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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello! Come on in. Come on in. I’m Lynette. And I’m Clint. We live in the “Up” house..

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello! Come on in. Come on in. I’m Lynette. And I’m Clint. We live in the “Up” house. [MUSIC PLAYING] We met in ninth grade and then
started dating in high school. Our first date was senior prom. And so yes, we’re high
school sweethearts. And yeah, we’ve been
married for 18 years. LYNETTE: Yeah. I always say to the
kids, I’m madly in love. Right now, we’re at
our house, our own. It’s a replica of the Disney
Pixar house from “Up.” I was in the military. I had just gotten a new
assignment in California. My grandmother lived in
Salt Lake at the time. She wasn’t doing so well, so
I came out to Utah to see her. So when I was
visiting, said, hey, we’ve seen stuff on social
media about this “Up” house that they built in Herriman. And I’d like to go see
it and take some pictures so I can show the family. And it was an open house. I said, oh, wow. Nobody lived there yet. I’m just geeking out, just
beside myself, total Disney nut. I’m like, hey, we’re
looking for a house. Would it be crazy for
us to possibly move to Utah, buying this house? And yeah, I don’t– how
crazy does that sound? The phrase “adventure
is out there” is very prominent in “Up.” And to us, one of
the takeaways was you can find adventure in anything. When I was visiting
my grandma, just asking her how she’s doing. And she had this big
smile on her face. And that’s always how she was. I just asked her,
how’s it going? And she said, you know,
death is a great adventure. Yeah, this is– this
is a cool thing. And so I fly into
Oakland Airport. As soon as we land,
I turn on my phone, and I get a text message
saying that my grandma had passed away. So as I’m walking down the jet
way, lined up with the jet way is Fenton’s Creamery. They have a little
kiosk in the airport. So I happen to pull into
the gate that’s straight in front of Fenton’s Creamery. And I’m like, all right. [LAUGHS] What’s going on here,
all this universe alignment stuff? And it was like another sign. We could not believe it. So when he was like,
so what do you think? I mean, like, I’m
stationed out here. It wouldn’t work. And I was like,
we’ll make it work. We can do this. CLINT: So we started
talking to the home builder. Blair Bangerter, this
was his brainchild. When I saw the “Up”
house, I thought, now what is that style? Is that kind of a
Victorian style? And the house was so
gorgeous and so cute. And it was such a
big part of the film. Well then I thought,
hey, I wonder if we could do something with that. And at first he wasn’t– he was like, no, it’s
not really for sale. I just kept having
an open house. I never listed the
house for sale. They had gotten a
lot of people saying, we want to buy this. This is amazing. We looked at each other. And we’re like, we’re not going
to accept no as an answer. No, this is our dream house. Clint walked in. I could tell he was serious. And when he talked to me about
his love for Disney and Pixar, that was the start of
the purchase of the home. CLINT: Coral and
Gunner just absolutely were beside themselves
when they saw the house. Everything felt magical. Everything about that
whole process felt magical. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is the front room. Here is where Carl
and Ellie sit. GUNNER: You may recognize this,
how he steered his house– the coffee grinder. Right here, we
have the mantle where Ellie will straighten the bird. Then they have the
painting that they painted on here of their
house on Paradise Falls. Right here, this is
what I sleep with, Kevin, if you recognize her. She really matters to me a lot. CORAL: We are very
happy to live here. It’s so magical. You feel like anything
can come true, honestly. So we are in the secret playing
room where me and my brother hang out. And I’m going to be playing
a little short song for you. [MUSIC PLAYING] LYNETTE: When we went
up to the nursery for the first time,
that’s when I lost it, when I saw the nursery. And then coral pointed out,
oh, there’s a pink cloud for me and a blue cloud for Gunner. CLINT: Yeah. And I was like, oh. CLINT: We had a similar
situation to Carl and Ellie when we first started
trying to have kids. There were a couple
of miscarriages. And I think they
were very difficult. So that was one of the reasons
we latched onto the movie so tightly when
it first came out. Our son Gunner was 3? LYNETTE: 3. CLINT: He was at an age. And we were just kind of
connecting the dots ourselves. I had been noticing there is
something different about him. And so there was
just these signs. And people would touch
him and he would shudder. And then the delayed speech– he spoke, but not a ton of
words, all these little signs. So I took him to this place
that diagnoses autism. And so she analyzed him. She was like, yeah. He definitely is
on the spectrum. It’s those true moments that
a lot of people go through. And you got to dig deep
and get through them. And it’s OK. He is beautiful the way he is. When we moved in here,
it was almost like– LYNETTE: Gunner had
a happy meltdown. CLINT: Yeah. LYNETTE: Remember,
he ran up to the door and was knocking on the door and
trying to open the door knob. He was like, “Up” house,
“Up” house, “Up” house. And it was like this real– it was a real connection
of something that was– he had only seen on TV
before as a cartoon. It was this interesting thing
with him where it was oh, cool. I’m in the movie now. And something clicked. And he attached. Yeah, he got really happy. He started talking more. He connected with things. He started opening up. And it was just– it was
a very noticeable change. He was able to just
feel safe and connected. It just brings up
a lot of emotion. Yeah. We are so blessed with
how Coral and Gunner interact with each other. They are best friends. CLINT: Coral is super sweet with Gunner. She’s very understanding,
very patient. We’re a really close
brother and sister. We were thrilled that
a young couple with kids were able to move in
and enjoy the house. He told us on a
number of occasions that he felt like they were
building the house for us, for our family. That’s probably one
of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard in my life. LYNETTE: You’re the
family we built this for. That’s what he said to us. This house was so dear
and near to my heart that whoever was
going to buy it, I just felt we were
going to be close. And that really has come true. It’s been awesome
growing up here. It’s cool to have parents that
are super into magical things. Well, Clint and Lynette,
they have the personality that just is magnetic. And they have so
much fun with it. I mean, they’ve been embraced
the uniqueness of the home. And they are able to share
it with others in ways that is quite unique to them. When you watch the movie,
Carl and Ellie, I mean, they just fall in
love with this house. And then they make
it their home. And that’s what makes
them the absolute best owner for this home. CLINT: Everyday life
can be an adventure. And you need to find
those little adventures in those moments. There’s always an adventure
around every corner. Just do something new. Find a change and go after it. We live in a house inspired
by Disney Pixar’s “Up.” And that’s what
makes us Disney people.

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