Thomas Heatherwick: Building the Seed Cathedral

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  1. Genetically manufacture all seeds and keep the originals. I bet if the seed cathdral did not exist, people would be more hesitant to destroy nature.

  2. These buildings are highly individualistic, a symptom of our time. They won't modulate into cities, nor will they stand the test of time. They're a fad to the ninth degree. Much like that Gehry fellow.

  3. -WE – Curving walkway -cool but,yawn , TRY A bridge LMAO C -don't even try buddy ,save your time -THIS GUY HAS NICE IDEAS ,BUT IS UTOPIAN TOLL HEAD ,

  4. @drealm I don't know. For the last 2 centuries we've been living with the effects of the industrial age, where everything must look the same to make it easy re-creatable. We lost a lot of uniqueness of products due that. This 'creative' age we are going in might change that.

  5. I think it's more a waste of energy and materials than a real efficency. I think that this things are primarly made to hide the ugly of our cities rather than re-build it in a more efficent way, it's more like put dust under carpet.
    I don't dream stuff like this, I dream cities without the needs of this "silver plated" covering the mess.

  6. @peterbriers I don't see anything wrong with sameness, this is how you create a sense of place. You cannot have neighborhoods, towns and cities competing within each other, they must stand as singular destinations. I'd argue the sterile boring buildings your referring to are closer to the 20th century. The 19th century still included lots of hand crafted building. Most extravagant highly stylized buildings quickly turn into uninviting dumps after the crowds wear off. The power plant was OK.

  7. Perhaps he wasn't the greatest speaker int the world, but his ideas and buildings we extremely cool and innovative : ]

  8. I'd prefer really dense cities, if we can't do epic building projects we could just build nice skyscrapers and link them up.

  9. is this guy a real person? he just seems too cute, like he's an actor playing a well written character.

  10. @WyldOrbit honestly i'd rather make a back-up of nature (ie: seedbank, genetic databases, etc), and destroy the original.

    nature is dangerous, and is holding us back.

  11. no, you see… trees and benches around big buildings attract homeless and criminals… not a god idea if you want to create a nice place to live in

  12. @VonLeachim Science studies was almost a decade ago for me, but wouldn't the loss of power be due to the resistance of the conducting matter/wires/cables? Therefore a matter for engineers/physicists/scientists? Just saying, but yes that would be awesome!

  13. @emikochan13 yes, I like the idea of trees between buildings but you have to control places like that…. my experience is that places like these are "infected" by criminals, gypsies and homless… it's shit

  14. shout-out from singapore!!
    really hope that you can come to Singapore to built something cool and yet meaningful at the same time ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. @nehorlavazapalka my experience is the exact opposite, heh ^_^ This is why we don't (shouldn't) use individuals experiences to make decisions ๐Ÿ™‚ Time to do some research….

  16. @emikochan13 I think you're right but the above is really true, at least in my country, heck.. we have so many sociologists and politicians and still hey can't research these things.. anyway his buildings are awesome

  17. @sdrawkcabgnipytmi Thats what they are doing my friend. They are destroying nature for the commonfolk while they hide the essence of nature somewhere locked away in a vault. I say destroy the fucking vault, then they would be afraid to destroy nature as they are doing because they have nothing to fall back on.

  18. @WyldOrbit why so angry, abusive and irrational? Take a deep breath bro

    Nature tries to kill us at every opportunity. There are no more apex predators (Lions, Bears) in the middle east because we killed them all for our own protection a while ago. I can't swim in rivers around my area because salt water crocodiles may rip me apart

    Past breeding age you're a dead man walking. Nature is cruel, brutal, violent. It doesn't give a fuck, and you're made of tasty meat
    But, we SHOULD do a backup.

  19. @roidroid Wrong. Nature is a provider. You just have to learn how to coexist with it. And building a backup of something like the flora and fauna of the earth, just so you can fuck up the original for monetary gain with GMO's is beyond idiotic.

  20. This seed cathedral is so beautiful I had to add it to my blog "A rock and a soft place". The Kew Millenium Seed Bank at Wakehurst that inspired it is worth visiting even if I suspect I won't go to Shanghai any time soon.

  21. He's way out of his league when he's talking about urban design. I think he ended on a weak note with that last project. Every thing else is spectacular, though.

  22. I wish Terence McKenna was alive to see all this. He often talked about how one day we would manifest our inner visions and the world of fractal geometry outward into architecture…the shell within which we live. The inner made manifest. Well, this is that. And it's only the beginning. Imagine what we will create 50 years from now. It's almost unfathomable to imagine. But getting a glimpse like this makes me so inspired and excited. This is an amazing time to be alive.

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  24. I do slightly wonder if the seeds would have much value except the ones that are low down enough that people can see them. Would there have been much value to ones on the roof?
    And did they tell you the names of the seeds, that would have been useful?

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