Turning Chrome Into Gold.. Black & Gold Mustang Theme

what’s up everyone so today we are going to be painting spray painting or chrome pieces gold because that is.

what’s up everyone so today we are going
to be painting spray painting or chrome pieces gold because that is the Mustang
theme so we have a couple gold parts here hey I mean chrome parts now of
course as you can see they were very nice the nice shiny chrome pieces so why
would I want to spray-paint them gold I mean look how nice they are
well that’s just because you know I want to really focus when doing black and
gold as a theme so that is why these parts are being sprayed now I’m letting
them set in the Sun because it is winter time and it is a little cold out I think
it’s like 35 degrees or 36 so we’re going to let them set in the Sun for
about 10 and 15 minutes to get a little warmer so the paint doesn’t part and it
sticks better all right so I’m gonna begin now that’s the do it on a calmer
day so we’re doing a very light coat just to
start so that’s why I’m staying away a little bit here as you can see it’s
splitting apart that’s because it’s still really cold out so more coats we
get put on it the better it’s going to look so while that’s drying I’ll show
you guys these are two gold plastic pieces that I’ve done in person they
look a whole lot better all right so should be aired off dried
enough for now so cigarette outlet cover sadly you know
that had a Mustang design on it anything that has a design is gonna get pretty
much covered up so we can go ahead with another coat all right so I’ll show you guys up close
one more time it doesn’t look as good now because it’s on a cardboard
background that also you know got ever spray but if you compare it until like a
black you could really see the gold stand out and you can see the shine this
we still need it we need to get a little lower around all the sides I’m sure I know some people you know
you’re not gonna like it gold it’s not your thing but again the
Mustang the theme is black and gold so that’s
why I’m not having the chrome sure in my honest opinion you know professionally
if I could have taken these chrome pieces to a chrome shop and had them
actually put chrome gold on there or gold chrome of course then you’re
talking extremely nice amount of money so this this paint does a really good
job once it’s done I’ll show you guys better how it looks and once it’s dry
and the clear zone it’ll look better as well so what I’ll do now is I’ll give it
one last light you can still see the Mustang symbol a little bit but I’ll
give one last light coating all right and we’re done there so I’m
gonna get something black we’re gonna let it dry something black for you guys
to see how it looks against ya the cigarette cover is actually the Mustang
symbols not fading away so what we do is we’ll fill it up you don’t want to put
too much paint so it doesn’t drip down the sides so you want to spray enough
let it dry spray some more you want to check closely for uneven spots ideal you don’t want to
do this when it’s colder out like here well that’s how I got to get over this a
little thicker because there are some spots that broke away from the first
couple coats so we’re going to pause it let it dry

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  1. Hey man, I'm looking to paint my Drum hardware from Chrome to Gold and came across this video doing research. How have these parts you painted turned out after a few months? I was assuming you'd need some kind of primer or something to help the paint to stick better but I know little to nothing when it comes to this.

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