm in a day some people
that’s normal but something that will be a fast okay so that sacrificed his mono
fasting I I had a lady come to me once and this lady was she was gone she was
leafy I looked it up scanned there she was gone she had some some some serious
health conditions she she knew she was in trouble I was her last hope she
looked mini eyes can you help me I looked another four
don’t think I can help you unless I like Gabriel faster follow and the fast I put
her on due to her condition was that she only eat papaya papaya for 30 days okay
yep so he gave me some herbs and medicine to
cleanse yes um this union type iron one thing aiya papaya because some type
problems have yet there’s certain types of enzymes in papaya I wish a
proteolytic proteolytic they gonna start but that’s external autophagy they come
in and they start to cleanse and repair the body papayas are hugely on the
rating fruit mmm yeah so she other papayas hugely cleansing purifying and
the enzymes in papaya they will literally clean up tissues and cells
don’t teach themselves about it so she had right papaya her morning’s got
higher sugar content and then slightly unripe papaya in the evening which has
got less sugar but it’s got a higher amount of what’s called a proteolytic
enzyme he’s a enzymes which break down damaged tissue and and I said well
that’s it you know I didn’t think she would do it ah but I underrated her and
when she came back in thirty days I was looking at her eyes look very young and
just like in was glowing she looked tremendous she lost weight
she came she came she was all blinged up she came up bodies were just intrigued
know where did you go to because the woman was literally was free courses or
more one foot in the grave you know Sassicaia it’s called a mono
fast will you see one thing she could mono fast on grapes
there’s a lady called Joanna Brandt and she’s real acid book within the health
movement is called the grape cure I just talked about the healing power of grapes
so people would do like a 21-day fast that’s heating grapes
especially the black grapes very powerful cleansing and purifying and
provide the body some profound a level of minerals and then more sugars I know
a model who was on YouTube who be cured her cancer through eating pineapples
just pineapple yeah pineapples yeah I think I saw that people that wasn’t that
was in the mirror so again the pineapple has again it’s got this alternative
protocol escape type enzymes which actually will start to destroy and find
the pepper that papaya pineapple work more for work more for breast cancer
upping high amounts and light based type enzymes which a flat spit in enzymes in
pineapple so yeah it’s only make sense power pineapple is profoundly powerful
so a lot of fruits so if you do a mono vas on the run yes this is often in to
discover how powerful foods are something we don’t know how powerful
foods are because people asked would you eat fruit buy a lot of food
that’s okay have you ever eaten a whole pineapple before no no and they would
try that before have you in a whole avocados before let’s have people they
cousin ever Cardoni half by the way Africa is the fruit you know so I say no
you half a never gonna have written free or fiber cut now living more than one of
a card at a time have you ever we in a whole bowl of tomato no so you find out
by and large people don’t need fruits do you know you fruits they snack on foods
mmm having timberlands one time are you crazy $10 no I wanted to I want
breakfast and that’s now you know I might for free my smoothie so people
don’t really gorge on fruits so you don’t need high volume of foods you
can’t see the benefit and capability of food to actually healing repair the body
yes yes number one number two if you don’t eat food exclusively
then you can’t see the full impact or benefit that fruit yes he’s when you
start to eat your fruit maybe three or four times and nothing else over else
yes then the healing potential empower out that fruit will go to work for you
so I was terrible at doing an experiment if you if you want some really good
skincare you can pay a nice lady in a clinic in central London you can pay pay
her 400 pounds and she’ll do a fruit peel for you
she’ll get a special kind of thing where they do fruit enzymes put it on the skin
leave without placing lights mean for you and even a nice white bathrobe and a
bill for 400 pounds yeah yeah and your skin gem you look good yeah but they’re
using few enzymes which it will extract we a secondhand or
but if you get a mango finger score it put on your skin
yeah it will literally heal up the skin literally instantly um he starts just
just the pulp of the mango or you were talking about this to get the mango in
any of it okay any of it but you know mango color
skin skin put a stick to the same pineapples Italy gives you a facelift
inside because what does it eat the enzymes will actually eat the dead air
is a skin through has enzymes and enzymes also digest when people eating
fruit fruit purifies inside the body so the function of fruits is to cleanse
provide energy through sugars and then friends actually cleanse and purify the
digestive tract they purify the blood but like I said we never tap into that
full potential because people don’t eat enough fruit to actually appreciate them
we will snack on fluids so you can take that whole out by fasting on just on
fruit which is not really a fast cause pretty much abusing if we leave them a
new fruit anyway but people don’t do that that will constitute a faster
people eat eat fruit yes arm only or there’s a version way come on oh fast
just on one fruit so I mentioned the great cure about papaya are men you
