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you can you hear us now oh wow this has been a good intro so far that is been a.

you can you hear us now
oh wow this has been a good intro so far that is been a good intro yeah so you
couldn’t hear anything me just standing like like sitting like this is Enya
holding the mic such a great great great great great great show for touring taste
buds who is already in the stream I think we got all the kinks worked out
like yes alright so a little dressed okay what’s the you say hi our live
stream Austral spirited honest live which push the studios directly as
we are in life and on stream yeah and welcome for coming in and anybody here
who’s doing in for the first time it does get better
our intros are worse foot forward is the first five minutes after that we’re like
smoking yeah thank you for letting us know by the way of dodging well you
didn’t hear Rob yeah our information thank you so much and yeah we noticed
that yesterday because it cut off part of our livestream yeah the main thing
we’re trying to get our guests in the first part of stream and we’re gonna try
more and more condense it didn’t to the first hour of our live stream so
hopefully it’s not gonna affect us too much and you want to be here for adults
when part of push to use you don’t want to watch it afterwards so hopefully
isn’t gonna affect us too much so let’s go through here miss Kathy and and Jesse
my husband is watching for the first time welcome so much we know Jesse and
we know you Kathy can you give us a first name so they can knowledge
directly yeah and miss Kathy and Jesse is gonna be on right you know we yeah
every Saturday oh she’s really convinced him to come on
with her that would be amazing yes all family-friendly show next
Saturday with Cassie yes how amazing is that yes yes that’s
right okay beer belly travelers so great to have
you here with us tonight I know sometimes it’s hard to make livestreams
it’s so great that they’re one of the first channels that we really connected
with if I remember right there was like Cathy beer belly travelers a couple them
both so it’s always good to have you guys here
Dana takes great he is he’s one channel I don’t know if I ever showed it to you
know he said to me yeah I just drone footage and stuff like my drums really
nice well our geek design I know mom’s don’t throw Greek in there welcome so
glad to have you here we just connected today on the the live stream it’s good
to see some new faces along our regular our live stream and sometimes if I refer
to you as a new one and you say no we actually connected two weeks ago is
because of Zegna sometimes is on sometimes I’m on and we don’t always get
to to compare notes so it’s nothing personal
yeah it’s just the way we do things sometimes it’s hard to follow which each
one likes we both like in the end I mean we have very similar tastes so yes
that’s our problem and all right now I’m just putting at
pushing enter button for tweeting out our stream and I hope that you do to
tweet that out and the more the merrier look at those names in here look at the
biker bushcraft fill a cock crow Philip I hope everything is good while she had
to leave us if you can’t go into details that’s all good but just hope that
everything is fine yeah I’m thinking about you exactly my god Verne vlogs is
here aka Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince somebody said today in the the
arbitrator stream that he looks like Uncle Phil and I said that was funny
because it was me and best friend in your thread we were on Angel
I always angel Dominic’s general ID tour she liked the original and viv so yeah
adventure ranches in some new faces welcome ADP gh travels as well
biker bushcraft we had on on Thursday you’ve got to watch that stream that was
amazing bottle caps were these three dots always great to have you a man full
of words Rock 2x a is starting to be our regular yeah well very nice to see you
another channel we have Frank from the beginning once we industry does yes
bottle caps a new from the me I know what he means now cuz I didn’t
acknowledge him when I said probably from the beginning so yes definitely
bottle caps you were there right from the get-go as well best friend your
thread is in Stephanie hi oh there we go Bobby eight one eight please keep child
friendly content these are ten year old mothers years he is mister train man is
in we were talking about you last night yes we were talking about you on showing
your channels yeah hopefully you get some numbers up we’re always pushing for
you buddy this natural journey Susie’s in we had a fun time yesterday and I
didn’t mean too bad it’s not recorded or maybe it’s good T strog is in railroad
expertise in mark Valentine he meaning deke really is in oh my god deke really
I’ll just tell you a quick story if you look at his picture as a headstock of
the guitar and it ends up it’s Hagstrom and that was the name that was big in
the 60s and I was made in Sweden was stopped in the early eighties and I
worked for a music company and my bosses dream his whole life was to bring that
line back so I go on his channel and I’m looking at he heads doing a review when
their acoustic guitars and I told him that the look inside the song hole and
you’ll see that the badge with Hagstrom and what’s written it was actually me
that designed it because I was part of the team that helped bring it back so
that’s always was cool that’s one of my favorite memories from when I first
started here getting to know people roundhouse ranches in Vanessa PD as well
is in I’m just trying not to cover for anybody here I hope I mentioned
everybody thank you guys for all coming in that’s amazing guys you’ll really
make this channel awesome and si si si always mix of new and old this is the
place you just put up your feet if you’re new here we just talk we shoot
the breeze with some great YouTube creators everybody’s here to support
each other everybody is respectful to each other and we’ve shown one thing I
think we’ve really managed to do in this channel is when you really get to know
somebody behind the lens that support last for years everybody here has
amazing stories and as not their YouTube videos aren’t great but they’re also
great behind that camera when it’s off yeah like we always say channels yes so
we first we connect the channels but there are so much more behind that and
what we do here we will try and get to know who is behind the channels because
after all they’re those are people who connect with each other we’re the next
level that the 2.0 will call it didn’t the long-term bonds that were made from
them from the other channels and is here to solidify lots of great supporters
with each other definitely check channels out guys yes I was just about
to acknowledge and so I’m great to have you here
Oh Kathy thank you my hair looks so cute thank you well I’m trying I’m trying to
break my image yesterday sorry guys anyway with headphones we
apologize I was too loved yesterday was we were doing a hosting so I’m trying to
bit better and look a bit softer but thank you thank you so much just luck
there’s a new one hello everyone I’m here I’m doing doing
I’m in California first time here well welcome have you I hope you’re gonna
enjoy our livestream yep I got lots like we’re just saying lots of great people
in here to mingle with at the same time so who compared it the other night it’s
like like at a nice bar like we’re saying like cheers yeah get your
regulars you got some new ones coming in everybody’s kind of mingling there’s
good vibes in the place Lucia bar yes yes push a bar wherever it
says haha pushes study as y’all did awesome yeah you guys okay you guys had
a big campaign yes yeah I think yeah I don’t nobody came to my rescue when I
asked if I could just like to bring to attention once again if she goes nuts
tonight remember my safety word is potato sack have you here potato sack
please send help okay thank you now we’re getting all
heartwarming once again Patrick media are you a bit under the weather
oh well all the best thoughts to you what does potato sack me and no it just
it means just like a safety word of eggs and he goes crazy yeah yeah just the
first word came on my head we’ll call it banana them okay Patsy what are you – royalty here tonight
former bears Pence is in welcome welcome we connected with them with the krystalr
so good to have here I think this is your first time in the stream if I’m not
mistaken who’s that Christopher Spence I don’t think so no no no see she checks
the chat more than I do that’s why I usually don’t do these greetings yeah I
am so I I’m watching you guys closely so I don’t
miss any questions hopefully tristar’s here welcome yes hope all is well with
yes yes I dream as well Island aesthetics there was one of another one
of our past guests and I hear from Prince Edward Island guys the smallest
province in Canada but the the most fun with the red stone the red does the red
sand and shores yeah this guy got a haircut last week I last week yeah yeah
yeah yeah I find the live stream that we did right after that well I think 75%
who is devoted to your haircut I’m not getting a shave I’m starting to grow the
beard bug something’s in you ah yes exactly
doing some pictures we’ll do all of our before and after I know I appreciate I
know you come when you can and that’s more than we could ever ask for so keep
doing that Jennifer Rose says hope everyone is
enjoying their day definitely definitely and hope you were as well so it’s once
again so great to have you here my Valentine is close to 500 guys if you
have unchecked areas channel out I’d go over and check it out we’ll just leave
the tab open and check it out after our lives that’s right
definitely yeah I only needs nine more right no stress no pressure
exactly everybody’s chill tonight it’s Saturday night when everybody just to be
able to relax enjoy our guests who is you know already who it is and they’re
fantastic yeah and he minis also five away from 12:15 can do that too
man you really took off just check each other out Chuck what we are all about
it’s all you know communities see so we see who is there behind the name behind
the words get to know the members more in couple minutes we’re gonna be bringin
in our guests and for those of you who don’t know yet it’s gonna be touring
tastebuds it’s not amazing I’m so glad that we’re
so excited because they’re super busy yes traveling racing and recently
renovating their Airstream which is so amazing I don’t mind your arm way back
but you gotta move your elbow a little bit yes getting there drilling for oil
or okay why are you doing to me woman Oh close as I can happy trails hiking is
in couldn’t make it back reception spotty and the county is
understandable I thought I click yes so you watch it through hangouts but you
will see no one’s freaking out and looking here I’m like which window did i
just opened I wasn’t sure I didn’t see you guys are you good good thank you so
much you’re making to our live stream I know you guys are super busy so really
appreciate ok belong oh yes thank you guys yeah we’re super
Bella we can be here so we’re really glad thank you for fitting us in yeah
notice I think we talked like a couple days ago or something a lot but
sometimes I just leave a couple of days here and there for a special guest like
you guys are awesome well you guys – I mean you’re I can say
you’re none of those channels we’ve had since the beginning and I mean we’re
always into travel that’s a big part with us and that’s the challenge I was
really excited to get on as early as possible
because I’ve watched enough for your videos I’m really at that level I want
to know more about you guys so thank you that means a lot but yeah connected it
might have been through beer belly showers I want to say I’m Chanyeol out
right now but I think right I don’t know but either way you’re Billy travelers
this saying that you guys are awesome and the happy trails hiking saying that
you’re super cute yeah by the way happy chose us hiking right well I think
actually camping I guess you guys are hiking right now yeah that speaks a lot
about your fan base right there so you guys you guys want to start telling her
because I mean a lot of people you are one of the big players or in our groups
and circles but do you want to start just by telling a little bit about
yourselves and like what your channel is about
yeah for sure so I’m Chad and this is Steph when we are touring taste buds has
actually started a really long time ago biceps you got to just start a blog and
call it a touring taste buds and she just kept writing on and writing on it
and I got done with college and I a little background
it’s like we didn’t live in the same place we lived like three hours apart so
just doing it on my own I was living here but once we started living together
we kind of tag-team it I keep always helps I might not say the
right thing so she hot welcome to our world yes we started touring tastebuds and
just kind of just started doing YouTube we decided that you know we both already
video a ton Instagram snapchat whatever it is so why not you know trying to
YouTube and we started it off and August so yeah we just started it like seven or
eight months ago and luckily it’s been doing really well I think I hope so
thank you guys for the support and I mean thank you guys once again for
having us on here we love what you guys do yeah but most channel is like a lot
of traveling so I think originally when I started tour in case of myself it was
like pretty much everything I just made to eat which was a little obnoxious or
just a bunch of food and I think once we actually live together and could travel
more together it turned I think more travel rather than food and I think more
now it’s like what we eat while we traveling and then a few like homemade
recipes here and there but majority I would say is like a ton of travel and
adventure some food and then like you said know our Airstream that we’re
renovating so I would say that’s the gist of and they’re just a bunch of
random things we like to show a lot of our life and just kind of our pants
we’ve got a dog in a cat no here that’s the family oh yeah part of the
family really are probably why we started to do this whole extreme
renovation was because we love our pets to death and like our kids but uh we
didn’t we didn’t really want to go many places without them and we we took a
road trip a long time ago actually two years ago and we fell in love with the
idea so that’s why we got the Airstream but
also we have a really cool series I would just finished I see that your
point on the meet the travel tribe but yeah we just finished this really really
cool series called meet the travel tribe it’s it’s an awesome group and actually
originated from Twitter so if you guys haven’t checked our Twitter out it’s the
same name as on YouTube – this actually it’s touring tastebud a huge following
on my dad on Twitter okay thank you yeah our Twitter pages are we just reached 10
K so thank you guys yeah it’s super fun we have a great community there but the
travel tribe started from that there’s just a great group and a community that
we connected with and they had YouTube channels as well and we just want to
feature them and show them to our community so like just intermingling
kind of like helping each other supporting each other we think that’s
super fun just to like keep finding new people to connect with so no excuse like
this – you know it’s so good to kind of branch out of your comfort zone and look
at all these different areas we’re living in such an amazing time in this
world where all these things we just talked about couldn’t yes we had the the
web for a few years now right but the tools are we’ve had in the last couple
of years I mean it’s just mind-blowing how things are changing we’re literally
broadcasting to the world right now interacting with us crazy it is it’s
hard to fathom sometimes like to be able to put it in your head and say I can’t
you know that this is really happening and that’s it this is how we grow our
channels is by making all these different connections in every social
media we get our hands on do every print magazine I’m super clipping whatever it
takes it always adds up to more people coming for sure no yeah I agree and I
also think a really really cool part that you talked about that I kind of
really connected with was you said that like you literally you get to meet the
person behind the lens you know it’s important I mean at some point you know
we were really really fortunate I don’t have a youtube channel but they have a
Twitter it’s roadtrip see okay should enough to
meet them in Arizona it was crazy never met him
yeah and wonderland travelers they do have a YouTube channel actually an RB
