The Mystifying Structures Hidden Within Earth’s Mantle

As you’re watching this video, thousands of kilometers beneath your feet, edging on the brink of alien and terrestrial, lies.

As you’re watching this video, thousands
of kilometers beneath your feet, edging on the brink of alien and terrestrial, lies two
vast structures with unknown origins, and scientists call them… Earth blobs? Uhh wait what? Did I read that correctly? Yes, yes I did read that correctly. These ‘blobs’ have been a big geologic
mystery that researchers believe are having an untold effect on our planet and it’s
baffled scientists for over 40 years. So what do we know about them? Well, Earth blobs have picked up this rather
un-sciency name because they look sort of blobby with round, soft edges. No, not that type of blob. Scientists call them Large Low Shear Velocity
Provinces, because waves of energy slow down through these zones, but boy, that’s a mouthful
so let’s just stick to Earth blobs for now. They’re hidden underneath Earth’s crust,
like really, really deep – about 2,000 kilometers deep. These blobs are so massive that if we moved
them to Earth’s surface, the International Space Station would need to navigate around
them. So to better understand these gigantic structures,
we need to journey into the center of the earth. They begin where Earth’s mantle meets the
outer molten core. In the 1970’s, scientists discovered that
one of the blobs sits under the Pacific ocean, while the other one sits under Africa and
part of the Atlantic ocean. So we know their general location and we know
that these regions are different from the surrounding mantle material because seismic
waves move through these massive regions slower than their surroundings. But there are still many unanswered questions. No one knows for sure where they came from,
how long they’ve been around, or even what their role is on the planet. But yah know, scientists love a good mystery
hidden deep within the Earth’s crust. So it’s been an ongoing debate ever since
they were discovered 40 years ago with a whole range of ideas trying to explain them. One hypothesis has described them as plumes
of hot upwelling rock that connect to surface volcanoes to form island chains like Hawaii
and Iceland. Another has speculated that the blobs are
disrupting Earth’s magnetic field. And others have suggested that the blobs are
connected to super volcanoes that at one time caused extinction events. So yeah… the ideas run from the generally
benign to the apocalyptic. But these are just hypotheses. Because it’s impossible to reach these depths
in one piece—temperature and pressure would kill you —scientists have to rely on a multitude
of techniques to tell us what the interior looks like, and maybe even explain how these
mysterious regions affect our planet. One way is with seismic tomography, a technique
that helps us look below the crust by tracking and calculating seismic waves. This was how scientists actually discovered
the blobs in the first place. But while the method revealed where the blobs
are and how large they are, it can’t really tell us much about their density. So one researcher turned to a new technique
called tidal tomography to peer under Earth’s crust. It uses sensitive GPS measurements to track
Earth’s body tides and can give us a better gauge of the blobs’ density. Preliminary results showed that the blobs
were pretty dense and could be composed of iron and have similarities to primordial material. While geochemists are analyzing the chemical
composition of lava samples to help determine what role blobs could play on volcanoes. One study, looking at underwater lava flows
along Costa Rica, suggested that at least one of the blobs may have been a source for
an extinction level event millions of years ago. So evidently more research is needed to demystify
the blobs before we make any conclusions. What’s important to keep in mind is that
each of the earlier ideas may present a different picture of Earth’s inner workings and the
role the blobs could play on our planet, which is why these regions are so scientifically
interesting. They could tell us very different things about
the planet, from its earliest beginnings to the magnetic field to even super volcanoes. But until Brendan Fraser figures out a way
to journey back to the center of the Earth, we’ll use the techniques at our disposal
to reveal the mysterious blobs wrapped around the heart of our planet. Come on Brendan, we’re counting on you. If you liked this episode, let us know if there are any other mysterious science phenomenons you’d like us to cover down in the comments. Make sure to subscribe and thanks for watching.

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  1. okay, this is very interesting, but and since you brought this up (going inside the Earth) has anyone really thought that these might not be dense, but the opposite as in the blobs are cavities which house the aliens that everyone harps about – remember Adm. Byrd's comments regarding theses aliens and their vehicles coming out of a big hole near Antarctica, or some such story as that?

  2. WTF. So you make a vid about blobs underneath the mantle of the Earth and refer to everything that these “blobs” could effect, but never once mentioned what these “blobs” could actually be??? Or did I miss that part cause I can’t find it. Just asking.

  3. Music on the background is pretty annoying and it feels like I am watching breaking news
    Pls do something more comfortable to watch

  4. Hello, Patrick. Your brain is crazy sexy… also your face and your thighs and all of the rest. Now then, what was this video about?

  5. I theorize it's left over from when Theia slammed through Earth.

    Edit going off of the image at 0:26, it's roughly in line with the equator, and the shape reminds me of an "impact splash." IDK how accurate the computer model is though, tbh.

