The House on Trubnaya (1928) movie

The House on Trubnaya A comedy in six parts Screenplay: B. Zorich Director: B. Barnet Director of Photography: Y. Alekseyev.

The House on Trubnaya
A comedy in six parts Screenplay: B. Zorich Director: B. Barnet
Director of Photography: Y. Alekseyev Set Design: S. Kozlovsky Assistant Director: V. Nemoliaev
Cinematographer: B. Fil’shin Make-Up: l. Dorofeev Cast
Paranya Pitunova – V. Maretskaya Marisha, a house maid – A. Sudakevich
Fenia, an activist – A. Vojtsik Golikov, a hairdresser – V. Fogel
His Wife – Y. Tyapkina Semyon Byvalov, a driver – V. Batalov Mezhrabpom – Rus’ Film Studio, 1928 The city sleeps… The House on Trubnaya Street sleeps as well The city wakes up… . … looks in the mirror and begins to wash up. The hairdresser Golikov had to wake up first because he didn’t have any servants to
help him with the chores. Soon after,
the rest of the house woke up as well. Fenia the activist took care of the house. – Chopping wood on the staircase
is not allowed! And so it went every morning. The driver Semyon Byvalov lived in the house. Marisha the maid lived there as well But wait, we forgot to tell you
how the duck ended up in Moscow… A day earlier … l am sending our niece Paranya to stay
with you. l remain your faithful wife, Anisya. To Moscow From the village To Moscow – Hello, my wife! – Paranya, wait! Uncle Fyodor came back! To Moscow… To Uncle Fyodor … The next day Looking for uncle Fyodor in Moscow ”The tenant has moved. Apartment for Rent.” Without a maid to help him,
Golikov had to do all the chores himself. – Are you looking for a maid? – Are you in the workers’ union? – l am. – Then we can’t hire you! – Are you a member of the union? – Can’t hire you! – Quit honking, you devils!
My duck is scared to death! – Paranya! – Semyon! Semyon, who was from the same village,
offered Paranya a place to stay. – Are you in a union? – No, l’m a virgin. – Come work for us then! Paranya at work. – Paranya ! Boy, some water! – Clean towel! – Paranya ! – Paranya ! Rivals – Do they mistreat you? – You need to join the workers’ union. Application for membership
in the workers’ union. – Name? Age? – Paranya Pitunova, 19. – Here is your ballot
for the city council elections. And in the evening, come join us
at the workers’ club theater. Ballot – Master, the laundry is done.
May l go to the workers’ club? – What about the floors? – Washed. – And the samovar? – Polished. – How about the firewood? – Chopped. -Very good.
You can stay home and guard the apartment. Today – 12 April –
THE STORMlNG OF THE BASTlLLE. Featuring a professional actor alongside
members of the workers’ club. Doors at 7. Dressing Room Marisha and Semyon
both had parts in the play. The club’s director. – Where are the wigs? – Do you have any wigs
for the French Revolution? – Where is the General? – The General… is dead drunk.
We’ll have to cancel the show. – Comrade Golikov, you’re a man of the arts…
Could you play the General? – Get out of my house! – Don’t you dare set foot here again! Without a place to go. ln the morning – All to the Moscow Council elections! – After a night of wandering, Paranya was
too tired to recognize the importance of voting. – Paranya, where have you been? – Fenia, they kicked me out… Domestic workers!
Elect the new Moscow City Council. Housemaids will be represented
by Avdotya Khrabrova… Elizaveta Vaghina … Paranya Pitunova… . – Oh my god, that’s Paranya! Recipes for the home Champignons à la crème fraîche – ls Paranya back ? – Paranya… … HAS BEEN ELECTED TO THE COUNClL ! The search for Paranya The news of their maid’s election
changed the Golikovs’ social status The whole house was busy preparing
for Paranya’s return. To the elections ! Bukharin – Let’s go home! – No, l’m afraid they’ll scold me. Workers’ Club. Elections. – ls Pitunova here? – She’s right here! – Where? – That’s me! – Pitunova, the City Council member? – Yes, l’m a Council member. – She’s coming! Welcome. – She’s coming! – Greetings to the newest member
of our beloved Moscow Council! No walk-ins. – Get out of here! – Although Paranya is not in the City Council,
she is still in the workers’ union. – The union will help you find another job. – They sure did a nice job
cleaning the staircase… Keep the staircase clean! No wood chopping! – Are you in the union? -You’ll have to pay back wages… … for her unused vacation days … …for not giving her a proper uniform… – And don’t worry, you’ll also do some jail time
for all the physical abuse. The End

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