and it was crazy we met them in person in Arizona just yeah I’m we didn’t know
them had a beard and internet stars everything you’re just like chatting or
whatever it was to be connected with people but now it’s so personal they’re
actually we’re talking to you it’s as if we’re sitting in the same room because
we’re on video chat and you feel like all the social media outlets that we
have you’re actually like friends with these people not just like connection
yeah yeah super cool to be able to actually make friends through these
outlets yeah then when you see the person is just so easy to be there with
them because you already know that we oh we’ve broken the fourth wall I mean what
was always dreamt in television or film we’re doing right now yeah you know and
not for us it helped a lot because until we went on this first stream we were
doing well we really shot out but people still didn’t know much about us because
we’re not even in front of the camera so we yeah I agree that’s too funny cuz I
told you I was like video you guys are too kind I appreciate it so much
yeah so truly yeah also I think I saw where is it miss Kathy and Jesse and Rob
Hoffman thank you guys so much for subscribing to our channel definitely if
you guys not afterwards that’s all those notifications Thanks anybody who haven’t
yet you definitely got to subscribe to their channel they’re great supporters
too I know that they’re always checking out as well the other person I’m just
gonna drop a link love checking out other youtubers and supporting everybody
else and I mean it’s just great it’s a really cool community that we’re not
growing and you love being a part of y’all’s community as well thank you it’s
great to have guys like you in our circle I mean I believe it makes our
work better by having connections with guys people
like you yeah micro bushcraft skills says we have made lifelong friendships
and social media that are carried into the real world it is well worth the
effort yeah that’s right yeah I agree I saw a comment job in and you leaving I
think I’m gonna mispronounce that I apologize
Petric media is that correct yes pet rock medium yep you know I’m gonna
answer that question I’m gonna let step answer it the dream place is Iceland and
we’re actually going there at the end of the year I’ve been craving it for like
five or six years now amazing place my god you know that did you guys know that
we were married in Iceland really we eloped we’ve been together for a good
couple of years but then we eloped and got married on Canada Day which is 2000
July 1st 2014 we eloped we had a Viking wedding on clattering avec and after
that we actually started business there to your aunt Iceland where we were
connecting people who wanted to have a destination wedding in Iceland so we’re
quite familiar with it yeah great question by the way that’s fun thank you
for that that is so cool so when you guys planning to go do you have tickets
booked yet or I think we’ll end up moving between now and and so we haven’t
booked our tickets yet until we’ve actually moved so we can book them from
a new airport rather than art for an airport riding on football and your
Johnstone a lot of stuff is gonna pan out between
now and then so we’re gonna wait a little bit longer
fuck them but like oh yeah so are you gearing to see the Northern
Lights is that’s why it’s the end of the year like winter why do you choose to go
to in winter at Iceland I think probably honestly the main reason is just because
timing yeah but so I think the huge I would I’m a winter guys she’s a summer
from New York but but no the Northern Lights are like it drew a mine slash I’d
be in having it fills the wintertime but you can free so we’re gonna try and make
it kind of a happy medium almost like try and go when is just starting yeah
but like compared to where you would think for the Arctic Iceland is quite
warm and I’m sorry I’m horrible at doing a Celsius to Fahrenheit now it’s cuz
it’s been a while yeah but I’ve done in February and I’ve gone it like it’s I’ve
skied at the the upper edge that the the biggest town a cunt of the city is a
canary sorry Reykjavik but then the next one is
Acura at the top and we went skiing there and when you skied down the hill
you’re right almost at the Arctic Circle you but what fifty miles away and you
can stop at one point but if you keep going down you actually ski right to the
Arctic Ocean you come right to the shore beginning of February and it was only
like I was plus three degrees yep we’re in Montreal was -38 that day I know I
feel awful what I bring up to edge because I use that exactly and then -38
so at that time Iceland degrees only like how be in the room all day in Reykjavik it
was in Reykjavik it was eight degrees and you could tell because all the
people come from the lower states were freezing and Duff came out the plane I
was at like smoking jacket unzipped aerosol yeah the Canadian again it’s sunny in five minutes if it’s raining
it’s gonna be sunny so keep that in mind that’s our wedding yet yeah I just put
on a Charlie I’m just put on because it’s gonna be too jewelry anyways just
to show you yeah that’s really cold send you a link later on the end that’s all
that’s on our personal one which is funny because we never we put it up and
forgot we put it up and we found out this year has almost like it was over
27,000 so anybody looking for YouTube success stories don’t do anything funny
I see you try star thank you for helping on Tristar I found a couple of weeks ago
in somebody’s channels she had like 70 top drivers and she’s awesome
yeah constantly supporting everybody I love it
teeth was asking earlier where has been your favorite place so far I would say
like we both did a lot of traveling before we travel together so I don’t
know if my favorite place ever was with you but together I could agree that yeah
yeah but together probably we did I’m like a preliminary like 12 Bay
the road trip well a year and a half ago now it’s been a year now and so we
rented an RV like from cruise America which has like 1-800 HRV so we rented
one of those and we did like I think tens date okay we did line up the West
and we did like Arizona and New Mexico Utah Colorado like a bunch of natural
parks over there so we just did a big road trip and I think that was probably
my favorite that we’ve done together sorry but that we kind of it’s clicking
I just wanted to ask you about your trip and you did that what was some of your
favorite spots in that trip like some things that were the most memorable to
you yes I would say that my favorite spot was Archie’s National Park in Utah
in Moab I think that was just like one of the places where I’ve been it’s just
like how is this even real like nature is pretty freakin amazing so I think
that was probably my favorite stop along the way we went to the Grand Canyon –
and I always tell Chad like I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon before that time
and I wanted to see it so bad but I almost feel like I never like actually
went there because I don’t think I fully comprehended what I was looking at is it
so crazy and I like I know I saw it but I just look at pictures and I’m like I
just don’t even know what I saw but like just to be able to check that
off my list and be like yeah it feels good to do that bucket list scratch you
know I can see it again and maybe spend a bit more time around it because we did
a road trip in winter which I don’t know what our deal with is doing like all our
trip we did the Grand Canyon they think in early January and it like snowed we I
think we can’t it was like some eat the first day and then we were in our RV and
then we woke up the next day and they were like two or three inches of snow I
mean you know why fight so we had no idea snow until we woke up and we saw
the rain that was pretty amazing too that’s crazy
that’s what actually inspiring yeah that’s what inspired touring tastebuds
to become kind of what it is yeah and also to get an Airstream which thank you
whoever I think somebody I apologize the stream I just missed it but somebody
checked out the ocean Coriolis and said it’s awesome so thank you for checking
it out we love but my favorite spot was this random we were just driving between
Grand Canyon and Moab and we saw just like a little scenic view sign just like
one of those little green ones and and I always tell stuff I’m going to pull over
and she always says alright then do it and we like literally walked out it was tribal and territory walked out and it
was this view I don’t know if you guys can see it or not oh wow oh my god yes
yeah pictures on Instagram that’s pretty crazy you just could sit there and just
take it on so you actually like got to take in the view yeah yeah so that was
my my favorite spot oh yeah there’s supposed to see in North America you
know we could spend our whole lives just traveling around I mean wow Canada
United States I mean because we share a lot and in between like between these
two places you have everything from a desert to some high you know the Rockies
you hover to large oceans it’s phenomenal what we have between I’ve
done all the provinces in Canada and I’ve done about 40 States I guess please
it took driver years ago so I always thought like that would be just in a
phenomenal way to see the country I mean oh yeah just go 90 o’clock just go 100
miles an hour and put your hand out the window and wave it you get a sphere
we get to do it I cut you off no that’s okay not a problem on my favorite city
state I also used to go there for business I worked for a very large music
companies twice to travel a lot and Austin City Austin was my favorite city it’s the most eclectic we were just
doing what last night it’s kind of like Portlandia meets Texas yeah you know and
it breaks all the stereotypes you would ever think I love Texas for what Texas
is but as well you see this like island in the middle
of it that’s just completely the polar opposite growing on its own like I lived
in Austin for a majority of the time and then like before I moved here I lived in
Houston – so Houston was like was drawing my grid paper I don’t think I’ve
ever seen a city with so many street it’s like I took a protractor drew like
just in the lines just going back and forth on every second Street like that
because every but you know there were really nice people there all through
Texas like this alone it there was such good honest people and I’ve always been
treated well everyone was friendly that I met you know you’re gonna meet some
bad people wherever you go that’s part of being in the world you can’t and all
it’s always been have you guys been to Canada before I think Steph has been I
haven’t been we were gonna go I’m also gonna say the merson’s family vlogs you
guys are too kind for say but I’m sure definitely yeah thank you but you’re
gonna take the Airstream but I think our friends that you’re gonna meet they’re
actually fellow youtubers and Twitter friends that we made and we’re just
gonna meet a world with you , may be connected with them I don’t know if you
are not a world with we didn’t meet the travel tribalism I think but we
were going to go hang out with them but they’re actually gonna be in Greece I
think we’re gonna maybe do it it’s amazing these connections like that with
people and stuff have you always we always said you’re going to bed to sleep
and don’t once you get to know everybody here there’s always a room waiting so
yes also our cat a feature on o pretty much yes but never work so I didn’t
actually like get to do a whole lot but you had a lot of good food oh no that oh
we gotta get you to Montreal girl huh oh yes yeah it’s such a center I think for
food and for everything it’s a little bit of Europe a little bit of North
America especially with food like every restaurant has something like there I
think there is thousand and something restaurant in month alone in downtown
area so they were saying that last year wouldn’t be hard as 375th anniversary
that’s what they were saying so you gonna come here like people always say like Montreal is
like a quick and easy there way to get to Europe basic yes that’s right very
true yeah because of the French culture it keeps it more European than anywhere
else I would say in North America for that right yeah from you know northern
Europe I definitely feel more at home here than like in Toronto or in bigger
cities in other similar like I could have been in New York City or something
yeah well yeah it’s the third biggest cities people don’t realize that after
New York and LA Toronto’s the third biggest city in North America it’s I
don’t know I make sense here’s a little neat tidbit that you want to use for Bar
trivia sometime many people don’t know the highway that before one highway
between Montreal which goes through Toronto and to the border to Windsor
into Detroit is the most trucked Highway in all the North America beating out
anywhere in the US it’s all coming through is like God because a lot of the
large bullets the most inland they can come in from the Atlantic Ocean is
actually because of the st. Lawrence River is Montreal and then some of the
smaller ones make it to Toronto into the Great Lakes so everything is being
pumped through it’s like a funnel almost so even a lot of time worker coming up
and around through that hoop and then taking it into the Midwest and down
through or something like that there’s a good question you guys are just like
your videos this is why I had slices to meet people like you guys you can see it
transport your your personalities transcend right into your videos and
that’s amazing I always loved that about thank you try we just let it yeah where
we try and be very no we try to be very who we are on the cameras who we are in
person kind of a your st. transcend I guess yeah transparent I guess play yeah
we just trying just try to be who we are like to that I don’t know we’re not a
big fan of like channels to try and you know skew the way things are or try and
make a perception of something different you like me and you know who Tony the
truth I mean our experiences what it really is yeah that’s kind of a gift of
doing videos on YouTube but because we don’t have producers directors large
corporations aren’t over our shoulders saying you got to get this format
together we’re pulling our advertising in the part of for the show so it
actually gives us a chance to really do what we’ve always wanted to do or who we
really are because if those barriers don’t exist on
this medium we love y’all’s channel we love following along with you guys nice
very kind of videography like if you could do one kind like video one thing
forever what would you video that’s good that’s a great question
wow that’s a really great question it’s hard to say for the simple reason is not
a pompous answer I never liked doing video very much I don’t like to shoot my
own video I hate everything that I shoot I love to end it that’s where I feel
creative I just do it out of necessity literally anybody you know send you a
couple right now I’m always I always write my videos the same way I always
take music and I’ll listen to it sometimes for months before the right
footage comes along and there’s like the one I did we always talk about that she
brought back the 80s to Montreal I don’t know if you’ve seen that one it’s the
80s video that I’ve always should I have there’s the girl into it
all the time there’s a blonde model and she keeps flashing up on the screen was
that one no you watch so much look at her right now
also I didn’t mean to do that I want to make sure I’m so honored right now I
don’t even know what the first so long I thought what do I want to do with it and
I love the song but I had nothing worked and then I got digging through my b-roll
footage and I found these shots I did a Montreux literally I would hold the
camera at the window and it under two kilometers an hour the street art shots
were probably my favorite now that I exercise even as I remember and I have a
street art shot that’s like really excited to go see yeah that’s a festival
in Montreal every year they have this they paint the streets they take a
section on the town and that’s all people from around the world come in to
do the street art amazing yeah wait launched the walls and it belongs to
them they did you know Leonard Cohen familiar not okay I’m like proficient
yeah you got everybody knows he’s got that long deep voice he’s from Montreal
he’s another Montrealer and he died this year so they did a mural that’s nine
stories high of him it took like four months in the what a cool thing now like
what an awesome waited and it’s in a section of town where it’s a lot of like
3/4 sorted buildings and then this big one so he gets like full takes four