  6. There should be no debate; it is all of those reasons. There are blobs of magma that is closer to the surface than other places, creating ideal areas to sprout chain islands, supervolcanos, and also having an effect on the magnetic field. Did anyone really think that at one constant spherical depth within the mantle, like on the graphics, just BLOOP … rock to MOLTEN magma!? No, there's lumps and bumps and blobs.

  7. its obviously where the lizard people keep the kaiju stored for the day they plan to reclaim the surface, that would be the case if ThE EaRtH wAs aCtUalLy RoUnd

  8. The first blob was formed when Thanos snapped and the second when the hulk unsnapped !!!

  9. Lying down while watching this, then the "under your feet, right now" got dropped… hundreds/thousands of km, "under" my feet, as of now, would be outer space…

    Nice derp; I want the info, without your assumptions.

  10. Let's all remember that these are still hypothesise! The furthest we have drilled down is 8 miles and that was in Russia. Until we can get an actual SA.ple it's just easier for scientists to say I don't know, rather than guess! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with not knowing and just finding the truth rather than speculation before the truth!

  11. Those blobs are quite literally pockets of hotter material. It's an electric interaction between the surface of our planet and the interior. Salt water is a great conductor, and Africa sits near an exceptionally active region. Something over charged east Africa.

  12. I want to know how they measure it. I imagine there are instrument readings and times registered. More solid moves faster. Well other than time and strength is there any other measure. How reliable are the instruments and how many instruments and or separate sending methods to measure to ensure accuracy are there?

  13. I clicked this video beacause the thumbnail is beautiful

    didn't know someone with more beautiful face and voice will tell it to me ???

  14. the inside of the earth cools down, so parts are hardening. (can also be simple)

    otherwise it was still liquid

    they are also really in places where it is cooler (water draws heat)

  15. Since it is more dense than earth's crust kind of like oil and water. The earths crust floats maybe? Or maybe the blobs trap heat and it helps produce more crust while Mountains erode by the elements keeping a balance. Kind of like replacing a layer of skin which we do everyday.
    I'm just guessing btw.

  16. Sometimes i just wanna slice open this earth and prove them scientists wrong. Even if the earth is destroyed nothing of value would be lost.

  17. Why isn’t this the Maren Hunsberger channel? This dude is gross. I really don’t need to see a blob say the word blob 50 times in three minutes.

  18. As specified, a part of blob rests in Atlantic. So this also "might" give a clue for the Bermuda triangle. Does it?

  19. It's amazing to me that we even have the technology to detect these almost a thousand miles under the surface of the earth.

  20. Duh… We have known what those were ever since "Matrix Reloaded" came out. That's where the human resistance is; inside those massive caverns.They are zones of mass hedonism and immorality. Remember that scene with all the dirty humans dancing together, all sweaty and sexed up? They were probably also on drugs. And to top it off, they clearly were preparing for their gross copulative activities. We must eliminate them!

  21. Similar in ways of surface weather but more of an internal earth weather created from intense heat and pressure???

  22. My new favourite quote is "We need to demystify the blobs before we can make any scientific conclusions."
    Okay, that might have been a slight exaggeration.

  23. what if…we used the same "combine many telescopes into 1 big telescope" idea that gave us the new black hole picture, but with instruments to look inside the planet?

  24. alien1: uh oh. they're getting closer
    alien2: ehhh, just activate yellowstone. That'll keep em busy

  25. Mainstream scientists indoctrinated with solid earth hypothesis misinterpreting hollow earth continents, mountains, oceans, etc. as blobs now.

  26. Geology with Pat!! Yes!! There’s also studies, particularly in the Mediterranean where these blobs are fragments of old tectonic plates that have different density and “float.” Looking if the coast of Oregon the old farallon plate could be part of the magma plunge under sisters (volcano) and maybe was feedstock for the hotspot that created Columbia River gorge basalt!!!

  27. Personally, I think the blobs represent all the Bridgmanite theorized by geologists. Some of the theories fit with it.

  28. how is it 2019 and we still don't understand core dynamics? Blame newton! we're still using his calculations and observations to try to explain what is happening at the center of earth's gravity well. they can't even build a model to explain why the core is spinning faster than the crust. (in the vacuum of space) – Einstein (with today's observations) would have gotten it.

  29. All Hail the Heart of Darkness! Our Eldritch All Mother has been discovered brooding in her eternal fetal state.

  30. All I know in my thinking is the super Volcanos are earth’s arteries to push out heavy metals and minerals to once again recirculate back into our waters as a vein. I’ve wondered if we are earth’s bacteria if you will and apparently humanity is harder on life than the Chernobyl incident is to them and different bacterial or frequency of wavelength are better for life than others in mutual relationship aware or not

  31. Wouldn't these blobs be a void or a less dense region? Since seismic waves aka pressure waves aka sound waves move quickest through the most dense matter?

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