The Reality of New Vs. Used Homes: Episode 3

So it seems like you both have a really good idea of what you’re looking for? Yes, new. I was.

So it seems like you both have a really good
idea of what you’re looking for? Yes, new. I was gonna say resale. And there’s pros and cons to both. Have you considered both of those? Yeah, I think resale because I’m a pretty
handy guy. I like my projects and remodeling and stuff. I think a new home’s also gonna be too expensive
for us. But I like how new homes are in master planned
communities. They have all the amenities and of course
the open floor plans, gourmet kitchens, plus the whole ENERGY STAR thing. And ENERGY STAR is gonna be a big pro in new
homes because they are third-party certified, and so they are going to be a lot more efficient,
so it’s gonna ensure good monthly savings for you. Really? Yeah. And a lot of times you can actually get more
home because your monthly expenses are gonna be lower. Yeah, so speaking of finances, have you guys
been pre-qualified for a mortgage? No, we haven’t been pre-qualified. We thought we’d just shop around a little
bit first and see what we liked. Okay, but you own a home, right? So you’ve been through the process, you know
what to expect. We actually inherited the house from my grandma,
so we’ve never been shopping or been through the process at all. [chuckle] But I did do one of those online mortgage
calculators so we kind of have a general idea of what we can afford. And that is great for general numbers, but
just so you know that doesn’t include homeowners insurance, it doesn’t include property taxes,
possible PMI, second liens, HOA dues, the list goes on and on of things that there’s
gonna be added on to that, and also to be pre-qualified for a loan. So I would definitely suggest meeting with
a loan officer. Well, I thought the mortgage calculator would
be a good idea, but I can see why a mortgage person would be a lot more helpful. Oh, Little Miss Button-up forgot to get us
pre-qualified, so it looks like we’re gonna have to talk to a loan officer about that. Yeah, I think even she could tell he doesn’t
need any more projects. Plus, I think the thing about the monthly
bills being lower finally got to him, probably ’cause he heard it from somebody else. Yeah, she mentioned ENERGY STAR too, so I
guess we’ll see.

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