The Finishing Touches | RVLOVE’s RV Makeover (Ep 7) | DIY RV Renovation

(upbeat music) – Got my little assistant today, Max the goose. Through this process, we’ve all gotten really close. (laughing).

(upbeat music) – Got my little assistant
today, Max the goose. Through this process, we’ve
all gotten really close. (laughing) (upbeat music) – I mean, I knew it was pretty– – I had to work because
that angled cupboard– (whirring) – Goose, goose, goose, goose. (laughing) Ow. (laughs) Kind of hurts. (laughing) – Good morning. So this morning, Bruce and I are looking at doing some blue grouting
behind the blue tiles that we’ve laid in the bathroom area where the vanity is. Originally, I had thought
white, but Bruce tells me we can do a bit of a trial run with blue. This blue is looking fantastic. – Getting ready to replace
the sink in the bathroom here. – [Julie] Porcelain ceramic
sink and new faucets. – Oh gah, ow. (upbeat music) – Perfect timing, trash
gets picked up today. – [Julie] How was that part? – Not so bad as I thought. – [Julie] Do you want a mask? – No, maybe. (giggling) (upbeat music) – [Julie] What better
things to do at 11:20 on a Monday night than
install a toilet, huh? – Yeah, well when you’ve been
without a toilet all day, there isn’t much better to do. – [Julie] It’s pretty
high priority right now, and this is our Dometic
Gravity Flush toilet 320 model. Ooh, look at that. Wow, that’s nice.
– There we go, installed. – [Julie] (laughs) No, we’re
not gonna leave it there. (rocking music) – How much do I love RV Love? This much. It’s a little weird,
don’t you think? (laughs) (rocking music) – It makes for very quick work, ’cause when I was trying to hammer these with an actual hammer, it
was not going very well. (rocking music) (inspirational music) – One of the things we
loved about this RV is that it has a split bath, so
we have a lot more room here. We have this vanity, a separate shower, and a separate toilet room right in here. – We like the split bath
’cause you can separate it off. There’s actually pocket doors to close off each individual space, as well. – To me, this was so fantastic. It’s three full rooms to
me, and what I really loved about it was that there’s
a lot of wall space, and this was where I really
brought in the color, and it was a real pop for Jules and Marc and very unexpected.
– Yes. – Jules, as you’ve already
seen, is a really bright, gregarious, happy, upbeat, as is Marc. So even though we’ve done the
toned-down, sophisticated, elegant, comfy out there,
I thought what better way to do that than throw bright blue into the bathroom vanity area? And this is actually one of the first fights I
had with Jules was picking the blue paint. We were really at
loggerheads about the paint. I’ve got to share that, you know? Because it is so contrary
to the rest of the van, and that’s precisely what
I wanted to have it be, was contrary, and the
tiles are just beautiful. They’re the launchpad for the rest of it. I had to muck around
with the blue grouting with the tiler, but it really
is such a special place. And you feel a little bit
like you’re on holiday here with the blue, but to me,
this really shines Jules and Marc, this blue. – The shower area here, you just got this gray surround here. This, I really didn’t
quite know what to do with, but Jane had a great idea. – Yeah, well from living
in a lot of hotel rooms when I used to be a flight attendant, I remember seeing that they had the big circular shower
curtain that came out so it gave you a lot of
space to wash your hair and maybe have two in the shower to wash each other’s back. Is that too intimate? (laughing) Anyway, but what I had
seen was these phenomenal shower curtains that come out on an angle, and then it really extends
it, but the great thing about this is that, because it’s an RV, it pushes back into the shower cavity. So you still have this wonderful walkway. You’re gonna have the
really great shower curtain, which is less weight,
actually adds personality– – Well, and we did one more thing too. Back into the toilet room, that’s one of the largest actual
walls in the motor home, so we did something really
special there, as well. – Yeah, and this, again,
was a bit like we had a lot of discussion about
possibilities with this. But because it is the biggest
wall, actually, in the RV, again, because Jules and
Marc entertain a lot, they have lots of visitors,
I really wanted that room to be a real surprise. So we’ve picked– – Who doesn’t want a surprise
in the toilet? (laughs) – Exactly, so we’ve all agreed. I gave my whole selection of possibilities for wall murals, but
really edgy wall murals. And I really did push them quite a bit. – Yeah, it was brave. – It was a very uncomfortable
process for all of us, really. And I think that that’s my
responsibility as a designer is to push the client,
but also to be respectful that it is their home, but
also, just to push them a little bit beyond what is comfortable so that they can go, “Wow,
I wouldn’t have done it. “I’m really happy with the results.” So I’m still to put that
up, but fingers crossed that is gonna work, and they’re
gonna be delighted with it. And guys, just to link
in with the color tone, that mural actually links in
with all of the color palette that’s gone through, so it’s congruent. And I think that’s what people forget. Even like the blue bathroom,
there’s been little touches of blue that I’ve thrown
there in the living room that you will get to see
later, so that it also links with that, so it’s not just,
“Oh, there’s a blue bathroom, “and it doesn’t make sense.” There is a linkage out
there, so it actually flows. And with that wall mural,
it links in perfectly with what we’ve done out
in the main living area. So I’m very excited, guys. I can’t wait for these
guys to get surprised. – One more thing is here, it’s
right opposite the bathroom, we actually removed the mirrors
from the bathroom cabinets. That was another little bone of contention that we had to really negotiate until we agreed to remove them. We’ve kept four mirrors out
of 40 in the motor home, and two of them are over
here, opposite the bathroom, which is what we call the pantry area. And I use this a lot, and two are on the closet in the bedroom.
– Yeah. – Well, and a big part of that was because these mirrors are a much
better height for you than the mirrors above the sink, so that would just make
