This Is The NEW Building Meta In Fortnite… (Fortnite Building Tips)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today we’re gonna be discussing what I’m going to refer to.

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be discussing what I’m going to refer to as the new building meta in Fortnite. Throughout the duration of season X, Fortnite
has implemented multiple different gameplay changes, which have made a significant impact
on the way players build. I don’t really think you can point to one
specific change as the one that totally altered the building meta, and that’s why it may not
be blatantly obvious that building has changed. But when you combine a bunch of the recent
changes together, that’s when you start to recognize that there are definite differences
between how players build now, and how players built before the season began. So, without further ado, let’s get right into
talking about how the building meta in Fortnite has changed. Alright so without a doubt the biggest change
from the building meta in Fortnite now, compared to the building meta in Fortnite maybe 2-3
months ago, is that turtling is so much weaker, and less viable of an option in close range
fights. Sometime around maybe season 7 or 8, so roughly
5-6 months ago, turtling had become such an insanely popular building strategy in Fortnite. Obviously it had been around way before then,
but around that time was when even average players started to realize the importance
of turtling and playing low ground. What was once seen as somewhat of a nooby
playstyle mainly meant for bad players that couldn’t build, was suddenly looked at as
a genius method of defensive building, that countered players who just mindlessly built
to high ground, and forced them to fight you in a situation they were much less comfortable
with. But for whatever reason, Epic made it a priority
to make turtling and defensive building in general much less effective now. The biggest change that accomplished this
feat, was the nerf to turbo building speed when replacing walls. You used to be able to turbo build walls in
the same exact spot every 0.05 seconds, but that was recently changed to 0.15 seconds,
and if you’re bad with math, that’s exactly 3 times slower now. In my opinion the biggest nerf to turtling
that this change presents, is the fact that you can now be consistently shot through your
builds, no matter what ping you play on. That was one of the biggest strength of turtling
in the past, you could just hold down right trigger/r2, and because turbo build built
so quickly, your walls would block every single bullet as long as you kept holding down the
button. Now what’s interesting about this change,
is that since every weapon has different fire rates and structure damage, the weapon being
used will effect how many shots will get through turbo built walls. And I actually found a good post online, where
someone did the math and calculated this for the most popular spray weapons in the game. The first weapon he calculated was the minigun,
and he says “There is no ping that can prevent being shot by a minigun through turbo-build. This is incredibly broken. The minigun fires one shot every 0.083 seconds,
and now on 0 ping it takes 0.15 seconds to place a wall. This means that everytime a new wall is placed
while turbo building, one shot will hit the opponent. But If their ping is greater than 18, they
will be hit with 2 shots per new wall placed.” For the surpressed SMG he says “The fire rate
of the SMG means that on ANY ping, the aggressor can hit 1 shot through your walls on the 5th
or 6th shot depending one which rarity of SMG they have.” For the tactical SMG it’s “1 bullet shall
be shot through for every new build that is replaced. The uncommon version of the weapon will take
4 shots to destroy freshly built wood opposed to the 3 shots it will take the Rare and Epic. So you will hit the player with every 5th
shot of the uncommon tac SMG, and 4th shot with the Rare and Epic.” And what I found most interesting about this
post is that when someone is spraying your wall with an AR, your ping will basically
determine whether they will get shots through or not. The calculations are a bit confusing, but
the summary is, if your ping is 32 or above, you will get shot through turbobuild by any
AR. But for the other 3 weapons we covered, it
doesn’t matter what your ping is, there’s literally nothing you can do to prevent being
sprayed through your tubo build. Another major major gameplay change that nerfed
turtling, is the new wall replace system. Breaking and replacing an enemies’ wall used
to be heavily reliant on ping, but now due to the fact that a coin flip determines who
gets the wall, it’s much more RNG-based now. I have heard that ping is still somewhat important,
because to trigger the coin flip for the wall replace, you need to attempt to place your
wall within 0.15 seconds, and on high ping that may be a bit difficult. However, for low to medium ping players, gone
are the days of having absolutely no fear that your wall is gonna be replaced while
turtling as long as you’re just holding down RT/R2. You need to be on alert 24/7 while boxed up,
that at any time an enemy could take your wall, and that obviously makes defensive building
much less effective. The final nerf to turtling is one that’s been
brewing for a while now, but recently has become more apparent than ever, and that is
the prevalence of items which counter turtling. For a while, Fortnite’s main strategy to counter
turtling with items, was to use explosives. We’ve seen things like dynamite, C4, clinger
grenades, bottle rockets, and a few others similar to those. But, even though those types of items are
super annoying to deal with, a lot of the time, as long as you spam build around you,
you can negate pretty much all damage from these items, unless they throw just an insane
amount of them at once. So what Fortnite’s starting to do now, is
add items into the game which deal damage THROUGH structures. Obviously stink bombs have been around forever,
but within the last 2 months or so we’ve gotten junk rifts, zappers, and airstrikes. All 3 of those items and especially the first
2 aren’t really able to be countered by building, you basically need to get out of the items
range to be safe. So with turtling being much weaker now compared
to a few months ago I think it’s a fairly obvious conclusion, that aggressive building,
especially to get high ground is the dominant building playstyle right now. If you’re able to outbuild someone and take
high ground from them at the beginning of a fight, they’re forced to choose between
either trying to re-take that high ground, or play defensive and turtle up. That’s definitely nothing new, but in the
last 2-3 season or so, the majority of players when confronted with that choice, would almost
always choose to turtle up and play low ground. That’s because although low ground box fighting
does take some mechanical skill, it requires significantly less than a technique like advanced
high ground re-takes. And even though turtling up was easier than
attempting to re-take high ground, it was also just the way stronger option most of
the time. But now, whenever I get high ground and I
see a player immediately box up, I’m definitely not as scared as I once was. In the past, if there were 2 equal skill players
fighting low ground, with 1 player inside a box and the other player outside of it,
I honestly think that both players would have roughly a 50% chance to win that fight. But now in that same situation, I think the
player outside of the box wins that fight somewhere around 70-75% of the time. And that’s because there’s so many counters
to low ground now. You can choose to just spray through the wall
with an SMG and hit maybe 3-5 shots per clip, you can break and replace one of the turtling
players walls fairly quickly most of the time even if you’re dealing with a 0 ping player,
or if you have an item like stink bombs, a junk rift, or zappers, you can just throw
one, and force the player outside of his 1×1, unless he wants to take a ton of damage. Now obviously, high ground has it’s fair share
of weaknesses as well. Most notably, being exposed to players that
are pretty far away in the distance, and the constant fear of the bottom of your structure
being broken, and you taking a ton of fall damage. But I think that for the first time in a while,
when you weigh the positives and negatives of playing high ground vs. playing low ground,
not only is high ground the better option, but it really isn’t even close. I’m not saying to never play low ground, because
it’s still definitely an effective technique, but now more than ever, your goal going into
every single fight you take, should be to establish high ground as early as possible. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. Let me know what you guys think about high
ground vs. turtling in Fortnite, and which building strategy you personally prefer. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time.

