Trying Etude House’s rudolph eyeshadow palette – Edward Avila

100 thoughts on “Trying Etude House’s rudolph eyeshadow palette – Edward Avila”

  1. Just like how you probably don't need no make up
    I'm confused did he call the audience handsome/pretty/whatever

  2. I told Joan I was upset with you Eddie bc, you won't be with her to exchange Christmas Gifts this year!!! ?☹️❤️

    Btw, aaaaw you look so cuuute ? aaa ?

  3. This was like asmr, I was so relaxed watching this. And I understand I live in Louisiana and our weather is awful. Now I need to buy this ? so pretty!

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  5. I was getting sleepy so I kept turning up the speed and the music was like someone was following someone in an alley and he/she realizes and keeps picking up the speed- soundtrack music ?

  6. Eddy: * taps brush on edge of pallette *

    Me: flashbacks to St Van excessively doing the same thing when the VAV boys did Eddy's makeup

  7. I love the way he talk so calm and funny i live for his background music and the dark room with little lights ugggh i love his aesthetics

  8. Boy I had a dream about you ??
    I was running around my old elementary school with my cousin and I ran into a glass door cause I’m stupid lol
    And when I got up to look out the door I saw you. So because it was totally normal for people like you to be at an elementary school.
    I waved, ya know.
    And then you rolled your eyes, you see at first I thought “rude ass bitch-“,
    But then you yelled “I FUCKING LOVE MY FANS” lmao

    Love you.
    Also you look hOt asf lmao

  9. Honestly… why don't I watch you more? I always like the videos I do catch. I feel bad now. Subbing. Stay you, you're better to watch than some of these other annoying beautubers.

  10. Sooooo true, I hate it when western beauty gurus try korean makeup and talk crap about how its not that pigmented and it doesn't blend the way they want it too like ughhhh.

  11. Loving how Eddy's background is so calm and "twinkly", so to speak. It really contrasts with his meme-worthy personality. XD

  12. 한글자막 달렸다ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 고마워요 좋아요 꾹!ㅠㅠㅠ그리고 혹시 부산겟레디윗미 자막 수정해주면 안되나요 자막싱크가 안맞아요 헝헝ㅠㅠㅠ 그래도 고마워요

  13. " I absolutely love to watch Eddie do his makeup, he is such a funny, and very honest YouTuber which I admire", I also think it's very cute how he looks like he is smiling when he puts the makeup on and did y'all notice he close that left eye "Hone focus is the key" ^_^??

  14. You kill me! Thank you for being your genuine self, there aren’t enough now a days. Also I’m in San Marcos which is only 40 minutes from San Antonio, I can’t believe you’re so close?

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