don’t want to be mono fast on anything there’s unnatural yes I do your gang
non-gm I can do watermelon fast special but for for kidneys and bladder issues
okay yes that’s they type of fast where you see one thing mmm it’s called a mono
yeah fast you won’t want to mono fast on what about what about me
what I fast on having said that you know there’s um there’s the e stinks of
therapy school and they were fast on raw meat I catch your bits of raw meat okay
yeah okay so yeah so the key key things when you radically restrict what you
normally eat that brings can bring a huge health benefit okay and when you
just eat one thing like imited things you extract the maximum benefit
nutritional healing cleansing profile
that food mmm type of us another another type of fast would be in Rome a partial
fasting where you eat only been a timezone something so a favor one I do
is just eat up to midday midday after midday no food maybe liquid only okay
that’s type of fast that has huge benefit so that’s called a feast feast
fasting fasting it’s the erratically overeat and
radically under we call in a month with a four hour cycle and again profound
benefits say that it’s not it’s not as strict and stringent and impactful see
that that’s how fast it could be done for at least minimum 21 days thirty
forty days even more when you say time zone fast you know you could you could
eat at night but we’re not advising that when you’re say a time any successful
fast do not eat a knife right don’t do not at the time sadly always going to be
yes leave the belly totally empty sleep on an empty meeting
early you get the most healing potential being carried out okay so he can fast he
can detoxing take supplement but he don’t fully cash in and all those
benefits unless the stomach is empty when the stomach is empty there’s
certain interactions between insulin growth hormone which are highly
beneficial honeybell is empty and you actually
going to get the most healing impact in those hours so like as I look at it it’s
like um here’s analogy I used like on the on the on the ground London on the
ground if you ever been late on the tube asleep about midnight last one not bus
12 1 o’clock you got the guys with the orange coats come out you ever seen them
guys the orange codes yeah they got orange overalls alright
you drive don’t bow down take two if you’re taking it too you see these guys
come out late at night and their job is to repair the tube okay literally emerge
about you see them hanging around around about the time little astray yeah there’s cleaners there’s a guy put them
because the posts up she never seen a post go up do you know Saldana know yeah
there’s a lot of work that cuz code out on the on the ground you never see that
no yes site a bit because they come up once a tuber
down here and they open up the trooper now open again four o’clock half past
four in the morning for the first tubes to go through which time they think
they’ve gone they’ve gone off done their shift and gone but the tube is now
stations are now clean the lines been serviced from wear-and-tear the trains
battling up and down all day the carry has been cleaned out and so
you go into a nice new tube in tube station a system now yeah so that’s
analogous yes you what I’m saying yeah is that um the body will only heal and
repair itself my lover stuffs out of the way so the tube station is not going to
get repaired repaired and primed for use where there’s the hordes of people using
it so when the people have gone home to sleep that’s when the tube guys come out
and do them didn’t maintenance repair work says that’s an idea or metaphor or
image to hold for how the body heals in repairs when when you stop using the
digest system at night and the body will do its most repair that’s why we cease
with diabetes so we see that people got high blood sugar numbers
it’s called fasting blood sugar is high in the morning and those what’s the last
from um and you find that always out late and the ADIZ high blood Sugar’s in
the morning because the body hasn’t finished breaking down the food it’s
also interesting that people say oh I don’t have breakfast I say Allah
you know hungriness and I’m the hungry one that says because you went too late
the body is still breaking down the food and late that night but he didn’t finish
back in there that food why because the digestion process is slow right down in
healing and it takes four or five times as long even longer to break down
certain foods in the region artists own time is he so it’s all rolled up yes I
work within the orders then you can extrapolate also extract the most
benefit from from from these really excellent systems yes because the
Western world is so filled with so much temptation to eat an ayat’ with
restaurants and you know the three-course meal how would you
naturally know this fine actually know this how is a good question how are you
actually well in any way in gets a point we don’t naturally you
know because your natural signals and processes have been overwritten yeah
by by a habits or lifestyle or culture so you’ve actually no still in Nix so
once you’ve done that the next thing you know he has a problem I’m gonna find
then it’s a very interesting statement a question because what you find in all
states of disease or health something natural process natural instincts that
mind-body dialogue has been overridden hmm so you only find interesting talking
about fasting so if I mean when you start fasting that mind-body connection
gets very very very strong increasingly stronger especially in habitual fasters
you can actually hear your body your body will talk to you but I don’t want