87 thoughts on “This Is The NEW Building Meta In Fortnite… (Fortnite Building Tips)”

  1. I like what they’ve done with turtling. I love the addition of the tac smg and I love that anyone can take walls. I’m sorry but the turtle meta was killing the game. It wasn’t fun, it was far too sweaty and I’m a sweaty, and it was entirely ping based. This season despite its issues, has made building and straight up fights far more fun again. I’m a super super try hard sweat who’s played since season 1 and I’m saying this if that matters. The turtle meta was actually aids

  2. Glad to see my boy ericc5 got some shield from the loot this time!

    On topic: it all makes sense now. I would get so mad getting shot through my walls with any gun . We need Midwest servers.

  3. Definitely noticed this. High ground / aggression is finally being rewarded. There was a time when you didn’t have to be good at anything except for standing in a 1×1 and a few window / corner edits to win a fight. Made for some real slow and stale games

  4. Great stuff Gronky. I'm a better low ground warrior. I need to work on my high ground stuff. Thanks for the great content. You always put out quality stuff.


  6. Gronkey is there a way you can tell us how you exactly got good at fortnite.. Did you just play alot of games? Did you start on default settings an work your way up? . Did you do alot of solos? Or squads…Ive looked thru alot of your vids and cant find it…. thank you… love your vids

  7. Hey what’s going on guys in this video today I’m going to talk gibberish for over 10 minutes for 2 minute video so I can get my CPM up.

  8. Gronky isn’t gronky without

    ADS Spam only, build and edits almost too fast for him to control, and taking hit teammates kills and not ever resing them.

  9. honestly gronky just saw this pop up in my feed n came to show you some support, fortnite has gone to shit though im kinda happy feels good playing other games and not worrying so much what shitty update epic forces you guys to deal with. wonder if the game will even be able to retain a large enough fan base to pay for the next couple tournements they already announced or if they will end up eating their words n not giving out prizes for not earning enough in viewer revenue

  10. People turtle up because they are not good thats the same reason some players like mechs and stuff like that with is the majority witch epic talked about but then said screw that lets do what the minority want because they are YouTubers. Just one more thing to help Epic kill fortnite.

  11. this one time i was playing solos, i was having a real nice game until i came upon a kid that just sprayed and prayed to take damage from me. since my ping is always in the range of 50-80, whether or not turbo building was changed, i still get damaged through the wall my opponent was spraying at the end i died during the encounter bc of his play style :/

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  13. Kinda unrelated but I have an idea for editing in fortnite. It needs to not be a toggle, but rather holding the button you use for edit pulls up the edit and releasing it confirms the edit. That way you can do the instant reset bullshizz on controller like m&k players can. And would feel super smooth I think. Who else agrees with this?

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