months I mean it really is like a huge work of art so I can imagine that
welcome I think a month and a half just to sketch out the outlines you know I
didn’t get it at the time he was just starting that night
and the festival was long gone and he was still there he was freezing probably
he was in October at nine stories high in Montreal dedication yes definitely I know I know I watched these guys even
on a building of four stories and they get down and they have their sketch and
they go up and do one more line back down again the wasp it’s it’s a marathon
for them we have like a few street art pieces here like in their time but I
think like the tallest building in Fayetteville is like five stories I
think like they have some that I think he did like an aryl street art that was
like two or three stories all and it took them away forever so I mean
impressive to do like a portrait everybody’s done like three times slower
yeah well that’s the thing where I grew up I grew up in a town of 280 so no
she’s okay story was everybody said the same thing when you met them the one
corner store what are you doing today or that would and that was where their day
went they know each other though my sister and I were only a year apart and
when we left for college she was crying and I was laughing the whole time and at
one point stuck my middle finger out the window my parents or anybody in
particular just I was so glad to get out of there because I was a dandy metal I
had hair down to my waist I wanted to be in a thrash metal band yeah that’s right
the whole other generation ago yeah Montreal okay I spent most of my adult
life here yep yep so I said I quit college and I became a truck driver I
was 19 and I mean I had traveled a bit but like never going I’d never been to
the States except for the Plattsburgh New York and then all of
a sudden you have a 53-foot trailer on the trunk you never grew up with the
city and now you’re running from Brooklyn and all these places going down
to Houston you’ve never seen your life there’s no GPS you got a map in your
hands and that was my 90s where you had to pull up in a truck stop
they had a payphones that were like eight feet in the air so you could reach
out of the truck and put it to your ear to get directions when you got close to
get the city I mean in places you’ve never been and like you know cities that
would be so hard yeah especially with the truck cuz a lot of roads you’re not
allowed on to and hunting today and you know great driver now that oh I don’t
know I think I’m just more frustrated answer that question do you get the hint and Montreal here they drive European
like their signs are 70 kilometres everybody’s doing it 110 120 there’s
almost no cops on the freeway coming in they’re all cutting each other off
nobody uses signal lights here it’s just cutting in cutting out yeah I don’t
drive she hasn’t served her imaginary break that she thinks I don’t know about a break it’s my it’s my mirrors she’s gonna rip the bar off of the RV when we
with the Colorado mountains in our trip and I did oh I’m so glad to have you guys here
tonight that I would write from the beginning I think oh you guys were one
of the first ones I send a message to so it’s such a great thing that we are you
know we were sorry we were in a home oh yeah we were we actually did a
collaboration with a twitter group visit okc they actually have instagram and
facebook a ton of other accounts tourist company for the city but anyways we
collaborated with them so we were there all weekend doing stuff with them and
yeah then we were at the airstream mall yesterday about that how did that happen we had a genius idea genius idea to get
one like probably a year ago when you’re like oh how cool that be down airstream
and then we were looking at them and they’re all seriously like trash if you
get them in our current like budget so when’s go look at one or two late like
it was rotted out the thing was falling apart nobody touched it in probably like
10 years so we pretty much were like okay let’s slow a roll on this one a
little bit because I think we’re a little out of our you know realm here
right now so we just kept kind of periodically looking over the last year
and then I think more recently we got a little bit more serious about again just
like looking to see if we could try something just because we knew we wanted
to keep traveling but like Chad said we wanted these weirdos to be able to come
with us started looking a game like just on like
Craigslist and like Airstream classifieds and all these other places
search tempest was a huge one it was like it’s kind of like just massive
Craigslist almost I guess what they do is they just compile every single
Craig’s yeah yes and you just click on the
region that you want to look at it was super helpful yeah so you just put your
mouth radius as like a thousand miles you put your budget what you want and
then just go region to region just scrolling through yeah sorry so we just
like we’re looking at all these different listings we went to go see it
one know was here in Fayetteville and it was like just right on the top that’s on
the sides oh yeah so we were close to getting now on like but I think we just
chose not to settle because we’re like we’ve waited this long we should
probably I’m the perfect one just keep holding out it’s gonna happen and then
literally like a week later like almost silent like simultaneously
I said Chad the listing for this one and then Chad sent me the listing for this
one because we had both found it like right at the exact same time yep we are
not many both misses the exact same time it’s probably at least worth going to
look at so I think it was like a little bit out of our budget and then trying to
talk to the guy who owned it and like I come down like a little bit more
reasonably Laurie way to go see it so then we actually drove to Lake of the
Ozarks Missouri which is probably three and a half hours yeah I was like 3 hours
3 9 yeah so we drove there one Saturday day and we saw it just like parked in
there like I they have a lake house where I guess the owners previous owners
do lake house there so I kind of just used it as an extension of their home or
whenever they have family and stuff over the family would stay in the airstream
so they kept it pretty nice like they’ve cleaned up every year whenever people
are coming to stay in it so it wasn’t totally neglected it looked nice in
there and had some awesome yellow or orange they got some pretty funky stuff
going on the first video we actually show some of it so basically I like
closely and we were thinking like this is a good one we feel like the people
let us rip stuff out too while we were there we made us feel super comfortable
because you want to just make sure nothing was like hidden it’s area under
there um pretty much pretty much just kind of decided we were gonna step away
we’re gonna go eat lunch we’re going to talk about it you’re gonna go back to
not one again that well yeah that’s a look you can see you can see it as not a
buyer you can see potential and you guys can potential for sure so yeah
everything inside worked do you like Trinity the plumbing which
was really key for us because I’m an electrician or a plumber well so you
made it happen this is our like price range and they like just offer the
lowest of our price range which was pretty amazing
which will have a lot of a renovation budget about that as well she’s not
saying anything so I promise we’ll tell you guys yeah so we pretty much just I
think we kind of stole it I feel like I feel like we the whole day I’ve been
going here we’re like okay it’s too good to be true and so far yeah it hasn’t
been like too bad so we’re just replacing some subfloor right now and
have to read caulk a couple areas is a little water that came in the front that
we’re replacing right now so yeah just there’s some small minor details the
subfloor and the Front’s being replaced and then we’re just gonna kind of just
touch it up on the inside just give me some love oh we’re at 890 yeah thank you
guys that’s all because he had so thank you all for supporting us and we really
look forward to checking out yellow stuff so perfect literally tuck
perfectly yeah I think we did our first live stream ever actually yeah yeah by
accident planned it like to do a livestream and
then that day decided we were going to drive to like heavy Ozarks and so we’re
doing yeah we are yeah it’s a bump in the road not a fail awesome somebody
else had I’m just hoping I’ve heard of a star flight I’m assuming it’s a trail
I’m not to look it up yeah definitely from best friend anos red an awesome
channel by the way if you want to have a laugh I got to go over and check it out
she had a 1969 slide she’s saying that’s awesome that’s like the one that we took
on our road trip where you actually drive the RV
that’s yeah what’s your favorite place that you’ve gone in here yeah your RV
yeah we get to know we didn’t know about you that yeah people here we learned the
audience and my Radford backwards was asking but I uh have you ever traveled
to PA so much going on Pennsylvania no we actually haven’t yet we were gonna do
so there’s this big kind of convention for bloggers and vloggers in New York in
September and we might go there it’s called tbe X and we might go there in
our Airstream actually so I’m assuming we’re probably gonna hit that whole time
my brother lives in Boston we want to go around the whole Terry and explore all
the different states oh no we have not been yet oh we plan to go if we head
that way in our string for that convention yeah so if you would
definitely yeah I just let us know good things to check out because we’re always
in need of some great food we love food and use favorite dish by the way and
from where question hmm I know my favorite food 100% is pizza
yeah big yeah I’m a meat guy yeah I mean I’ve been to Italy Italian
pizza is pretty great um but I’ve also had really good pizza in New York we ate
really good pizza yeah what’s your favorite steak favorite steak we have a
really really good Steakhouse here that’s local
it’s called videos if anybody’s in Northwest Arkansas ever randomly check
out videos but if we are still hit us up we’d love to hang out grab a coffee or
something but it’s just a really great steak house
that’s in Arkansas we go there’s always a good reason to go see that’s what I’ve
wanted to try I never had it before I tried it in Toronto whatever what is
that like Wayne Gretzky’s like bar or grill or whatever mm-hmm I don’t like it
I don’t like poutine so do you can say whatever you want yeah I didn’t know
what it was is it is right it’s great you know yep oh here I’ll put it back on
yeah it’s fries it’s a gravy which you can usually choose either hot chicken
our barbecue hot chicken is better barbecue is awful with that and there
are special salty cheese curds usually are more common in Quebec because that’s
where they come from and if you don’t have those then you really are not
having opportunity that happens I want to Quebec and actually the truest form
of it is a certain cheese that’s made in the Ottawa region which there runs along
the st. Lawrence Seaway the cotton and the cattle are eating all the grass
lands and they’re all naturally salting like in their diet from eating these
grasses across water and it’s quite an expensive cheese so that’s why a lot of
the other places outside don’t serve it that way try it again and make sure were you
asked for a hot chicken gravy even at dinner yet
this in front of me but theirs was a late Oden it wasn’t oh that’s cool what
part of New York I was born in upstate I was I live in San Keys for a long long
time you weren’t too far away yeah not at all yeah I was actually born in
Onondaga all around Onondaga Lake I know the area
yeah all the Americans come up to Montreal when they’re 18 so they can
drink in bars all the five year olds come up to drink and then we got to
check out Mackey’s pizza in southern Illinois we have a lot of friends riksha
have a couple of friends I live in Illinois so in Chicago more or less but
whenever we go out to check it out because we love pizza
he’s a dick bloggers from Brooklyn welcome we just could reconnect with the
other day I’ve been a while since we had seen each other’s work so the Debu there
is there something special that you like making it whole since stuff you were
saying that you are making a lot of things at home and that’s how your blog
started to begin with well I probably make like Mexican food more than
anything if I say what do you want ACOs or burgers it’s like okay let’s get a
little more interesting the taco so that’s like his go-to probably meal that
I make but I would say Mexican food Melyssa time I just love vegetables so
like Brussels sprouts making Brussels sprout like try and make Brussels sprout
those literally everything we have so please like comment yeah so she does a lot of the inside
cooking and then I do a lot of the grilling so yeah I love I’m a grill
addicts I can pretty much grill anything I probably bake a lot yeah so she’s been
great like making actually if you ever have a chance check out the blog Laurie
tastebuds calm there’s a ton of great recipes on there she does like an
awesome job on being able to kind of show you step by step and then also she
tells you what we think of it because some have been disasters and some have
been successes I know you’re gonna try it since the same was traveling some
places were a letdown some places were a surprise yeah think about doing anything
like that is it’s not always the successes but actually sometimes the not
so successful ones more you learn from ago I started this blog about food
called love then I actually was cooking and vlogging on Facebook mostly Aza page
about different Eastern European and Russian foods that I was making because
I thought it would be interesting especially living in North America like
a food hard to talk to right like yeah like preteen photos to go with it photo
of whatever you ate and then just write a little snippet about it or even do I
think I’ve seen a lot of people transition over to YouTube videos go
know they have like looking channel like a Food Channel not doing a blog yeah we
started this run for channels like I mean cooking channels are just like
popping out of the woodwork you know time you know you said about baking and
I got a ask what is it did you like baking the best because baking is my
obsession like I love cooking but baking is my favorite like all the you know
cakes and pastries and all that and so I usually try and do like
healthier alternate alternatives like the baked goods that I love so I like to
make these chocolate chip cookies which are probably my favorite I think that’s
just like my favorite sweet in general like I will never turn down a warm
chocolate chip brownies yes yes yes just because but yeah cookies brownies
I’ve made a cake chocolate I don’t like we have so much in common as we’re
talking right so here I’ll just I’ll she bakes but we have a Instagram account as
touring tastebuds eats and I will have to get the link after guys mom stuff I
think you inspired me too well maybe yeah inspired me to do we got our knife
and Forks ready to go we’re waiting for you come on Oh
same way we got burgers pretty too true yes definitely start our food Instagram
I feel like that’s just like I mean you’re already baking and cooking so you
might as well I never thought about it because I I agree it was very tedious to
do a blog writing and all this you know too much time and took fun of in our
kitchen we have because we have as you can see we have a ton of photos all
around and in the kitchen is three big ones and we actually took pictures of
eggs and his desserts that she made yeah and had them blown up and that’s what’s
in our kitchen in the middle under over top of the Dom that’s awesome yes you
got the perfect space already for it well I’m
by profession now this we do on our day to day basis thank you I’m gonna yeah
oh she’s inspired I wanna hear about this till two o’clock in the morning
she’s not gonna be able to sleep but I’m gonna hear Hey keeping me going all
along just gonna get it on film now again like you were saying a while ago
that you know you said that you uh you do the grilling and that I think that’s
the same as eggs and I and I know I don’t want to sounds I think that with
guys it’s hard to feel that fulfillment with something like put in the oven and
set it to 350 and wait I want sizzling I want I want a mess going I want to see
grease that’s the oldest primitive rewarding feeling there is then a steak
slapping on a grill true what’s your that sizzle this oh yeah before it’s
