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[ERIN] HI I’m Erin from Three Birds Renovations and I’m here today in our brand new ensuite with one of.

[ERIN] HI I’m Erin from Three Birds Renovations
and I’m here today in our brand new ensuite with one of our lovely plumbers, Brent from
Asset Plumbing. So Brent has done all the work here in this
bathroom along the rest of the team. So lets just have a chat about how we got
to this point. [Brent] Rough in process was we had to get
the correct layout to start with and we went through, set everything out, marked all penetrations
out. Designed what height the taps were at. Thats a key factor because i know in the spaces
we had depending on the floor surfaces you have different heights at the bed. The screed, you’ve got tile, you’ve got to
work out vanity heights so we really had to have all that info before we got you guys rough in. 100% correct. Everything to do with plumbing and final fitout
works off your finished floor level. For the in wall toilet cisterns, they’re critical. So this is the first time we’ve used one of
these Caroma in wall cisterns and we did have a hiccup o the way. We did, we had to come back part way through
and lower the cistern down to correct because the finished floor height changed. They’re absolutely critical all your in wall
stuff is 100% and everybody works off the same measurements. The key things is you’ve got to spend the
time to set it out properly at the start get everything right and then when you come and
install everything, everything goes in easy. Beter to go with a known brand like Caroma
or Dorf. You get your quality you get your warranties,
parts are readily available if something goes wrong. I find them personally easier to install. And I know selling the house, we do get asked
for warranties and all different things that come with that.

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