this or I want this I’ve had enough of that see that mind-body connection gets
very very strongly you feel it feel that the more purified your body is the more
you’ll have a specific urge for certain foods so not a craving a large so unless
we tell if we say yeah I want to eat bananas I’ve been eating bananas for a
month I can’t stop everybody’s saying there’s something in the bananas
potassium um Oh serotonin enhancement the body actually
wants from those bananas hi yes he so that connection way body’s actually
giving you a prompt to a signal or a true hunger signal for that food it’s
lost or period we were overeating or eating eating at the wrong time you know
that’s why I said before children and animals always do one thing before the
food smells smell the food yeah it was sniff the food for the easier so forget
again that he’s lost because culturally people don’t do that you know children
actually stopped doing it paint by the age of three or four or maybe even
something even like it’s kind of deemed as rude some yeah just yeah yeah I see
so it’s a mind-body connection so you can reset the body reset that mind-body
connection and reset that that in a dialogue with the body’s telling what it
wants where it doesn’t want to anyone associated I mean to avoid overeating
telling you that it wants to be a lot more at this food than you’re giving it
he says interesting okay yeah give us on the top of fasting another type of
fasting will be liquid only right yeah liquid only so you could fast just on
liquid so that liquid could be that see classic now being made increasingly
famous is agreeing the green juice fast it’s just having green vegetable juice
celery cucumber K or spinach chard and radish for instance typical type of
recipes so just like green juice well I say green you know it can be red cabbage
personally use it um green juice because primarily Queens in everything when you
can’t put some caraway carrots or celery in the juice so um specifically for
cleansing the body but nourishing the body
mhmm see remove all solids swimming nude or solids you’ve taken all the pressure
off the digestive yes I Jess tchen is not actually doing a lot of work so
always does less work with liquids yeah yeah a lot of attack and liquids
are highly assimilate able into the into the system so you’ve got a green juice
and that juice is working available and working for you within 10 minutes of
consumption ok so right from the the buccal cavity in again in absorb right
from the soften the digestive tract tube here is actually getting absorbed the
stomach is getting absorbed all the way down do dhinam stomach
I understand I do skin absorb almost interesting we do a juice fast the
actual juice elements are highly medicinal so a lot people what’s called
gastritis gosh crisis the information and digest digest wrapped all the way
down so drinking the juiciest the juice come into contact with a
digestive tract is actually repairing it just by having contact with with their
elements in the juice so this is a highly beneficial way of healing and
repairing the body I think we want to do some more research into this when the
best resources is a doctor long Walker book called fresh fruit and vegetable
juices it’s actually a very very slim book but in that book he he really
begins to give you a deeper understanding of the highly beneficial
aspects a very very common vegetable for instance it’s not well known but is
some people do know that for stomach ailments informations can actually juice
potato cream potato juice but I highly beneficial for the stomach
okay yeah so we look a lot common vegetables humble vegetables as a just
add vegetable nice you can buy a pound down the market okay it’s only Richmond
that we need to understand how potent and powerful these are the kind of
elements they contain the kind of biochemical compounds that’s resident
within vegetables that when you start to get that in high volume in a juice
former it brings profound benefit very very very quickly and now the elements
and vegetables these are blood building elements that can actually build our
blood and actually build tissue in the body so these are the foundation
elements the body actually take he was no need to prepare yourself but to
regenerate regenerate the body so for instance we’ve had people who couldn’t
put on weight mmm has that has that paradox people couldn’t put on weight
they do a fast they’re also they can actually put on weight so underway
status is actually a diametric often overweight status mm-hmm so they can’t
let you build a tissue properly and on the similar nitrogen nitrogen elements
from the vegetables are properly to actually build great mineral acids to
build proteins to find people fast and have juices or some they can put on
weight it’s really it’s really yeah it’s fascinating interesting opposite
yeah so it’s been a fascination of mine for a very long time I’ve seen a lot of
miracles well what would be deemed miracles but hey it’s a miraculous but
really is just isn’t this natural sense its natural science is natural order the
when we get the elements so it’s oh man is the vegetables are
there for a service of mankind and vegetables are literally created for the
biochemistry to be compassed with a biochemistry
man so if we need get vegetable especially vegetables in their raw state
because when the heated they’re not quite the same there directly degraded
and Mille actually deranged we take vegetables in their raw form that very
powerful taking me a liquid you know again high-volume say carrot juice
high-volume cabbage juice you know high volume spinach these are some of the