like put the fish in the oven and put some well but it’s just like I don’t get
this doesn’t ring with me I don’t feel anything here but when the meats going and all the difference in the world it’s
a hundred it’s not even the same thing anymore once you get it on a grill I was
gonna we were talking about salmon a while ago this was something that we eat
with salmon we pick in the spring that only grows in the area where I grew up
and that’s called fiddleheads I’ve never heard of those they’re a fern this is
once they grow out but you get them in flood lamps where rivers flood in the
spring and then recede and they’re only there for about a month so you break
them off before they open up you guys are like a green bean it looks
like a rapper yep it tastes kind of like I don’t know like a Brussels sprout and
asparagus Christ if you like Brussels sprouts they’re saying you’re gonna love
this it’s sure and we always have them with salmon we have salmon fiddleheads
and we put like garlic butter on them or something like that we used to pick them
when we were kids and sell them to a big company called McCain’s that does french
fries and you pick 100-pound potato bags full at full you’d pick all day in all
these fields and they would sell them to restaurants in New York and everywhere yeah it’s just something different you
know just some uh it’s a they’re only around like I say for three weeks maybe
a month and I asked them flood in the spring and when the waters recede they
start growing like crazy you can see why they’re called fiddleheads because of
the top of them that’s awesome thank you oh you’re very welcome well
even when I’m in Latvia I was always looking for the little things that they
anything different from what we would do day to day or anything like that yeah so
like caviar or herring or squats with you know sour cream and crazy Greek
yogurt probably instead of that or a garbage can whatever don’t seem to match up to me backwoods
you are so right I think less Pizza Stefan I’ve ever made at home was
grilled it was it was crazy is phenomenal I’ve never tried it but does
it really come on as good as everybody says because it’s the best ever because
he made it sorry dad your watch but no yeah it just makes the crust like super
good and like crispy but it doesn’t like no man whole thing so it’s still that’s
what I would think too you’d have that nice soft edge on the other side you
know and then the nice like you say toasted bit on the Box yeah if you die
just yeah sure but it’s close it’s probably supposed to you get unless you
ever break open yeah it’s really good also I do like mashed potatoes with sour
cream Patsy I do like my mashed potato sour cream so I’m not that weird
I’m jealous that’s why I said that it’s like you can’t tell them it’s in there
like you have to just mix it in beforehand and then just let it beat by
why should I just talk about you love you bye yeah so you like mix it in beforehand
and then he’ll eat it but if you tell him he’s like no kids you’re just gonna
mix it in five or six I had the plate that had the
food separator favorite food is onion rings she absolutely loves onion rings
except she doesn’t like onions gonna say yeah I’m not huge onion fan either but
I’ll eat some onion rings yeah but you will beat the onions in them she says
her pulls the line I’ll sing around it yeah yeah mean is fine really delicious
it’s you know I got another term for it but I’ll not get into it we throw them
on our burgers we love doing that oh yeah they make all the difference now
yes oh my god I’m getting so hungry right now yes that was something capsule yes we
were sending us pictures from the grill he was doing the pork loin to look like
words there was actual pork chop I forget chops it was I would have sent us
food but no that’s right two weeks later in Erbil it doesn’t have the kind of
zing to it anymore it’s like arrogant crepes by then you
were talking at the beginning that you guys were living three hours apart
before you tell a little bit more how you got together anyways anyway so we both she went to
the University of Arkansas and I went to Pittsburg State University which is in
Kansas the reason why I went there was because I played I played college
football for them and so I was there playing football going to school and she
was an Arkansas going to school so we were apart for three years we met in
high school originally we had like seven class I skip that part
we had like seven classes together and the whole way that I hit step up was
through Facebook and I asked what her name was already hitting her on Facebook
so I had to like look her name up to get to her profile anyways here we are now so now yeah we were like two hours of
apart from each other for like three years she came to all the games and she was
she was there during the weekends and then during the spring there an
offseason I would come and hang out with her during the weekend so he made it
work yeah I think also I graduated like had since he played football was in
school for like almost a year just because of how all the like rules and
some work and I read two years before him I think I graduated in three years
and you graduated I got my undergrad in three masters into there was like a
two-year gap between when I had already graduated and he was still there so like
I was able to stay longer periods and then distract to work and whatever but
yeah I think he was fine in the noise I’ve loved together for like a year and
a half though yeah that’s good better definitely and the whole time he was
talking was like you were grading am I good just do the eyes like okay remember
that part that’s why I said I hope I didn’t get in
trouble by listen to his rendition of my story
it’s always like I know I know but I just like my head just blinders on and friends in high school we didn’t start
dating until college but I mean yeah we knew each other hi sweetheart so like we
both like each other we just never really became anything until after high
school what does the Masters in them what did you graduate guys in yeah so I
have an undergrad in marketing and then I have a master’s in public relations
and communication Wow Wow very nice exactly yeah well I actually um I
currently I’m still playing football so I actually don’t use my degree right now
but true I do use it but she’s the genius of the family it is true what you
get your degree Wow sorry my daughter’s here first second she come to show us
her band-aid came off I apologize kisses everything better so make you happy ACK knows how to say he comes like we
bring them everywhere we go saying you’re still playing football
yeah so I’m actually I got done with college a year ago and I I just had the
opportunity to continue at the next level and so I’m a free agent right now
I’ve worked out for a couple teams in the NFL and CFL and I’m kind of handsome
for them yeah yeah so we might be in yells neck of the woods potentially but
that’s why we started this whole thing was because I have time between workouts
and we travel a lot for work outs and steps work so what teams have you or are
you playing then yes so I worked out for Edmonton Eskimos and then I will work
out in three weeks two weeks with Ottawa oh wow
well yeah it’s right here yeah so let’s write up y’all’s neck yeah it’s like two
hours from us yeah well so we might be potentially neighbors Oh perfect Wow
amazing really cool yeah yeah sorry go ahead yeah I have some oh no phone workouts
are the Bears and the Rams or duck for them and so I’m just kind of it’s an
interesting process it’s a lot different than college but it’s awesome I love
it’s different competitions and I try something else so it’s fun but uh and
then Steph works for Heineken so that’s really cool for now yeah oh so cool
because we’re sorry yeah we’re bouncing around a ton that’s why we’re always so
busy is because we got our YouTube channel and then we have around like
kind of personal career lives and then yeah which like I travel time for work sometimes for tryouts and stuff so we’re
all over the place bottle caps masking what position do you play
I’m actually a placekicker brain in position I bet you would never thought
of that but yeah I do a guy was a place kicker for the Alouettes oh really
his the big the big music company I worked for it was one of the sales reps
his son was diner but I can’t remember his first name I don’t know this was
about seven eight years ago at least yeah so that’s why that position sigh
there’s just a ton of fun it’s brain in position but I love it’s a challenge
because I had to take Audrey for a second with the CFL is there a certain
team we’re got in like two and a half weeks you’re three weeks with them so
we’ll see what happens oh that’s cool that’s my favorite city
in Canada for sure I agree Ottawa’s like the city of museums they got every
museum known to man is there as long it looks a lot like Edinburgh Scotland
that’s what it always reminded me so cool yeah thank you well let us know if I’m you’re coming I
mean you’re only about an hour and a half from Montreal at that point if we
go to Canada anyways we’ll have to definitely meet up as Kershaw snores oh
yeah have you talked why not I think it’s really good we like Gavin trike
that’s my personal have it yeah our favorites
the love it you got a lot of favorites here tonight boys everybody was excited
to have that you guys were coming on so thank you guys so much for having us
yeah I’m gonna have to go back through and catch up on all these oh yes
definitely yeah definitely throw them as a like subscribe sure you already
subscribe it’ll kind of say what happened yesterday well yeah I guess
yeah so she had to go and yeah struck and seven hours apart from where she was
this limo right now was me the drop well thank you if you’re still here try so
I’m really glad he’s alright totally understand getting off you know
definitely go be with your family yeah that’s what amazes me so much is how
we’re getting to know all you guys so well now like this and that’s a great
example you know it’s we wouldn’t even know that before we just another wait
till the next video comes all why ever they put one up in a while but it makes
the world a little smaller it sucks but at least they know they have a few more
people that are pulling for them tonight so sure but no yeah thank you guys so
much for having us I’m about to go grill some burgers I heard say more the
merrier I was why should you say that because we tend to take off sides with
the kids we go sometimes with 50 minutes notice and we’ve gone back a week later
yeah we probably travel out with the kids and so we’re babies they’ve been
traveling in the last time we took off just to visit our friends not far from
Kingston yeah just for the weekend well ended up
we went on a trip to Great Lakes for a week we went right to the end of Ontario
and came back the other way a week later we got home if you get them used to it
early you know I hear we were saying you know people say oh I can’t the kids
don’t like the trial if you get them used to it early kids travel better than
we do because they don’t think near much space but it is true like it’s the same
friend you can’t expect somebody three quarters of the way like into their
teens or with an animal like three quarters away into their life to start
traveling everywhere you go it’s not gonna work both of us I mean both of our
families traveled a lot when we were younger and so I think it really
translated into us now because this planted a seed there you can see it in
the way you guys are today that answers a lot of questions just by you guys
saying that right there but no Audrey and Chris Audrey was four and Chris was
eight we took a trip for six weeks to Europe and we left and we spent seven
days in Iceland with no hotel just a Honda Civic
okay swept from the car I changed I want to talk just like yeah I’m people like
London some people like me or some like here and there but everybody that I’ve
ever met go nice and there’s not one person ever said they were happy with
every once you go there you so excited they’re going to be able to video it so
it’s just going to be and like you can see the Northern Lights and it’s gonna
be like God once again Celsius I’m sorry but like the temperatures we were
talking at all five eight degrees and stuff like do freezing to death like
it’s not like northern Canada or Alaska where you’re like minus 30
something light window is pretty wide they aren’t them at the end of August so
yeah so by the time you’re gonna be there at the end of the year its unless
it’s you know cloudy it’s pretty often occurrence so to say yep we’ll give
ourselves a few days like opportunities to see him just to make sure that we
actually it’s one little extra cool tidbit if you guys are traveling usually
you’re going with other icelandair or wow we’re what icelandair definitely wow
where sometimes you get the free stop order that’s what made Iceland such a
popular tourist destination and that’s what we did on a wedding so like we flew
there and we stayed for three days got back in the plane and we went to Sweden
so there was three stopover we didn’t have to pay anything and on the way back
we flew through dem Norway yep you know with the with for the for seven days
stopover and that’s when we had our honeymoon suite went twice and they’re
ready to pay that charges airline systems like out of Northwest Arkansas
is just like in Canada it’s horrible it’s one of the most expensive places to
fly in the world like the flight from Montreal to Vancouver you could fly to
Europe and do like half your trips for the same price it is it really is
because it’s all unionized it’s heavily sang that’s what kills it so like in
Europe I’ve flown places I flew live Edinboro delivered pool it cost me $15
Canadian one way it’s so cheap to fly in Europe they’re just like the best I wish
I was insane here like I feel like it shouldn’t be as expensive to fly within
the United States but it’s like yeah like you said you can get somewhere
that’s like five hours away for more than it would take you to fly to Europe
and it’s just it’s ridiculous there’s no sense we’re supposed to be promoting
travel within our own countries you know people are 100 percent well you’re just
throwing your money away you know like at that point I was just one last
picture because eggs India told us about your our business we had in Iceland
Audrey was on her business card that was when we did the trip that’s a picture of
her there yeah we did a little collaboration with ice landing a
knitting Association so that’s original Iceland so perfectly yeah a little
Viking girl here we all yeah sorry I don’t father had to show off his
daughter I know sorry and babies are babies whether they’re animals or my
sisters like that you never want children her dogs are babies and I get
it so it everybody at their own time and if they do or don’t they’re always
somebody that’s caring for you no it’s something like a my sister got a Burmese
and he was having trouble walking and they found out the reason why because he
weighs a hundred and seventy three pounds Burmese she was telling us at
Christmas her husband went to get him groomed and they came home they always
put a bandana on them and it was yellow and my sister said well that’s kind of a
weird color you know it’s Christmas and I’d like not green or red
he said they tried for 20 minutes they couldn’t find one that’s it my parents
are like a 120-pound great pyrenees beautiful dog yeah this is here we’ll show our lead
dog it was really hero clayman she asleep she’s had a hard day working on
the Airstream yeah I know they know thank God they get so Internet items
they’re deep after exhausting the earth or Keith are 50 pounds my baby goat our
daily eye so they’re just it’s her name’s Millie Millie oh the eyes were
just too amazing I work so hard today seriously thank you guys so much
I’m really glad that we did this this is our first we’ve never done anything like
this before so we’re really glad that we could do it with you guys we know a
couple weeks ago so don’t feel awesome concept because you don’t have to like
literally worry about having to make a whole entire video to collaborate with
somebody just hop on the livestream and just talk we’d never thought of ever do
it we didn’t want to do we were dead set against it actually that was our whole
thing if we’re gonna do it let’s find a way that works for us and this is what
we always this is what we love doing of with it so you guys have been such a
pleasure tonight great idea thank you yeah thank you
everybody popped in or is still in I think we have people still watching so
yeah gonna go through the comments after we dinner because I’m starving
you don’t want any hangry comments on your YouTube channel thank you guys
