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Hi, have you lived in your home a while or are you thinking about buying a new home? Are you.

Hi, have you lived in your home a while or are you thinking about buying a new home? Are you thinking about selling your house? Well, thanks to our friends at keeping matters current and HGTV I’ve come up with the top four things that can help you to increase the value of your home and Get you the most return on your investment so the first one is a minor bathroom repairs that gets you about a hundred and two percent of your Investment so you can replace the tub shower enclosures tile Just minor improvements like that can really bring you a big return on your investment The next thing is upgrading landscaping. So if your front yard looks a little tired It will to prospective buyers as well. So that brings the home value down. So hire landscaper or go to a garden Landscaping company and oftentimes they’ll provide free design services. They can help you spruce up your yard. Make your front yard. Look a lot better Backyard projects to come in at number four in providing good return on your investment summer kitchens pools in certain areas can bring a good return on your investment if they’re done well and Number three is minor kitchen repairs that brings you in at ninety eight and a half percent So this would be upgrading your appliances new flooring May be refinishing your cabinetry Those bring you a lot of return on your investment. So if you’re thinking about Staying in your home. Like a lot of people are right. Now the average homeowner stays in their current home for thirteen years So things get a little tired after a few years. So if you need a home improvement loan service first mortgage offers an excellent suite of home improvement products for you from a 203k to a home style to a jumbo Renovation mortgage we can help you financing those improvements and turn your current home into your dream home So if I can help you with any of these things whatsoever Just give me a call. Two one four nine four five ten sixty six Again, this is Richard Woodward at service first mortgage and our team at service First can help you with your home improvement Jax Thanks so much, and I look forward to talking to you soon If you like this video, please share it with your friends. And we’d appreciate you commenting on it below as well Thanks so much. Bye

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