‘The Build Up’: Episode 1 – Baltimore Apartment Renovation

I’m John. And I’m Anthony. We’re design and construction experts. Ellen sent us on a mission to help extraordinary people.

I’m John. And I’m Anthony. We’re design and
construction experts. Ellen sent us on a mission
to help extraordinary people doing amazing things
in their community– This is so sweet
that you do this. You go back to high
school, and you help with an after-school
program to help kids. –and then pay it forward with
some incredible renovations, and life-changing surprises. [SCREAMING] Oh my goodness! This is “The Build Up.” [MUSIC PLAYING] All right, man. In Baltimore. Baltimore! More importantly,
Timothy and Malik. They volunteer at
their high school. And these guys are shaping
the next generation of musicians out of Baltimore. I’m Timothy. I’m Malik. We call ourselves A1 Chops. When we perform together,
it’s not actually [INAUDIBLE],, but it’s just one person. Being on The Ellen Show
gave us amazing platforms. I could actually go up to
a kid and be like, bro, I used to drum on the
streets, see where it got me? You can do that. You can do that with music,
you can do that with cooking. Anything. You can just be
who you want to be. And stay positive, because
with hard work and dedication, everything can pay
off at the end. They have no idea what’s
in store for them. No idea. They have no clue! No idea. They think, all right, yes,
we know we get the apartment. We’ve gotten you an apartment. What? [INAUDIBLE] We’re decking out this
place for you guys. There’s so many more surprises. Yeah. So much more that we’re going
to be doing in the community. I think they’re going
to be blown away. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, baby. I like it like that. You got to believe
me when I tell you. I said I like it like that. Hey, diamond
district in the Jag. I said I like it like that. Certified, you know
I’m gang, gang– So [INAUDIBLE]
those [INAUDIBLE].. I said I like it like that. That chick make the moves. I said I like it like that. I said I like you like that. [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE] Dude, that was awesome. You guys excited? Yes. Yes, we are. I know the apartment
that we are ready to get is going to be amazing. It’s going to be
an A1 apartment. So now that we’ve
seen the boys perform, it’s time to check out the
apartment that Ellen got them. Four story walkup. You know what I’m
really excited about? Carrying all the furniture up. This is great. Man, see this. Oh, come on. Oh, man. Ellen crushed it on this one. This place is enormous. I am just so amped to
dive into this space, and like really create
a home for these guys. This is just great. The rounded wall. We’ll do something here. Some kind of art. All right, so we have
the white cabinets. And we’re not going
to change those out. I think we do stick wood. It’s real reclaimed wood. This will be a
horizontal install. I love it. Look at these windows. The fireplace is sick. So we really need to
do something that’s going to inspire these guys. So what about a wall of
reclaimed instruments, and behind that a giant A1 logo? See like, that’s why
I keep you around. That’s why you keep me around? I told you, I keep you around. That’s why he keeps me around. So we saw the
other two bedrooms. This third one– Say it. Practice room. Hell, yes. I loved the idea
of the stick wood. But in here, we go vertical. And then we do an
A1 Chops for them. So– Hell, yeah. For their videos. So they’re doing the videos. So you’re doing
Instagram on the wall. Absolutely. And they’re just jamming out. Absolutely. And you– How do they jam out, though? [IMITATING DRUMS] That’s how I
thought they did it. That’s it, right? That was it. I feel good now. I’m feeling calm. I’m feeling I’m in a good place. Calm is the wrong word. All right, it’s
time to get started. So for the entire
apartment, we’re painting all the
trim and doors black. That’s really going
to make it stand out. John and I are putting a big
A1 right in the living room. Our goal is to really represent
who Timothy and Malik are. For the band practice room,
we have the reclaimed wood. And we have a brand
new light that’s made out of recycled cardboard,
that looks like a drum. Beautiful! All right, while work continues
here on the apartment, we’re going to check out
Baltimore with Timothy Malik. So tell us a little bit
about growing up here. Growing up in a city– it’s kind of hard. Because there’s a lot of
violence and a lot of things. But you do have some
good role models, and people that’s actually
trying to do the right thing. With being on the
show, what has it meant to the city of Baltimore? With us doing this,
it just shows people that if you push it hard enough,
you can actually make it out. Or you can actually
be something. It’s just that everybody has
to come together and give you that support. To uplift you,
instead of everybody pulling each other down. What I love about
Baltimore is it’s a lot of people in
this community that comes together and try to make
the best out of Baltimore. And try to make it great. And it’s a lot to do with
us fighting and pushing. All right, so since
we’re in Baltimore, tell us the best spots to see. You got to go with
the nacho bangers. Nacho bangers! And when you go there,
you got to say, sauce! Sauce! There you go. [MUSIC PLAYING] This one of the famous
food spots in Baltimore. And these are these guys
favorite food, right here. All right. And the sauce. Oh, man. I can’t wait. Sauce. Sauce. Timothy and Malik, such
an amazing– such aspiring young brothers, just for
the culture of Baltimore. While they are building, they
also help us build as well. Hey, my guys, man. I’m going to
[? work for ?] [? them. ?] I’ve been waiting
in on this all day. That’s a banger, for real. Only in Baltimore. Welcome to Edmondson
Westside High School. This is where it all began? This is right here? Right here. Just like yesterday. Awesome, man. We teach at this high
school the band program. And we teach the students
how to play drums. So I come back to teach
the after-school program, because I want to give back
to the next generation. And show them that
you can be anything that you want to be in life. Teaching is my passion. And if there was a plan
B, I’d be a drum teacher. Be excited for tonight. This is it! You ready? Can’t wait. All right, come on. It’s going to be insane. All right, back to work. It’s time to finish
this apartment. –back in your life. So I’m just [INAUDIBLE]
party tonight. ‘Cause I need it. Yeah, I need it. All of this time I’m just
a dead man walking tonight. This is looking so good. Final touches,
they’re on their way. Let’s go, guys. [MUSIC PLAYING] The boys have never been
to this apartment before. They’re about to see it
for the very first time. [INAUDIBLE] It is apartment time, gentleman. Apartment time. Apartment day. Come on. Awesome. This is your place, boys. Our first time walking
into the apartment. I am so nervous. I want to see what’s inside,
what’s behind that door. Oh my god. Next time on “The Build Up.” Bro, do you see this? What? I’m in a dream. Oh my god. Oh, man. This is going to be so crazy. Crazy, man. Not bad, right?

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