again so much to spin up last time coming over here amazing please please
do yeah Twitter message for sure pie is the best way to reach us neither like
ever wants to reach out Twitter is probably the best way yeah oh definitely
we have to amazing this is what it’s all about
all right so much fun thank you guys again seriously from the blunt
pleasure’s all ours guys thank you so much for coming and enjoy your
hamburgers and we’ll keep in touch okay all the great I – thank you thank you so
much guys good night now I got a prayer those are good people because you see
right there they there’s our same as they are when they’re doing their videos
there’s no change in character nothing like you know oh my god I’m gonna get
all the chat yeah and support our guests we have all the links of Instagram and
Twitter and YouTube and their blog link as well in description below so keep
those buttons follow so know where that ice Airstream is going
we want to know how it’s going so you want to know two teeth wrong is going to
teeth throg excuse me is had a goat so thank you so much for coming by it was a
real pleasure hope we can have you back again so we do it every night except for
usually Sundays yeah we have want to guess lined up for the
next two weeks so now next week is all full again with amazing guest don’t say
awful so close together is all full with guest and we’re so excited it’s busy but
it’s good busy we’re gonna have few car show we’re gonna have a car show so if
you’re interested in cars and anything and everything around that you
definitely want to tune in for that we’re gonna have our usual Tuesday track
on Tuesday what a surprise choose that contest right yeah so if you have any
questions about video editing photo editing social media tutorials I know
last stream yesterday people were requesting a tutorial or so to say a
live workflow of video or photo editing I don’t know if anyone’s gonna be up to
that we’ll see but definitely if you have any questions shoot them I don’t
think so bottle cap he never stops oh my god I’m I said I’m soft and cuddly
chicken yellow cameras all she what she’s not yelling at me exactly no no
I’m just Andrew said I have to talk louder
I tried to be soft like I am but thank you so much this natural journey also to
tea throughout your I think you’re gone no but thank you so much again guys for
coming and welcome back Blackstar EDM yeah we’re gonna have another awesome
traveling couple next Wednesday and miss caffeine with her family it looks like
her three sons and her husband really family
friendly and bottle caps for YouTube bottle caps better behaved with us on
Monday Monday we have a guest and 8:00 p.m. 8:00 to 10:00 Eastern everyday
Sunday we are here yep that is correct thank you all for coming in who are here
and don’t forget to come back and like and comment on the stream once it was
the one first a little bit more yeah I know you sound like you’re closer and
comment on the video why is this up that’s all come back she’s always closing down the
shop some people are leaving I want them to
know yeah I know but you sound like the TV when he used to go off the air for
the day like this concludes our programming hims
talk to you later he is next time smash the like button you guys are awesome and
there are so thank you so much oh so god love all you guys your take on
it first we have what 26 yeah you’ve been having problems and some people are
coming back and saying this it’s get there black star Oh
thankfully that’s was cut off yesterday there’s only two hours of her last
livestream up from yesterday so if you anybody missed it what we did afterwards
well too bad so sad it’s not on Oh teeth rock was here still was listening
to your seat they were listening to you so you didn’t think it was completely
shot well that’s more positive than it was nobody yeah now you I seen a couple
people were saying coming back that they have been booted out of the live stream
and it has been a problem I have been booted out of other people’s live
streams as well and I have noticed in the last week it has been happening more
and more they might be changing some kind of dates or something yeah so if
you get cut off just try refresh it and come back because you’re still here
that’s what going on now literally a week and a half yes yeah that’s why
sometimes it’s a real drop in like viewers because a portion it’s also
unfortunate that they have reduced them yeah you know the record time for two
hours I think it’s just because they’re getting so bombarded that with live
streams because there was something doing like gigantic ones all the time
and they’re just having trouble with server space so once again we’re all
getting punished for something that went too far with it so yeah I mean you know
as we said usually we try and get our guests and they’re like a very first
part of our live stream so that is definitely going to be on and that’s
what matters the most but you know it’s still definitely not good especially for
people who are live streaming for a long time exactly monicab tried but i had
been happening to me as well I have to reset the yeah yes exactly and it’s such
a pain but anyway streams into decent videos yeah I know I know I know it’s
the same thing here I’ve been contemplating that as well it’s easier
if you do that yes yeah OBS is one not that I’m an expert on and I’m just
starting to even think of opening if you do the live with your designs or draw
probably would be better because if you don’t have guests then it’s probably yes
yeah okay I see what they’re okay yeah they sent to the private download them
edit them and then they like delete the old one yeah but if you delete the old
one then you delete all the views and watch them yeah that’s true that’s why I
like even our preview our promo videos you put on the day that one minute one
for a guests could be on that evening I still save them even though it’s one
minute I mean they all add up because we’re doing a lot I just marked them as
unlisted yes so don’t delete them I wouldn’t suggest deleting just
unlisted yeah be careful with OBS and don’t try to stream and record okay can you expand on that it’s still called
a nasty one feels beautiful today for the first time we were able to open the
windows and weeks well I’ve slept today till two o’clock
so I didn’t see any of that no I must say no no it was it was a blue sky to be
honest but it was cold kids went outside getting there so that’s good
it’s better to make them unlisted you can still see them if somebody goes to
your channel and looks for them yeah they’re still available to watch it’s
just they’re not on the same video i’ll you know array when you go to all videos
it’s not going to show up if you go and look for the specific video it is going
to show that’s not going to be in there no that’s what you’re saying a second
ago no no no exactly so white he purged nine subs today yeah exactly yeah yep
been there that’s that’s common and sometimes they’re purging too because
they’re hitting a bunch that did it like they added YouTube fast so that you lose
them on both sides it’s just part of this game on YouTube I mean there’s no
way around it it’s the way it works and you’re just gonna say when they the most
neighbor lost was 21 in one night and it sucks but then you’re just gonna say
well if I’m gonna keep doing this I’ll just get back on the horse and yeah it
happens all the time unfortunately I hope I have an old Asus Windows laptop
that’s like two years old it’s a gaming machine but the graphics card is old so
I ran into an issue where my GPU couldn’t handle the load so when I
recorded it and streamed it flag died and disconnected yeah yeah exactly
that’s a hardware issue for sure it’s just not able to buffer enough and I’m
like I say I’m not a live streaming expert we literally had no chance of
doing it now yeah if you look at have you looked at our set I mean here yeah
well then we have the camera I don’t think they need to see that one we’re
gonna be upgrading soon now we’ve got to do it but we had to look around because
we hadn’t been studying it but literally there’s the my rode mic that I use
that’s from my from my video camera and which is the same thing there’s a box
because I was on the clip that goes onto my DJI Osmo so I just found a box here
that was the same size and I counterweighted it by a set of allen
keys that I had on my guitar so they’re there then there’s stacked books two floor lamps so as you can see it’s not
the most expensive set the world but it still works for no but we’re gonna be
making some changes now there’s my computer come across through everything
there’s eggs Enya’s yeah that’s pretty much it that’s our studio lady boy just
thank you for coming into streams so thank you much appreciate that though
for running it’s still appreciated looking forward to your Monday stream
with a Latvian fellow as a guest yes that’s true I’m looking for it and
bringing the flags as I said one in each hand I’m looking into one of the coolest
things coming out of the twitch verse art cake design says our geek design
should probably build authentic PC for that – motherboards – HD –
processor in one case oh my god slave together so you can stream and
game stuff in a perfect world exactly oh they’re talking about cooling a word
most of them are water or oil based yeah water I know I don’t know anything about
oil is a whole different ball it’s just water
it’s nothing special it’s just regular water yeah it’s what it’s water there is
the odd one that does mineral oil but that’s a whole different your honor
yeah good light good sell wife welcome so good to have you here yes it’ll come
back by the way that everybody’s popping in and out once again if you missed some
of our stream and amazing time Mr enticed but yeah only come back and
check it because it was really awesome there so yeah there’s no amazing I
agreed was black star for I would rather just arise at 7:00 for streaming exactly
that’s what I’m looking at I got to put something together pretty soon because I
also for editing as well and I’ll find in the 2700 x2 just came out an Oracle
for the 800 X yeah enclosed yes but see with like a watching line of stacked up
so uh tech tips if you I can answer now these questions
yes it’s enclosed cooling system with a regular water running through it you can
even color it in different shades oh and put spiral divers I’m impressed to hear
you salud Manoah fish come on serve us as
well well yeah we have a Photoshop Lightroom premiere after-effects out
audition like it’s all Adobe so with quite familiar
yeah the load of that definitely I’m a big fan of the Rison series that was a
long time coming to start forcing Intel to lower some prices because it was just
disgusting monopoly for a while and no they’re not the top and the benchmarks
but they’re they’re so good at everything rounded for multitasking and
the thread-count was great I also look at thinking of thread Ripper
but really it’s just over I mean I’d love to have it in a perfect world but
I’d just go with the rise and seven that’s it it’s overkill that’s just not
worth it for the bang for the buck yeah Rd gives that sons a 1 to start
yeah yeah welcome cause I just ran us through this pretty chair like there’s a
program our son was telling me about the program that records or shares what
you’re doing when you’re gaming like it’s a bit different share screen or
recording than we use now in handouts and then I mean you know all those
little kids are to do their gaming channels I’m pretty sure don’t have the
the big rigs to do so so should look into that
I’m just looking I just want to double check our yeah our way I was trying to
say Greek I could see it every time design our geek design on this sounds
like your laptop’s a lot like mine cuz I’m right I have the 840 m in my laptop
7 generation and I switched up the hard drive and put an end on to win and left
the 1 terabytes generational type I put in 16 gigs around which was the max y cg
tea x50 is a nice oh it’s in your laptop yeah actually got the HQ well that’s
pretty good for a laptop this sounds like a feature from Charlie Brown when
you talk on what’s new with you the good wife good soul talking computer as well
okay guys bottle-cap students are Ian I knew bottlecaps was covered somewhere
into this yeah we gotta talk about this more on Tuesday I’m sure there’s gonna
be more people chiming in about they’re gonna fry 800 that’s pretty good
yeah that’s pretty good for sure all right
you’re in where are you based on the Black Star if I were more savvy and less
dangerous towards electronics I might get bashed in my laptop I gets a new
motherboard but I don’t dare touching side of things well yeah laptops and
laptops that’s why it’s just better to pay somebody to do it it’s just too
tedious like Andrew put together our main computer here whatever it’s called
don’t ask me but the laptop you know it sometimes it’s just better because it’s
not worth the trouble for like extra 30 bucks whatever just give it to somebody exactly what tops are a whole other
breed and not only do I not know how to do much inside them I really don’t want
to know how much to do inside them it’s just not for me it’s too confined that’s
for somebody else to take care of the slinky deals dotnet that’s where the
deals are for Blackstar yeah interesting do they ship to Canada – I wonder good
cell life just got down the livestreaming have to come to check out
the profess oh god don’t be crazy God sorry we missed yours we’ll have to
catch what you did up at different times or do you have a schedule or just what
do you feel like doing it I’ve been starting to catch a lot more people’s
live streams I really look around to know that people are doing it but
laptops are very upgradable aren’t very up girl exactly
that’s that 100% AAUP 4204 is here welcome so great to have you
these adventures I think some people come are coming here after 10:00 usually
like you for 204 wanna see what it all hits the fan I don’t blame you as I mean
the same way after last week’s when you feel like it yeah well
why not booth gonna go and check it out afterwards for sure ah okay aren’t you
design normal live streams are like it’s 7:00 a.m. on Saturdays nobody shows
because everybody’s sleeping oh god well sometimes her daughter’s got up a lot
earlier than that well I’d remember that Jesus today she was up at 6:00 and
that’s why I slept till 2:00 today because she was up at 6:00 a.m. and I
tried to tell her to go to sleep it yes why Sir I have after-effects I don’t do
much with it anymore especially with the time that I don’t I just don’t have the
time for it I would love to yeah Eastern I’ll try it sorry but it’s it’s a big
commitment any time you do this I mean I still use in my videos sometimes for a
living but the nice thing is would premiere now adding in basic elements as
element essentials and it does most of what I need for my videos now like
thirds and all kinds of stuff like that gives me more control over with the
titles but yeah it’s always whenever I go into it it’s like oh my god here goes
the next four hours because I don’t do it all the time so I got to kind of
refresh myself a little bit and the projects are usually a lot longer but I
would like to I think maybe next year that’s kind of my goal is to start doing
more with it single mom with two kids one of them is six how old is the other
one so I have to keep her up late on Friday so I can stream on Saturday
morning I feel yeah yeah like she wakes up at 6:00 and then she lets me sleep
but she also checks every 10 minutes if I’m still sleeping so and then today
thankfully for all of us here’s a little something when I was looking tonight
weird time old pictures of what I seen it come up in my Facebook feed from back
when this summer I was driving in Montreal and oh yes my son and I he was
in the front seat with me he’s 11 nose 10 at the time and we’re
going along on the highway and fifteen kilometers outside of Montreal
but still on the island and I heard a loud bang and sounded like something
that caught the wheels and shot out so I went to pull over and I was in the fast
lane so I had to pull over two lanes in the shoulder and this white car came in
behind me and I thought they’d seen what hit my car and just stopped to see it
was okay until I got out and looked and seen what was in her windshield and
here’s a picture of this you’re not gonna believe this
that’s what was in her windshield yeah and it we figured it must have come off
of one of those lawn care truck trucks with the trailer behind it and I
probably got the handle and she got that when she was sitting in the car oh yeah
she was frozen never forget it as long as I live and I opened the door and I’m
like are you okay and she was just telling that she had little speckles of
