The Benefits of Fasting Pt.4

tell me why don’t people know about fasting? people don’t know it’s not within what’s taught or… although it’s anicent.

tell me why don’t people know
about fasting? people don’t know it’s not within what’s taught or…
although it’s anicent I guess people know but it’s not
mainstream it’s not a mainstream understanding it’s not
taught in schools in an ideal society people should be to health principles
impacts in school yeah except people taught by their coach are
by their parents people owe me know people get to find out mmm although it’s
interesting but a lot of research increasingly around science scientific
research has shown blood sugar levels coming on normalized by fasting so we’ve
got this whole thing now where people doing this intermittent fasting which
again is an ancient practice but because of scientific research be realizing in
those intermittent fasting and get major health care goes especially they’ve got
a blood sugar I guess they make the main the main reason people don’t know about
‘fasting’ is that it’s not promoting from on high as a mass consciousness
understanding because there’s too much money being made from people
staying sick and being sick so to have fasting towards a fundamental of
someone’s self-care or self healing there’s no vested interest to
teach this and then when you couple that with the fact that most people are
basically greedy, most people for the most part are locked into appetite and
love eating people love food, look on the TV
at the food adverts you see look at the superstars of the chefs
they’ve got all the food programs people are obsessed with eating
okay so the worst 4 letter word you can tell somebody is ‘FAST’ , so you’ve got
big money interests that maintain the whole sickness industry, when that meets people’s greed and appetite and love of food there’s where
you have sickness in a trap yeah a trap a trap but but
doesn’t break out off him on can break out
leave at any time so someone just takes an awakening take some information but
often you find people come there when they’re desperate tried everything else
they tried the medication they tried I realize that’s not working so then
people start to default back to the ancient or the natural natural pathway
core or just things which just make sense you know
stop eating stop overeating you know stop eating dead animals stop eating the
wrong food stop eating processed foods give the stomach a break
people can’t realize this makes sense but we’ll try it and people start to see
the entire health benefit so give us some encouragement from some some
evidence so entitlements people through evidence
well there’s based that there’s there’s increasing a lot of research if you gone
to PubMed for instance and look at like Keeney word fasting and you see some
incredible research studies that have been done run the bone and in your
export in your experience well in my experience I’ve seen numerous numerous
numerous to to to to men too many yeah to number but an example every finger
example a good example top of my head I’ve seen people with incurable diseases
so-called incurable and they enter into like a fasting process if that a lot of
my clients now put them through a fast for the first the first 21 days of a
business hmm and I got that fast to two summers capability their current life
our work commitments yeah yeah we Jeremy fine if I if I get someone to do a free
month program and the first mom for that program at least 21 days that month that
their fasting we super accelerate order was also is he in month two and free so
I see typical people come with like pain severe pains severe problems of like digestive severe
constipation yeah severe problems with this delicious no
better to lose weight or gain weight just severe metabolic disorders than
with skin and fasting and that’s change changing very very quickly you know this
is actually interesting actually got a lady lady here now I won’t finish I’m
gonna finish this consultation with her and she’s got a problem where I’ve got a
bit bit rare where she’s to bomb me it’s all the time vomits vomits vomits
province mmm and so I asked um have you uh have you ever fasted hmm she gave me
a quizzical look and said no he’s a problem with vomiting a few years has
she been to high schoo sultans in this land and they were in the miracle Hill
and they can’t help her hmm I think the best help she got was it as a diagnosis
after seven years mm-hmm it was you’ve got something intermittent
something vomiting syndrome mm-hmm oh thanks thanks thanks for pointing out
the obvious so make sure though fasting is gonna help her MMR’s really
gonna help her quite synchronous the earth yeah I mean making seven years
powerful seven she been vomiting for seven years
oh five teen for seven years actually several times a day
Wow no this is so sometimes and sometimes the body’s telling you don’t
eat yes Lucy yeah I said we don’t want food right you just wanna start to hit
they hate it stop that kickstart the heat in the office yeah the police he
doesn’t want food pull yourselves doesn’t want food that car is so
conditioned that we have to eat mmm we have engineered our strength problems
you seen differences with the skin oh yeah definitely definitely some fuzz
sometimes does get worse things give us we’re getting enough I guess a little
detoxing push off from cast down toxins so definitely see a lot difference in
skin energy moon you know in every in every biochemical aspects there will be
improvement from the application of fasting principle and that’s interesting
the body it almost things get better before they
get that’s right things get worse before they get better
that’s just an just how things will get seemingly worse so people might lose
energy people might feel tired like was that what we call him in natural natural
medical science we put a hex imma herxheimer reaction is basically last in
first out mmm it’s the last thought talks as it personally imbibed we’ll be
the first ones to come out mmm-hmm so the other other term the quite is a
healing crisis some people run got more time than I’m fasting but all my
symptoms my maybe getting a little bit worse I feel quite painless heating
crisis I mean how you notice a bonafide the heating crisis it jaren doesn’t last
