Toilet Renovations – Behind the News

EMMA: The school toilet – full of sad-looking tiles, icky drains, leaky taps. Eugh! What is that?! Yeah, it’s not.

EMMA: The school toilet – full of sad-looking tiles, icky drains, leaky taps. Eugh! What is that?! Yeah, it’s not a place that screams
happy vibes, and these kids agree. I feel quite sad they’re, like,
all dirty and not fun to be in. Right now, they’re not very nice,
they’re very plain. I just feel like this whole bathroom
needs to be cleaned up really, really well. Lucky their school is listening. The teachers, parents and students
are beautifying the bathrooms to make them a more positive space. The best part for me is just sitting
quietly listening to the children going, “Oh, my gosh, have you seen
the toilets?! “Oh, there’s a pretty plant
in the toilet!” That just makes my heart sing. It’s something schools
around Australia are doing as part of the School Toilet Project. It started from the idea
that when kids are sad, they often go to the toilets
for some alone time. It’s usually often
that we do come in because we always have a lot
of weight on our shoulders and there’s actually not much things
for us to do in here, other than mope more. But I do know through my work… Danielle Miller used to be a teacher, so she saw that happening
all the time. And she thinks that gross toilets
don’t do much to improve your mood. Look, the research shows us
that school toilets are really pretty gross. In fact, 80% of students say that
their toilets are so unpleasant they avoid going to them. Inside the room… Now she’s helping schools make
their toilets a pleasant place to be. I didn’t want to be the Toilet Queen and go and visit schools
all around the country. But I did want schools
to be inspired to pick this up and do this themselves. It started with Cheltenham Girls’
High School in Sydney and now hundreds of schools
across Australia, and even overseas, are involved. Organisers think schools
should put just as much effort into their toilets
as they do other buildings. We think it’s all the front
of the school and things like that and I think, “No, show me a toilet. “I want to know how much
you really respect our kids.” These students haven’t seen
their new toilets yet but they say nice loos will make
a big difference. If kids are sad and they walk
into a dark toilet, they’re not going to feel happier. But if it’s bright and has quotes, then they’ll feel happy
about themselves.

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