The Ultimate Gingerbread House And Cookie Guide

61 thoughts on “The Ultimate Gingerbread House And Cookie Guide”

  1. Such a cute,cozy,sweet video!!!!We dont have such tradition to make christmas ginger house,but o would try to make it with my son when he will get little bigger)))

  2. in Finland we have Youle its basically Christmas on Christmas Eve I’m Australian but a finish city son and in Australia we get days come before America gets the day so I get Youle and Christmas before Americans do >:3

  3. Please, can someone help me? What's is shortening?Can I use also butter? I am in Germany and if I want to translate it doesn't work ?
    Thank you wonderful people ❤️

  4. So I did this. This hardens FAST! Instead of dividing 3 seperate pieces ROLL OUT THE WHOLE SHEET. Even if you seperate and try to do each one it becomes SO HARD you cannot roll this out! Taste is very good!

  5. Y’all. I made this last year. TERRIBLE. Smelled disgusting, tasted disgusting, and was seriously a fail. If you’re thinking of doing this recipe, save your ingredients and find another recipe.

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  7. I wish I get to do this because in my country, they only hang Christmas stuffs around the mall and promotions, that's all. Cookie house structures are too expensive and I really wanted to celebrate Christmas like other ppl ;-; and make gingerbread man, reindeer and more.. I hope it comes true ❤

  8. An idea for tasty, maybe do a lot more videos where the person who’s cooking is doing a nice nostalgic narrative? It’s really soothing

  9. For the cookies I have a few questions:
    1) How many does the recipe make?
    2) About how long should you bake them?
    3) What temperature should I bake them at?
    Thanks so much!

  10. I did buy a ginger bread house cake mold and baked a ginger bread cake from scratch & the kids were able to decorate & eat it too. It was fun & delicious! This was a wonderful nostalgic video, going to give this a try, I LOVE the stained glass windows!!! So grateful you shared!!! Warm hugs!!!

  11. So cute. Best part is the roof and walls didn't fall off! My daughter and I learned a lot from this video. Thanks for all the tips.

  12. You had the measurements and the ingredients in the corner, it is your grandma's recipe so I feel you should keep it private in your heart, and you also explained the tips. You can do what you want but I just feel that's what I would do

  13. I made a gingerbread house in highschool for a group project and we also did the candy windows. they meltled in the florida heat, im pretty sure i cried

  14. When I actually take the time to make a gingerbread house, I use those leafs you melt to make gelatin and 'glue' them on from the inside as windows since they have such a pretty, sort-of victorian-looking pattern. I know a lot of them are kind of yellow but the ones I buy are always clear and very nice. I also put in some stringlights for a nice and cozy effect. We don't eat the gingerbread house since I think they taste like dust very quickly but my kid thinks they're super fun to peek into and look at. As if a little elf moved in over christmas or something ?❤

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