sense to remove these, paint them blue, have the pop, have the functionality of–
– And also, again, one of those things, those were great mirrors. They were big, they weren’t
cluttered in the panels like the previous mirrors, but it didn’t make the space look
more claustrophobic and small. And that’s why I really
wanted those mirrors off, so we’ve left Marc and Julie plenty of mirrors to do their shaving,
their makeup, their hair. So yeah, but that look so good. – Big day today, we’ve got
our window shades delivered. Now, we just gotta figure
out how to mount these with our existing valances. (rocking music) (whirring) Better check to see how
much this electric drill is pulling and I see
it’s kind of a cloudy day so maybe I shouldn’t get
too carried away with it. But I’m at 78%, I don’t know
how much it actually trolls. (whirring) (rocking music) This is the original
lighting from the coach. These are fluorescent bulbs, have these little plastic covers on them, but these plastic covers often come loose and fall to the ground, and then a couple of them are broken and missing. So we were looking forward to changing these fluorescent bulbs to LED bulbs. But I’ve already done the
prep work on the boards, and by choosing LED,
we can actually change the color temperature on the lights too. These fluorescent bulbs are really bright, and light can be a little bit harsh. And so we’re looking for a
little bit more homey temperature on the lights, and I think we’re
gonna go with 2,700 kelvin. So today’s big job is
we’re gonna be converting these lights into some LED lights, and we’re gonna put puck
lights inside of a board. So this was actually a
very simple solution. We just took a one by
eight piece of board, cut it down, sanded it down,
and drilled holes in it to put these puck lights in it. And it’s actually pretty simple wiring ’cause it’s just 12 volts. Just hook the positive to the positive and the negative to the negative, and you’ve already done one of these. And it’s turned out great. (rocking music) (drill whirring) (laughing) – Look at that. – Oh yeah, that’s bright. (upbeat music) (drill whirring) Turn it on, see if it
works, there it goes. Oh, and the light turns on,
so it’s purifying the water. Looks good, looks good. – [Julie] The blue even
matches our color scheme. – [Marc] It does. – [Julie] Nice, thanks M. – Four seconds, should
turn off, there it goes. Done. (drill whirring) (upbeat music) (drill whirring) (upbeat music) (inspirational music) And so, through this process,
we’ve all gotten really close. (laughing) – We have, so yeah, now it’s
time to talk about our bedroom. – This bedroom has had a massive change, because when we first
bought this motor home, it had nine mirrors in this bedroom, which is a little overwhelming, I think. – It was just too busy and too much for living with all of those mirrors. You just don’t always want
to see yourself in a mirror at every moment of every day. – After we removed the
mirrors, it’s just amazing how much softer and more of a place to go and heal and rest, you know? – Yeah, exactly Marc, and
I think that’s the thing that you can’t appreciate
until the mirrors are gone. And I knew that we had to
get rid of those mirrors because they were so
chaotic, and if you prescribe to any of the feng shui processes, you know it’s really bad feng shui to be seeing yourself like that, especially when you’re cut off. So I knew that when we
took those mirrors down, it was just gonna totally
calm the space down and make it feel really just sensual and just easy, you know? And as you can see, we’ve
just got the bones in. Today, Marc and I mounted
the bedhead this morning. And we’ve put some
beautiful wallpaper linking around the side and at
the base of the bed. But we are just about to get started on transforming this bedroom. You guys, you wait ’til you come back. This is gonna be right up there
with a luxe five-star hotel because this is my specialty. I totally love making bedrooms sanctuaries where you can chill out, run away from the chaos of the day, and also that it is just
really luxe and elegant. And why not? Just cause it’s in an RV, why wouldn’t it be luxurious, you know? So I’m very excited about
finishing this project. And again, the cupboards,
how good do they look with being turned around? This is where that whole idea came from. – And the first piece
of resistance from me, we were like, “What? “I don’t really know about that.” But we’ve known each
other a really long time, and Jane knows to push a little
bit to think differently. That’s why she’s here. That’s why we asked her to help us with remodeling our motor home. That was always from day one,
“Can you help us do this?” – And the other thing, too,
is that it’s really standard in an RV to have blinds. Now guys, I’m gonna put drapes. I am so excited. Drapes add that real
sensuality to the space and also cut out the
light, cut out the heat, cut out the sound. And I cannot wait for
those drapes to go up. That’s a massive job, and
I’ve got someone helping me tomorrow to make individual
home to hang them because they’re gonna
be hung from the ceiling ’cause I want to maximize the sense that this is much more
palatial and spacious than it actually is. This is the first time I’ve actually leant against this headboard that
Marc and I put up today, and it is super comfortable. I could lay here and read
books in bed all day. – And this is called
the Bennett headboard. Can you believe it?
– Yes, don’t you like that? That’s a nod to the Bennetts. – Yeah, how appropriate. – I think there are some
other little surprises, but I think should save
those for the final reveal. – But I think we’ll show
those at the reveal. Got to have some secrets, right guys? – Absolutely. – Oh my god, this is beautiful! Oh my god, all that slicing and dicing! Oh my god, you would not
catch me doing all that in a pink fit, that is so nice. Girls, girls. (upbeat music) – Yes, it’s worse. – Would you girls mind
taking your clothes off? (laughing) – [Jane] Totally. – [Brett] Just thought I’d ask. – [Jane] Why not, right? Brett’s showing us how
to make a street taco. – A little bit of meat, doesn’t take much, a little pico, cabbage,
if you want some cilantro, not necessary, little dollop
of salsa, mango, lime, and just a little dollop
of the jalapeno sauce. You can put on a little
Parmesan if you want it. Danelle likes that. (upbeat music) Alright, here we go. (upbeat music)

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