glass all over and she could she was in shock and she’s like I can’t she kept
saying I can’t believe it didn’t hit me and I was thinking in my head because
you can’t really see it right so I got a better picture somewhere else but all of
its inside it’s just that top corner on the upper side that didn’t go through
and then a bit of the handle but she was a very very very very lucky girl that
day and I stayed with her and i called 9-1-1 and finally they came the
ambulance came first police still weren’t there yet and they took care of
her and i left and we never thought to exchange information so exam you took
this picture and put it send it to the local english ryo station in montreal
talk radio and through that we found her so we got to reconnect again so yeah we
actually interviewed you and yeah I was on a couple of a couple of TV stations
and radio stations and yeah but she was very lucky that day all right just see
nothing bothered shirt with you guys there are some technical questions about
the video editing software well you see like lots of people use different kinds
and as we said before you know it depends what
you’re doing it for and what kind of videos you have we use Adobe products
but there are lots of things up on to video movie maker that people use
successfully to just cut and edit you know crop yeah stick together in videos
and that’s fine too there are lots of and I again you know say that sometimes
you can do even better things with your phone apps and one of the apps that I’ve
been using with for video editing for Android is my gusto or Magisto it’s
called I never know how to pronounce things my gusto it’s free and it’s very
easy user friendly you can edit this together there are some effects there
are some filters it’s just nice easy to understand and really good quality and
yeah so that’s what that’s what I would try to check if there’s something on the
phone because oftentimes the free versions on the phone are better than
the ones that are available you know there was a question can a FX do
visualizers two audio files can after-effects can do visualizers for
audio files sorry I was just doing something here for a second what was the
question again can After Effects do visualizers for audio files oh I’m sure
they can that’s something I’ve never done before and yeah
that’s way out of my realm of do that stuff like I say I stopped videoing in
for a while when I was a truck driver and stuff like that I didn’t bother with
it so I had to relearn things when I got back into it but there usually is
because but it’s gonna be a lot of on the coding side though you’re gonna
probably get your templates probably the best way to start and then do your
manipulation of your numbers you can support our along plus videos because
there’s gonna be there’s there is I’ll send a link of the opposite of
soggy mo check it out if it works for you I mean I wasn’t doing what you’re
doing you know but as for the interface and it’s changed so much because there
was always share where there was only things like that but I mean real actual
programs it was kind of Google that shot that in when they did like Google Docs
and stuff like that was the first time that somebody took on all these bigger
companies head-on because I mean before they really almost didn’t to have a
stand a chance if it was graphics you were nine chancellor ten you weren’t
going down the road of Adobe for anything visual and the same like with
Microsoft Office suite stuff like that nobody ever thought somebody could come
up with something would challenge that by leaving look at today oh there’s so
many more people were mentioning filmora that are using another one I’ve talked
about the other night that you might be able to use to and then a free version
of it actually is look up DaVinci Resolve yes exactly
yeah it’s available free no isn’t there well there’s a free version yeah Oh caps
do you guys drive a minivan know as the tribute never owning him anyway
oh my god I was in college with Adobe at dr. media and then yes yes our geek
design I started studying multimedia integration in 2000 and I mean we were
doing micro media director and flash like flash when I took it was only the
second semester they ever offered at the school I was at yeah I as well
Jamie Jamie adventures I use premier it’s just because that’s for me too like
I’m for me it was just because I was schooled on it I’m comfortable with it
but it’s not for everybody you know that’s the thing everybody’s got to find
their own thing that works for women it’s also a budget as well if we weren’t
doing stuff like commercial and and that I don’t I don’t know if I would be using
it well I probably still would I probably
I know where he is it just because I’m so comfortable with it I’m fear I I lit
the DaVinci Resolve but I want to use it because it’s smoothly it’s really great
for denoising video but I just can’t seem to get the it it’s not clicking
with me that’s why the layout and stuff I know you can switch it to like I’ve
done Dobby premier layout type of look what I was in college for computer
information my first digital animation software was enormous space monster
called an e pro all wow that was horrible death
everything back then was it’s amazing how intuitive it is and I’ll say it now
as I said other nights these new features that don’t be premiering them
have just released are phenomenal the color matching thing is the thing I’ve
been waiting for my whole life but that takes three-quarters of the workload off
because color correction for me takes forever because I’m fussy about it and
there was just no simple way to do it but now as I’ve said before you guys
probably heard it you’ll be able to take a clip and say the other one was shot in
a more sunny area the other one was shot by it became overcast moma you can pick
your favorite clip or edit that clip the color gradient to where you want it to
be color great excuse me selected it’s gonna be like the master clip then
you’re able to select all your other ones click with a button and it
basically brings us all right up to within the same color scheme and the
knee and just might have to do like a little bit of like touching after some
not at all and you pee for 204 I don’t know I haven’t really used crease train
and with that program either but it’s just really good for editing and effects
and you know so I don’t know you’re gonna check it out CRT because all we
had director and his director was made was used for making active those first
generation touchscreens for like in malls anything like that
it was flash but with more beef to it and then the flash of course was going
war at that time was still geared towards the Internet which still didn’t
most people didn’t only had a 56k so though that’s the years when
everything’s going crazy with flash the first animation ones which is today look
primitive but back then area was just mothering their pages with them
so you go on a page and it took about five minutes to open one so I’m just
back to the green screen again yeah if you use obs you can you don’t have to
have a green screen but you can like impose to impose your video that you’re
talking about like to look like it’s behind you so instead of doing a live
stream you can just use it to record it like that and then make a video out of
it if that’s what you were asking about I think that’s would be the easiest way
to do sorry I was just laughing at her art geek design oh my God all those
flash based web websites baby cry yeah and of course I went to a liberal school
was a Montreal so there’s a little more freedom than most other places in North
America we were complaining with this day I hated Flash I said it’ll never go
anywhere peeling we get so sick of this we can’t is the the bandwidth could
support it well I was kind of right and wrong it went a bit longer than what I
was expecting but it did doubtfully didn’t stand the test of time I so we
had to do a final project at everybody’s not the same way it was just that
constantly and I’d struggled for about two weeks and finally I gave up I mean
about eight templates hated them all so I decided to make one for an an old
website was just one nude late on doing the became the menu and I had to don’t
get the highest mark of my class for creativity no one was a girl teacher was
choose female yeah yeah so I worked out for there was out of pure frustration
yeah that was a then everyone D is for what Cromwell
yeah yeah exactly yeah I’m song you mother for you before
two or four if you’re still there trying to talk sorry I’m just reading back a
little bit cuz I admit I like director director was I was always I like the
idea of building interfaces there was another one we had to build something
that could be a calculator now talking about seeing into the future I was
sitting there and I noticed by StarTAC phone sitting on my desk and finally got
the idea why wouldn’t it be cool of a phone could be a calculator well okay
yeah well yours later so cool yeah you know like just couple years ago we could
never have imagined you know and now we use our phones for almost like forever
yeah really you couldn’t live just with the phone it was like teachers like oh
what a creative idea you know like yeah exactly I remember doing video editing
and I had my final project and I was working with after with a premiere After
Effects and I had to do a final video on something way to do it for business and
that’s when the when the eskalene’s first came out and I don’t see them on
TV he thought amazing they were look they looked and stuff and I ended up
making some phone calls and the early day at web when you didn’t could just
Google somebody so fast and I got through to GM from Canada and through a
lot of talks it took about two weeks I actually got access to the b-roll
footage that they used to shoot one of the commercials they sent it down and it
was on a beta tape so I had taken into the main media room where the the full
video guys that work with the avid machines were and put it in and
transcribe it into digital the parts that I wanted and I got to put the
pieces together and I got a hundred percent of my video when I was done and
GM want to see him with the final product and they liked it enough and
they put it up on their website so as far as I know I was the first person to
do it an ad for the Escalade that was on the
Internet yeah the film courses yes exactly they learned davon I didn’t do
it now guy as a friend with that was in and he kind of used to go in with him
sometimes I just watch and do some stuff try a few things but because I was
taking multimedia integration language more web base and that’s hence why I was
using worth working with Adobe Premiere people think I might actually wonder do
you and I in the chapter second yeah Deb’s
adventures saying that they used GoPro quick on the go there was a couple not
the first ones there years of that one this was if you’re working with them I
mean with GoPro not that’s why it’s something we’re using
there’s no right or wrong one just is what what year and happy with theirs
that’s why I mean I have my what I like to work with them and my reasons for
doing it but it doesn’t make it right by any sense I’m just actually reading on
the new things that YouTube is implementing with regards to the
monetization quality or response apparently you are going to be able to
flag honestly your own video if it has you know rip language or sex or
something that would be risky you can disclose it when uploading and
that way it’s gonna be less likely poor pulling out of advertising they’re just
gonna fit it more with that ad you know adds a fit that content oh really
yeah apparently use the ones it’s apparently there’s a new moderation
tools that are in place so if you are getting monetized go check it out oh you
bought it I got it yeah here’s my chevy Escalade commercial thought I haven’t
seen this in a while yeah the make sure the okay you should hear it yeah that wasn’t yesterday pretty timely
though you wouldn’t think it was made so long the book I hope so I think so it’s
what a long times I’ve seen that and yes answering yes it’s more self-censor but
it’s less likely to be pulled out of advertising because if they just see it
something risky that don’t they just pull it off this way it actually can be
customized to their ads that are okay with it right away instead of taking
time to review it and then put him back on and stuff like that I mean yes
there’s gonna be people that are not gonna be doing it honestly but oh you
have to care is about your own content at that matter as well
yes bottle cap that is my Cadillac video no saw my Cadillac vehicle that was back
when they first came out the Escalade and they sent me the footage that was
made I made that back in 2001 ASMR role Roz hello I’m here to show support well
I’m so glad to have you here we’re somewhat heavier excuse me yeah I just
seem today and I door a mister it’s been a while I want to see how your channels
so just gonna what let’s see here let’s see I gotta close the window sir I got
too much stuff going on too much that’s a good video our big design says oh
thank you yeah it’s a long time ago so it was that was kind of neat to see that
I AG for me too because I haven’t seen on so long are you from yes that’s correct I
mentioned it my video to the new YouTube weeks ago you will have to choose to
monetize each video you upload separately yes but then you can choose
that’s what I’m saying it’s gonna take less time to be approved and there if
you for example food that it has some profanity and then instead of pulling if
you don’t say if they just pull your video off and it might take time to get
it back on or not at all because it takes forever but this way there kind of
customize the ads towards your content even if it has some which means less
strikes against you so that’s a better exactly the whole channel yeah I mean
let’s face it the big companies make the polls and they don’t want to be
associated with some I don’t agree with it but there’s not much can be done
about it so I guess this is kind of the the new YouTube exactly exactly sure
it’s it’s not it’s not the way we it used to be but and I don’t like it for
the record I’m not standing up for it is just yeah but they’re trying their best
you know right now so I mean some things have to be updated
some people worry when we were talking about After Effects we had to take a
still photo and make an animated using After Effects this is how long ago was
this is another one for my from my days because this was part of my portfolio
and why I have it is sitting on my server I don’t of course don’t show it
anymore but except here but oh yeah I can’t play this basically it’s the magic
carpet ride kicks in by a Steppenwolf once he feeds the once he starts growing
everything here and the Kansas cannabis plants grow but
anyways yeah just picture a magic carpet ride kicking in the moment everything
started for watching little sacraments but we had to use the the worst part is I didn’t even do it by
that it’s stopped like what my son was born
Oh once again a necessity looks like old Monty Python bottle cap says yeah
probably is inspired a bit on that too and it does look like old Monty Python
or gate design says that is true one of the stuff I have as copyright-protected
got stuff like with Ozzy Osbourne on to it and to get that for tonight damn yes
lol anybody who has ever done well probably art geek you probably worked
with poser it’s got bought up by Adobe they still even make it I couldn’t
believe all those old it was supposed to be a video game it’s
making like a preview for it oh god that yeah I can’t you sort of – that’s that’s
copyright I forgot what song it was well the only Savior is now that are gonna be
cutting off like we probably are not on oh my god what did you make that in I
mean that was all made all these videos you see were made back in like 2001
that’ll so much chicken pong exactly exactly see how far ahead of the time I
was that’s too funny looks like Robot Chicken oh thank you
old video that was from bottle caps and then fill up full old video thanks for
sharing yeah no is it’s kind of neat to see
these old ones like I say this is not something I see it no that was my own I
did that with loops I remember that one I was for a video game called post vault
and the game was real but I mean like a new way intro C in other words that
sound the music sounds like like it’s coming through from the mic but it’s
literally sounds that way Howell Reese is my life road adventure
just coming over the scene I assume sane Otto thank you say no dough is gonna be
all next Friday by the way right it yes Friday oh yeah our Greek is add Greek
