Unbelievable! Build The Underground Stone Cave In The Cliff To Avoid Wildlife

Unbelievable! Build The Underground Stone Cave In The Cliff To Avoid Wildlife

Unbelievable! Build The Underground Stone Cave In The Cliff To Avoid Wildlife

100 thoughts on “Unbelievable! Build The Underground Stone Cave In The Cliff To Avoid Wildlife”

  1. This is all good until you get drunk and try to find ur cave in the middle of the night and end up with spikes up ur ass. lol

  2. He is Clearly demonstrating what can be done. Primitive Technology Idea you guys need to build in, or show the process of making drain in your pools/baths/moats etc. If someone was actually making these structures with pools they would need a way to periodically drain the water. Making a trench, placing a Bamboo "pipe", burying pipe and placing a stopper would work.

  3. this bloke could make a fortune teaching US survivalists how to make these shelters in the deserts and forests they escape to

  4. At the beginning without the bridge I got really scared that he was going to die and then when he put the bridge on I was really really relieved

  5. Is this the scrubby area by the train tracks, behind the Home Depot in North Hollywood? He's walking off to go buy concrete and gravel and stuff at Home Depot garden center, right? He shouldn't try to spend the night there. The cops roll through most nights and if they catch you getting loaded you'll end up at the towers for sure. Best not to risk it.

  6. This is bull. U know it took like a month to do this.. what about the wildlife during all of those days? Even mogli would call bullshit on this. And he was hypnotized by a snake

  7. Shoulda waited before placing the STORE BOUGHT punji sticks. Had you slipped, you'd have been phucked…..being wayyyy out from civilization and all. 🙂

  8. How do I get that axe that you're using? Could you send me a address or link to buy one. Great build and thank you for your time

  9. I just love this dude!! Perseverance is way to make most everything.. Jesus only way to make everything.

  10. Primative yes but also shows what you can do with a few tools, a some knowledge and very hard work. 3rd world country basic living. Good Job!

  11. My man goin full minecraft noob making a cave house in the side of a cliff cuz he kniw damn well he aint getting enough wood go make a full house before sundown. ?

  12. This dude is AMAZING but one question…. what's to keep the animal he made that killer moat slash tiger trap for from just walking over the bridge???

  13. Meanwhile back in America.. Conner wants to mass shoot everyone, because he just lost at Call of Duty……. to a girl.

  14. Today on CRIBS we take you to the deep jungle. SO strap in and don't dare try to sneak in to this fortress made for a king.

  15. you give this guy primitive tools and he digs a hole in a mountain and defends it.
    Gee, I wonder why the U.S. didn't win the war in Vietnam? Hmmm, that's a mystery.

  16. The water is pointless, if an animal gets impaled by thee spike then it will just bleed out into the water. So when the dude coms back he can see the visual glory of his kill ?

  17. This guy has no sweat glands…… and dirt does not stick to his skin.

    Play in dirt all day…….
    Clean as a whistle before bed.


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