Three Birds Renovations | House 5 | Hidden Ensuite Bathroom Sanctuary

Whislt your main bathroom can often be a focal point of the home, your Ensuite is personal. It’s just for.

Whislt your main bathroom can often be a focal
point of the home, your Ensuite is personal. It’s just for you. In this project we’ve created a beautiful
hidden sanctuary ensuite to compliment the master bedroom. As you can see at the end of that master bedroom
is this amazing ensuite. It’s large, it’s open it extends the room
and it is such a luxury one that you’d usually only find in a hotel. It’s good to sometimes start with a key piece
that you want to create the rest of the bathroom around, and for us it was this walk in shower. What a luxury. And to have two shower heads, even more of
a luxury. So up top for that real rain shower experience
that you get at the best hotels. We used the Caroma Invigra rain shower but then to compliment
those times when you don’t want to get your hair wet and you want a shower that you can
pull down a bit lower, we’ve got the Dorf Enigma. And certainly to give it that real luxury
feel we went with a beautiful feature tile on the wall, just on the one wall so that
when you’re in bed looking out you see this beautiful fish scale like finish. Vanties, obviously one of the most important
parts of the room. And in this ensuite we’ve had a custom made
vanity built with beautiful ceaserstone benchtop. But the real jewelry of this is the tap. It’s the Epic Splice tap by Dorf and we just
love how it’s two colours. It’s white with a chrome top on it. So here we’ve gone for a nice discreet in-wall
cistern toilet suite that is the Urbane Invisi and with the beautiful dual flush plate up
here, we’re in fact you can choose this flush plate in any colour you want. We went for the silver. In the main bathroom we had a white plate. And of course what was always going to be
a lovely feature of this ensuite was the gorgeous little Caroma Liano bath that we have pushed
up against this half wall that we custom built specifically for this bath. And what we really love about this bath is
its size. It’s only 1400mm long. Most baths are up to 1800mm long and this
just fits perfectly in this small space but is more than big enough for yourself or even
you and your partner.

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  1. I can’t help but to worry about the smell and one partner pooping while other is sleeping ? Gah nope !

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