more than two or three days so the body would will peak in his paternity
activity then the packing and then pee so the body almost like the body
understands that it will do as much as you’re able to bear nobody got get years
and years of toxins and metals chemicals lychee they she pushed his out that had
the cells the tissues and the organs and when these come out people ways how I
feel lighter hmm I’m sleeping deeper I had dream recall my clients wants to
math dream recall stock member in their dreams first of what they were they
thought they weren’t dreaming before let me gently find me fasting people
start to start to fix things and it’s a so as we win so we’ve outta people start
turning and often time people come up on fast that’s not me to put some things
right start maybe to do some things they put off for a long time things that
people procrastinate it doing says there’s a whole unit need on the fast
the right way for sufficient length of time to actually regenerate the body and
the mind yes a wonderful process and yeah we
ought to all have that as part of our strategy yes of everything
Longman strong yes yeah yeah we don’t be wrong much domination see ya
sir extended lifespan on the major benefits made major benefit there’s
anyone for vanity reasons you just look a lot longer actually look basically I’m
gonna have my manager but you watch me increase chart you also increase your IQ
and your mental mental acuity and faculty because that the brain is
getting fresh air cleaner blood the brain cells actually regenerate a
rejuvenate as Canaries in the body so they’re they’re multiple myriad what
about people who worry about I know you have mentioned about the way issue but
people worrying about losing mass yeah I walked up with me happy lasting I said
we haven’t gotten to lose you can’t lose anyway fine yet people can do is mass
but they put it all back on is in the process of regeneration or rejuvenation
you have to you have to – before you can add these are the body
mathematics you must – before you can add mmm okay I see the body the boy
doesn’t build on a faulty foundation yes so you got the body must move away a 40
foundation then it will actually rebuild and that foundation would be so full
team that the energetically the person is not able to took to build mass that
person will lose something but when the body starts goes into regeneration which
is what was the little body builders called call it so you’ve got arm
anabolism verse here so that anabolism and catabolism these are two states that
where they must balance bike is where the body’s building tissue cats going
everybody’s tearing down something fast he paints when let’s call that cutter
bollocks they ride but it’s actually breaking down you’re losing no mass yes
but the Elat that then when that process finish the but it was made to go into an
abolishing whatever that she building this so catabolism actually stimulates
anabolism okay so it’s not the other people people want to get the animalism
but I just literally building on this 40 foundation so great analogy think about
when you gonna decorate a place what you do you got to take everything out
you wanna refurb up a property you got it got it doesn’t look good does it
yes don’t look like a masters there’s first bricks everywhere this dust and
cement everywhere that’s all all the choice that girl is a shame
yeah well it’s finished Hey mmm is he gonna get the finished work so you got
to go through the taking down the tearing down the breaking down for you
get into the building up anyone over special people over 30 40 50 they really
need to be doing that version is there any instances when you should not fast
hey mrs. manchild not fast yeah certain all help Commission’s responsive fasting
but certain certain advanced stages of cancer so that bashi disease states
where the body’s literally gone into catabolic state anyway I then they need
some kind of partial fasting or monitor another fast because the body’s actually
in there was called cachexia catches we’re the police we can’t process
anything right is it really going to that catabolic state yes so in that case
we do like a partial fast but you might use concentrated juice juices you know
so some of the the old time users will use like broths as a big thing that bone
broth now yeah so that person a champion people use like broths or vegetable
broth which a liquid form but highly concentrated and the body can actually
take nutrients very healing these bone broths I don’t know I’m not I don’t
believe in bone okay highly toxic anymore yeah yes yes no how
you I’ll agree with that yeah so though in some circumstances the downside that
the benefit can outweigh the downside as a temporary Moon’s regenerate
regenerating yeah the body I mean I saw saw a headline on the journal I was
reading today and they said said that there’s lady shad backstage for cancer
and Marva English from Romania yeah put her on a fast this is stage-four she had
like a few days to live and she gave all she gave her lard hmm
Oh Kanak yeah lard and lard and some of uh some of the fats for summer but it
wasn’t the fact was some kind of was it liver yeah Leon yeah
chopped up raw liver okay and yeah she cured her stage floor of cancer it’s
probably interesting yeah it’s not there’s not a approach that that I I
would actually recommend on I’m gonna be the we go
at least we have the raw liver you’ve got like HP a highly concentrated proteins amino acids and other elements
and now you know so you know that was an interest donor we don’t find out what
was going on yeah YUM alrighty so yeah so fasting is a way to go yeah um you
know movie had benefits and yeah highly recommend it yeah so yeah I’m just
fighting my fast today just just Duke it out to the end video yeah the fast is
great so the rough state you know past entries in a fast three four days in
persevere these few like us we feel started like Superman and you feel good
the benefit of our spin-off for months and months months and even years after
you know saying this thing where I started to repair repair because we
fasting brings cellular hair right down to right down to the DNA level yeah yeah
yeah well you hurt head of here first yeah fast alrighty yes fast fast

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