Greek designs 99% of my own stuff is lost there on VHS or jazz drives and
could save only 300 animations because they were ported to my old website now
they’re on my channel but needs some TLC yeah it’s hard especially for those
older stuff to be saved like that oh god yeah oh my god tonight it’s just
nothing but one copy right after another god I didn’t realize I used so much
copyrighted music back then how the hell did they ever let me pass welcome back
crazy Russian oh okay here but what’s a great example of what old flash videos
look like oh my god this is this is the period of the early 2000s as it gets
famous alright forget you made this and this
was the cool part you could click and have a pop up menu all the noises
nothing practical everything full of moving flashing backgrounds I even use
this for my own website there’s the animated sound bars down here my old
telephone number oh I this links to Kraft Foods Canada
huh I guess it just needed some links the other one links to Bill Clinton
dot-org on McDonald’s Abu Laila food cake and
the last one to bombard here there you go music yeah but that’s as 80’s as it
gets and eighties well yeah I guess either way anyways it was good yeah
sorry guys I was forgot you were there for a minute
Oh one’s a trip down memory lane yeah I’m just at the same time just to
viewing the updates again and yeah you see like for example there was a
question now yesterday I think or the day before about the when does the
channel gets approved from one cessation and I just was reading the latest update
from a day ago that although they are reviewing them all at the same time they
prioritize those with the bigger views and watch time I don’t know Superboy
that’s just the way it is yeah don’t like it but it is what it is sucks yeah
okay keep doing it they say keep creating keep growing it and eventually
it’s gonna be your turn 2:04 crazy Russian official yeah filipok remastered
started on YouTube in 2006 there wasn’t copyright permission issues yeah
let’s started just recently well yeah that’s I think even those videos that I
mean like I mean no teacher had a problem with me using like Ozzy and all
stuff you were in school and nobody maybe I added up on YouTube nobody
freaked later on when I was up there because I was like you when I first came
on I made like I put up somewhere work more as a portfolio thing it’s really
changed theirs later they started to send me copyright notices on some of my
videos I’m so changed though and the algorithms are fast
yeah well the algorithms are fastened my personal opinion I’ve said it before and
I’m not a tinfoil hat kind of guy but the AI is growing faster and more
complex than the engineers were ready for and it’s not like us taking over the
world or anything but it is branching out in the way so I believe the
engineers are spending most their time playing catch-up with it just for it to
find a new way a new a new pattern a new ass off that they have to try and crack
right after it again so I think it’s always gonna pretty much be another area
things change pretty fast official yeah yeah they do we’re just gonna play by
the rules us heal Sanjay I’m just gonna just any juggling they’re not gonna
change for us so if we want to be on dough we just gotta roll with the
punches and I bring my stuff back to work on the motorcycle there there you
go to get the dirt bike running sorry thanks you’re so chill come to do
these things that we usually that’s what I kind of like is just gonna sit around
for a little bit it’s nice to the we can we get what’s you know going on and we
got Creek s well tonight we had great guests I’ve been couldn’t ask for better
actually it was but there’s also this part of the time tours just more relaxed
with you guys I’m not just kind of hanging out it’s pretty cool also by the
way I’m still good at reading about the update Sam there is nearly updated
analytics tabs on youtube if you haven’t seen it yet it has more extended view or
click-through rate and impressions which actually gives more understanding of how
each of your videos are performing so if you haven’t checked that yet check it
out because it definitely is beneficial if you’re paying attention to analytics
for sure just add it in the last week by the way so bottle caps is fairly new
Honda motocross 450 lots of horsepower and a crazy stunt man speaking of dirt
bikes I’m going to be trying to upload a video tomorrow by Reese’s this is I’ll
be about my lifted Honda wreck on my friends stock record and a couple of
dirt bikes oh cool check it out Philipp Cockrum yes I agree wicked Colonel I
have talked about this a few weeks ago Oh agreed to – what sorry – to playing
by the rules I think I’m assuming yes let’s watch the
green coconut sponge cake video again that was yesterday oh that was yesterday
and I can’t even send you guys to go and check it because it’s not there
thankfully or not I don’t know it’s too oh yeah I’m just very interested in you
updates careless oh sorry a lot of new updates coming up for easier use of
YouTube’s to do a bulk actions and some of them are already available headlines
with useful tips for your popular videos oh and they’re gonna implement a new
version first version of new video editor and trimming functionality within
the YouTube that’s great for somebody who’s using exact maker they won’t have
to do that and just do it right in YouTube that’s amazing though I knew but
I knew I just knew that he was gonna bring up those cakes tonight I knew I
know I think we’ve instead of this afternoon at some point yeah bottle caps you’re one of a kind don’t
ever change don’t let anybody ever change you you’re amazing just the way
you are hello friends I’m back from Susie
welcome back or just shit I was talking about you bottle caps was just talking
about you you really made a big impression on them
last night yeah we just are there hey Susie look at ISIL Benjamin welcome the
man that makes everybody smell good that’s pretty good introduction don’t
you think Riku song about the algorithms League of control oh yeah I mean
everything comes with updates the same and so the live streams now booting you
know buffering and people they are updating that’s major company with
you’re out of content updating you know things obviously there’s gonna have
witches I think sometimes we tend to perceive things as well they’re always
kind of there and there for us but at the end of it all in the business not
our business by the way and sockson was just lucky the way I do have a plot for
him to put our word now do I’m not trying to stand up for the once again
I’ve nothing to do with that I guess it’s just the way it’s just accepting
the way it is you know there’s some things in life you can change and just
some of the things you’re gonna kind of throw your hands and say well I guess
that’s just not gonna happen unfortunately this is just one of those
things you know but it could be worse like that you know
oh we’re lucky right now it’s not like we’re at a point where we got to pay
twenty ninety-five a month or whatever a monetary number to be able to put videos
up so it’s it’s not perfect but just kind of here’s what it is I like the
studio that I’m trying to say now here are the YouTube’s to do better
and it’s actually has much friendlier interface here I don’t know if you guys
are using it or not but I would say as the first walk on to it go check it out
YouTube studio better beta beta because I know you’re doing a lot for Nazis I
just told beta there you go not like the beat but beta so go check it out and
maybe you like it better than the classic version
I’m started liking in though it’s more I think phone if you if you’re one of
those people who use a more phone for editing your channel and things like
that that’s probably more friendly for you too
looks like it’s a market for that okay-y cool oh and then you can easily
switch back and forth from their classic view to the studio how was it better
beta beta aa hundred more times wrong no Suzy did you really think my
cheeseburger video was like food porn it was glorious
and oh what did I miss well I think there you know that’s the
way we matched them yesterday so no there looks good yeah I like that that’s a slot machine I need we’re
talking with director I had to go and install a shockwave 8.5 I had to go look
for just to get it to work yeah like that all things have glitches I have a creeping suspicion that Gigi
was purposely used in overly aggressive AI as it pretends for having an excuse
for purging unwanted channels and saving money
I meant that policy I don’t really think they care about the channels if they
have couple thousands on them guys honestly yeah they have you know
channels that have tens of millions of views and supporters and generate so
much money and that’s what they care about and that’s when where they choose
where they let’s stop stop through with we already know you know and when they
don’t do you really think they care about people that have thousand or you
know ten thousand even supporters they don’t it’s just nice it’s not so much a
conspiracy I know it it is and I mean part of it they’re just there to please
advertisers I believe if there’s any conspiracy was the thing that happened
with PewDiePie and they advertisers were waiting for that moment to really take
it to YouTube not so much considered offended by the content because more
they wanted to drop the price and the rates yeah and I mean PewDiePie is big
so that matters to them right so that’s why they called hopeful or that the
famous brothers there but us or you know any of our community do you really think
they care yeah I don’t think water capture like the way she says it that’s
right of course was the story yeah yeah but he didn’t suffer from it at the end
anyway yes they cancel to their show and I think the other guy whose friend there
that they were gonna do it Chris is gonna kill me I can’t remember his name
yeah I suffered probably from it more because he lost the show and he had less
support beautify the PMI I really didn’t suffer
too much from it well he didn’t somebody did I mean he was he show – they took
away second season that was almost all completely ended it was supposed to be
aired on YouTube ready lost the money from that he did get screwed over on to
it Sam yeah but I mean that I think again it earned him back some brownie
points for these original followers yeah yeah brought back some integrity to them
but I think was starting to slip away a bit yeah I wouldn’t be getting too you
know overly dramatic about content that is in
your video or what you’re commenting are you know whether rules and hope they
don’t change the rules – are you separate his folks are going – it’s
gonna change and it’s gonna remove and we’ll just even now like I think about
us now we’re really starting to make some progress or we’re giving a lot
better it’s looking at you know reaching a monetization chances soon what sooner
than we thought I’m thinking oh how long before they
change it again just before I get there so say my last night at the same time
well because you don’t create content in order to as an aim having a youtuber
life no it’s not we missed that train I don’t mean me to be honest you want it
to be youtuber for life you had to jump on a couple years ago now you know
because then it was more of a full kind of thing yeah but there wasn’t also as
much competition as there is today it’s like the bands in the 50s oh they
started playing and then getting noticed yeah better today I mean there’s so many
to compete from that it’s our Fuhrer want to be a hockey player if you want
to be a basketball player if you want to be a golfer if you want to be a movie
actor the competition is so stiff today anything like this and yes YouTube had
first had a little bit better of a chance because there wasn’t so many it
was a bit easier to stand out and there was less rules to play by but now it’s
not an easy game same with us our main goal was getting monetized I’d love to
I’d love for the things to take off and we
you know doing it for years but mostly it’s just to help our business for
people to notice us more when they go searching looking for video or
photography in Montreal I heard the same for other people I guess YouTube would
and remove them who knows nobody removes manually anything from
people again who has hundreds or thousands you know a couple thousand say
I itch sometimes is just a glitch sometimes it’s just automatically by
whatever reason nobody goes manually and checks your subscriptions as much as we
want to know want to be all-important for YouTube we are not unless we earn
them a lot of money and even when we do get monetized as you know when we have
couple thousand is still not enough to matter sorry
Oh keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy what you’re doing and if you
succeed and start to earn money enough for you to survive through without doing
anything else it’s great and happy for you but it’s it’s not it can’t be the
goal because it’s a long way to it also remember if people are monetizing except
on Adsense is very little much you know you’re super chap donations PayPal links
all that gives more money than Adsense will ever will so put that in if you
really want to earn money and try to do is through those you can put it in even
before your child get monetized especially there are other ways of doing
it yep represent um it’s mostly kids
watching London Paul yeah exactly I mean that’s the same as once again like music
or anything I mean look is he’s like a Justin Bieber on YouTube and that’s what
the young people are gonna go to whatever I’m 44 if I ain’t it chances
are they’re gonna love it that’s just the nature of the beast he came from
vine which was mostly taken over yeah um all these ones like that it’s all the
same story you know it’s kids are dicks yeah it’s the
dumbest thing I’ve ever seen but I as we’ve been going through it everybody
here like in this rush to get new subscribers and stuff like that we’re
ending up on all kinds of channels we never thought we’d end up before him I
found what we found all you guys and I mean there’s some very odd some really
great channels here but I mean I don’t know how many times I get on a young
person’s channel and I’ll see like you know a vlog about how happy they are
that Logan Pohl did this or that and I’d be will lose me because I don’t know how
anybody could stand to watch him for two seconds but I guess in the end that’s
the secret to what makes pop music or pop culture work is if we don’t like it
they’ll always be the ones that make the money of it they’re making a killing I’m
not standing up for them I’m just saying just once again it’s the way it goes
yeah I mean it’s a usual thing between the generations you know the same
mistake they think what we are watching this stupid yeah and the same as you
know our parents thought what we were watching the TV stupid is this the same
thing so contacted by that it’s different audiences for different
channels or just you know same as it was on TV not all the channels and programs
were meant for everybody yeah Blackstar drama generates views definitely yeah
but as I say drama is what makes people come content is what makes them stay
yeah so if you wanted to work for a long time then content will be the say that
even with Logan Paul situation content still made them stay even no matter how
stupid you think it is for those kids it’s the content that means that’s the
content they’re looking for everybody dramas short term yep Reese Reese I
can’t monetize because I’m not 18 but once I reach 18 who knows I might be
ready to actually be able to monetize with you for sure exactly why not yeah
you know you’ll have a good base down everything set to go so it’s definitely
something to keep going I’m not Walden Paul fan but his vlogs
can be quite engaging it exactly yep I mean that’s the whole point if they
weren’t he wouldn’t have it like he said me I said you know he’d have the first
two or three videos would go through the roof and there was to be dwindling off
but they’re not mm-hmm he he’s got the there was a lot of marketing went behind
it the same as like boy bands and stuff like that you know tons of people behind
the scenes sometimes by the way he was too and stuff it looks like not enough
when they were needed but I mean he was groomed together he was don’t forget to
the Disney stuff from everything else all helps as well
lax Viner Disney back ya know pretty much guarantee as to where its kids take
this into adult terms a go look at Casey nice they’re going to twitch how many
people are going to twitch they’ve never played a video game in their life I’ve
known it probably said to themselves what is a twitch
you know it’s not forum and now they’re gone over there he doesn’t and twitch