most healing elements that you can actually take provided probably they’ll
get ideally should be organic really should really should be organic and I
can yeah that’s a fast i liquid from yes okay just just just vegetable Jesus so
another way to fast would be maybe maybe to do a bit of a mix where you you kind
of he kind of radically cut back how much you eat and just have a window fast
and say you know there’s all different versions for people and do maybe raw to
four or you know till before only raw foods are oh yeah that’s when people can
manage yet yeah I got a lot of clients who broke them through to another level
health by getting no cook food at all no you’re on the weekend just only raw food
and people found that really manageable that’s okay I imagine you’re confirming
yeah so let me get this straight if someone was gonna eat cucumbers yeah 21
days mm-hmm some people might think that listen you
know I’m not gonna be getting enough vitamins and minerals
you know I might feel weak but that is completely she won the benefits of
fasting mmm give me your digesting elements a break but you also giving
your elimination organs at breakers we’re on notably interest I’m okay
seeking a breaker they’re not working when I’m not working they’re repairing
those savory elements and fibrous elements in a vegetable juice actually
start to clean so people will start to release a lot of
toxins from the intestine and the liver is he so we start forgot we call it
someone call it the stuffing habit you know we stuff ourselves all the time
yeah yes that in the human condition is that we really stuff ourselves we are
working for various reasons so to break that habit to actually take command the
control over that impulse to eat so I have to eat you know Lots I don’t think
ah the hunger must be obeyed hunger doesn’t have to be bad all the time
you see we are enormous moment got whole concepts of three square meals a day you
know there’s no scientific basis for three square meals a day see Jeremy find
that um people don’t do that actually doing better in terms of blood sugar
body mass index blood pressure yes it so free scrambles they that doesn’t doesn’t
really exist in in terms of a scientific basis for mankind nutritional need our
requirement what would you recommend having for work first first thing that
you get you do when you get up mmm the liquid the person that person I do
liquids yeah juice but fruit is great yeah fruit
like fruits fruits cleanse and purify maybe you’ve already been doing this
he’s detoxing overnight and if you daddy buddy’s done that really good the first
thing you do in the morning is wake up visit visit visit the loo
why do you think we’ve you know we have this the traditional English breakfast
is cooked you know bacon beans sausages or we have cereals why if we
where have we got this notion to eat cereals yeah welcome the cereal aspects
of them there’s this what’s been promoted as in so the Syria that the
concept the US cereal has been heavily promoted and a lot of money is being
invested to tell people this is really healthy so that the thing the thing that
actually got a generation hooked a really bad about you problem yeah yeah
yeah the dragon know you’re going back for
being though well I remember its classic one
if you’re old enough I’m not that way but look 16
so basically bigger is the is that the boy and his mum and he’s getting ready
beckon he’s kind of warm glow around I seek out there yeah him say they do this
mind control Mike programming out like that unless I like it kept one the Mars
Mars a day helps you work less tempeh ok program the whole generation that are
Mars are they yeah oh wow someone’s just come in here Mars a day would help you
work rest and play so there’s no sense though no but a whole generation of
programmed it so people have been programmed to eat certain things then I
get the programming going and the appetizing and then for instance like
the whole thing about brand in any brand so if we were trying to solve the
constipation by in Bram yes I hear the two before that I think brand kicked in
in the 70s I think early seventies maybe late seventies before that the brand was
thrown away that was a waste material from from
wheat production right yeah he needs to be flown away so then then it’s all
fiber thing came up for guess because we can set a friend a brand away we can
package it and sell it to the health nuts I’m calling a bower fiber you know
so we call these things so all these breakfasts yours but the average
breakfast here the total value the total value in a
breakfast cereal in the box the box is worth more than the contents in a cereal
is all these processed foods it’s just yeah I suppose there’s food it’s just no
but but what about fire but the only true fire base of wets fiber it’s a
fiber of a high water content right that’s right that’s fiber see in talked
about 5 or something that’s dry that’s really good but it has to reconstitute
me rehydrate that fiber to make you a value so actually move the interest Ines
Coppola say we haven’t yeah these where these habits and then this classic say
said that they a bacon and eggs ask classic cultural
and then you got the the breakfast your that us
condition condition commercial programming so these habits so people
have this habit so people are hired rights what what they grew up eating mmm
okay sometimes people like let’s move the health to the next level unless
they’re able to leave the conditioning Charen conditions in turn and make
change sense yeah that’s about the average the average person eats
continuously the same line food on rotation

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