doesn’t care they don’t care if you know a thing about games or if you’re on
twitch just to catch snakes Casey Neistat and Casey nice dad knows that
whatever he does he’s gonna have a large group of people following him like sheep
so I mean he went over there what to watch him play I I know he games a bit
here there but I don’t think he’s exactly exactly a hard hardcore but
people will go people will watch because it’s Casey nice stuff and even that like
I don’t want to knock all the big guys I know there’s a lot of that going around
lately like this hate towards the big ones guys like yeah like Jake Paul I do
a bit more just because he had all the backing and Disney and stuff like that
that’s more the broadcast I could mean but even that I mean that’s the way of
those and then Peter McKinnon is a guy who I consider worked himself up and now
he’s getting all the recognition and some crap on him but
hey he started like we did the guy who went around he had a job he took video
and photography of magicians for seven years started putting up a bit of his
work and he did a couple of tutorials that we got some reviews and other other
blogs and stuff and that’s how he took off he got his first million in nine
months I think it was but he’s telling was handed to him we worked for it so is
there still room for people who want to work for it as well just keep creating people that’s what
it’s all about or should be
yes exactly blocks are like even if we were to do this for a while and it does
continue to be something for us I would myself like to go on Twitch a bit and do
a bit more of we just started live students and YouTube in one so much room
in a day you know like we’re still kind of building an audience and building up
engagements we’ve been talking with you guys and stuff so but you never know
what will happen down the road what do you guys think about three six eight I
think honestly it’s I don’t believe it’s a big integrity thing I believe he is
capitalizing and he’s doing like a team ten thing like Jake Pullum did he’s
doing it on his own and he will help them grow if he is another thumb the if
if they’re under his thumb excuse me I mean they have a very good chance of
succeeding it depends what level of success they’ll reach but they’re
definitely under lot better they did their own but I’m curious how much and
the pie alone into it and hey you know if some of these signs up and says I
want to give them up 30 2016 or whatever because I want to get big it’s like
anything else once again where you got the music business everything we talked
about work the same way I don’t know I don’t think he’s doing it as a savior or
anything like that and most people to do anything like these things help me
they’re not savers think they got a personal agenda so be it well done
Poland whoever his other brother Jake that Jake point is I’ve heard they’re
just a bad big joke I don’t know but people who can watch
them teeny funny he reminds me too much of Jake
yeah interesting thing about PewDiePie our son was watching it years ago
because he was watching at the same time with decepticon and now he’s not
watching it in doesn’t like him but we kind of but back to it
yeah he was watching it was – I’m gaming yeah three six eight seems quite random
to me I like better Casey so exactly that’s what I was saying yesterday it’s
a it’s a personality brand it’s a brand called Casey nice dad whatever else is
there it is just a and add-on you know so it doesn’t matter if it’s three six
eight or it’s two two two or whatever you want to call it at the end it’s
Casey nice guy so obviously those people are gonna gain use because it’s a touch
I’m surprised it sells he’s just gonna put his name on stuff he’s up that’s
that level of stardom if you will into it good friend why not
yep I mean then he started off with nothing and he worked its way up i I’m
just careful not to start a hating on it if I don’t if I’m gonna have a problem
with that I’d rather have a problem with their content rather than just for the
sake that they’re big which I start to see coming around more and more
sometimes and I mean what happens to more of one of us are just as big we
they were in our position at one time two people are gonna hate on us because
we exploded not meaning us directly it could be anyone to you guys I love Casey
well yeah we watched Casey a lot before he jumped to CNN and then kind of slowed
down there and we watch it but not as I don’t mind I’m making money from stuff
I’m having a lot of issues lately with his credibility not that he’s doing
anything like evil mm-hmm it seems kind of forced right now I think he’s lost a
little bit there yeah cuz the old format doesn’t work anymore because it’s just
way too many creators like that popping up and I mean it’s still gonna generate
money for him but just because of the amount of you know the hype around his
name and amount of supporters and stuff but him as a creator I think he’s
struggling because he’s trying to come up with something
new and it is hard to to make a bicycle ha they’re already made bicycle yeah
yeah and that’s that’s that’s a fine point to make Benjamin as well he says
like he’s he said that he uses for unsubscribe from all the big ones he
wants to work small and that’s there’s nothing wrong in doing that that’s the
same as some people who you know who stop shopping a Walmart cuz I want to
support mom-and-pop stores that’s a it’s a very admirable thing and I write and I
I commend you for doing it there’s nothing wrong with that that’s a very
valid reason for doing it I mean everybody has their own right to make
their own decision and I mean I support what you’re saying for you because
that’s a that’s a year your way of doing it I’m good and good for you
I just meant there’s some unneeded in paint which i think is sometimes some
fueled with jealousy some things I’m hearing they don’t always have anything
because they got big because they had they actually had it cuz sometimes even
you can think about some of the newer ones that are big now and I know we keep
bringing up Peter McKinnon but he’s just such a good example a lot of these
things cuz the guys only been around fully for not even two years so it’s not
like he’s started in the heyday where ever it was just begging for any kind of
content to watch and because of the ad pocalypse really were luckier because we
can go and solicit a lot more subscribers cuz up until that I was
always scared to ask anybody in a channel you had you thinking come check
my notes because a lot of times the owner of that channel will just go and
flog you you know they would see it as you’re a Crip event of their people so
it was very hard to get notice now we kind of have like a bit of a green light
to work into to go and ask people hey I’m making this stuff do you want to
come check it out yeah Benjamin that’s exactly what I thought you were talking
about that there is limit of subscriptions you can have yeah subscribe for the bigger ones you can
still search them if you want to watch because you remember the mains you know
yeah that give your subscription counter the smaller ones yeah yeah I it’s it’s
exactly i watch philip i watch cases didn’t know
what not to do Wow Alan yes and no uh once again how many then are not fair
you know we only see the ones that get big but what about the ones that don’t
those are in majority it’s his name that makes it the talent of sometimes not
always I agree there’s a lot of talent that you pick up and lots of people that
he has featured like even the same Peter McKinnon and I mean not that he knows
everything to him but collaborations with Casey definitely caught him and
yeah and it helped Casey to because Casey was Casey’s not stupid and he’s
seen the way Peter was shooting up and people were starting I don’t think it’s
fair to kind of compare them I think they have two very different styles but
people were starting to it I mean Casey’s not stupid he’s seen this guy
really kind of starting to jump up in the world and he jumped on with him yeah
you know he wasn’t too big of a man to say oh I’m the big guy on campus and I
don’t need anybody he’s seen the writing and thought wow I’m gonna get connected
this guy and try and get more relevant was very smart
they might get along great as friends I don’t know I’m not with them but even if
they they’re not fully it was in Casey Knight said his best interest to pair up
with him and be a part of it then fall then be left behind even though he has a
ton more subscribers I mean things can change in a minute and for Peter not at
Peter McKinnon it was like a win-win because he gets on II it’s a lot more
it’ll use a lot more subscribers and it elevates him because you have like one
the biggest person I was YouTube saying wow I really like this guy so it was a
win for both of them uh yeah bottle caps we watched him too
and exactly so other stuff I enjoy more than he seems lost as a creator really
honest it alleles force that’s what I’m having trouble is where it didn’t feel
forced before I find he’s yeah struggling to have an identity yeah and
we have seen the the CEO patreon videos yeah yeah well I mean it was all
pretty premeditated right guys you you know that it wasn’t call out to Casey
and all of a sudden he took him in like it was planned out yeah oh but it’s
never less it’s all good waiting is good it’s good and everybody
struggles was creativity no matter how big or small they are so if tomorrow one
of those guys that we just mentioned message you and said hey I would love to
do a collab we would be there on the next flight because we know what it
would do for our channel there’s nothing wrong and doing that and once musicians
have been found that way too I mentioned Colin James one of my favorite Canadian
musicians and he was found by Keith Richards and he acted up going on tour
with them opening for them like everybody needs those kind of breaks and
sometimes you’re just not lucky enough to be chosen it’s nothing you don’t have
a good content it’s not that you didn’t do all the right things at YouTube but
he told you to do you just fell in the mix and it’s a sad part of reality and I
always use the expressions how many times have you been walking down the
street and seeing a musician playing on the side of the street for change he
listened and would think this guy is better the name way I’ve ever heard of
the radio but he just I he missed that audition that he was supposed to get to
that three years ago his buddy got called up who’s half the musician he is
and because he knew a friend in there I mean there’s a million reasons why the
other guy became popular and he wasn’t it’s not just because of talent it’s a
lot a lot of luck the right place that’s just my opinion onto it channel stays
the same of course otherwise then you’re really
screwed if you’re doing the same thing you’ve been doing or you’re zero and
you’re gonna fail at some stuff in case he’s a great example of that like look
at beam when he when he’s sold off and what to see in
that did not work out oh yeah I did work out but freeze YouTube career didn’t do
as much but you gotta take chances I was too busy seeing how he edited the video
to pay attention and what the video was about oh yes I don’t have a patreon
anyways no II don’t mean either exactly I think maybe it was meant like that no
but you’re right it’s often times when we go and watch other people’s videos
it’s not only for content but also to see and times learn how our different
ways of doing things you know editing or telling the story or you know not to
start the video or what to end it with like there’s so much to learn even from
the channels that are not dedicated editors there’s still a lot to learn you
know for creativity and for doing YouTube to begin with I think I mean I’m
just looking at like we’re sitting here we’re having an engaging conversation
you guys have a great night glad to have you before when you came
back on Monday yes there’s a weird talk like what is having an engaging
conversation I mean I know we’re not top of the chart so we’re still growing our
channel and live stream and then I’m just looking on the wide recommendations
and live pregnant feral cat Chloe about to give birth and it’s got four point
six thousand views four point six thousand people are watching live for a
cat to give birth which is mostly like I’ll jump over to there did you know
we’re gonna lose them now they want to see the pregnant cat anyway but I was gonna say is on top of that
it’s probably some pre-recorded video that’s on that OBS that will run for
seven hours probably not even show it but it just shows you sometimes what
draws II and I I can’t get over that well in the meantime I can tell you that
our video views the most come from kiss weenie roast that’s interesting I’m
still looking at our analytics and the music comes from kiss weenie roast
that’s also interested I sometimes wonder how do they put suggested videos
like my what how do our lives for example become suggested for that I
don’t know you watched it on your phone what the count
I guess resolve how many kittens there’s a pregnant cat at least my pants yeah
maybe maybe needs your paramedic skills ball caps she’s still talking about you
being a paramedic I was very impressed by the way yesterday when you said that
you have been paramedic for thirty years I was saying to and look off when you
come up with that in our conversations I was saying to Andrew that I was really
impressed and how how hard it must have been like the stuff that you have seen
over the years doing that no imagine or not it’s really admirable the woman
takes all cats these are some well I thank you for choosing us at the same
time as a feral cat yeah we appreciate that you’re watching us both at same
time no exactly you know it’s hard to we’re not I’m going to get a world map
and frame it after streamed I’ll be hung in on the
while I’ll take pushpins to sit down where my supporters are located maybe oh
that’s so cool that’s a very good idea you can use that in your life strings by
the way by the way for those of you who doesn’t know regional off-road adventure
just started live streaming yesterday and it went really well
call-outs and things like that and a projector projector they have projector
so yeah but that’s a great idea for your live sheets you could do the voice
button on my phones messing up my wording it’s fine oh it’s fine every
mother is a paramedic how many scraped knees and broken bones
and crappy pants well you’re sweet honey but I don’t yeah I mean yes but I’m
pretty sure you have seen this one yeah this replied comment is incorrect hey
there how’s it going welcome welcome welcome welcome that yeah it was a
gaming I was trying to remember your full content but I remember the name
right away I don’t know you guys come with yeah I don’t know how you guys come
up with these names by the way a question for you what is it with YouTube
gaming category as far as I understand it’s a completely separate world so to
say are you part of that or are you part of regular YouTube because I know they
have a dedicated yeah kind of category just interesting but you’re back in
correct ah I was something in what I said but I
I don’t mean up not compute the first aid basics I learned in HS came in handy
but yeah the shocks I’ve had as a parent do not cover the injuries I’ve seen in
the textbooks used to para training yeah I think this ball captures thing
sweet tonight for some reason maybe it’s Susie yesterday no how is everyone doing
this evening no it will be finally good night friends I’m sleepy heading off to
bed nice visiting with you Jeff mom hi thank
you for joining me for the chat earlier thank you come again on Monday a p.m. oh
by the way a new thank you much appreciate it let us see some people are
hiding I wish they would come in it’s nothing you know we’re just chatting
really nobody will bite no you’re among friends it’s a safe place oh I’m gonna
scare them what’d you do yesterday you gotta have them terrified
we got the goals reached that was the main incentive there it’s interesting yeah that is true that is true
yeah and due to the new policy looks like only the first two hours are gonna
be there uploaded the video and so that’s what happened yesterday so nobody
nobody is able to see our rant and sexy talk about these coconut cakes what what
happened there stayed there yeah bedroom or just I will bigger youtubers exactly
exactly yeah we were just talking about a bigger youtubers oh yeah no and I just
I don’t know I just don’t see I don’t want to have any bitterness towards them
I fell bye-bye it is secretive it’s a mother said in a
way baby its food it’s cut off I wish it would cut off that you

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