UniFi – Create & Restore Backup Configuration to New Controller

Welcome to the Ubiquiti Networks video channel. In this video, we’ll go through the steps to restore a backup configuration.

Welcome to the Ubiquiti Networks video channel.
In this video, we’ll go through the steps to restore a backup configuration file to
a new UniFi controller. In this sample topology,
the existing controller or PC and new controller, which runs on a UniFi-Video NVR,
are on the same local network. With the UniFi software open and running on the existing controller PC, click the Settings panel.
Navigate to the Maintenance tab. Under Restore, you can upload a backup UniFi configuration file. To create a backup file First decide which historical data retention setting you want Then click download backup settings.
After downloading the backup file shut down the UniFi software on the existing controller PC. In order for managed UniFi devices to seamlessly
transition to the new controller, the new controller must be reconfigured with
the IP address of the previous controller. To do so, we first assign a new IP to the
old controller. Because the device will remain on the network,
this is necessary to avoid IP conflict Next, we reconfigure the new controller with the IP address belonging to the previous controller Now that the controller can be reached by
our UniFi devices, We navigate to the originall IP on the default
port :8443 Click Restore, then select the backup configuration
to be restored. Once the backup configuration restores, log in using the same username and password After logging in to the new controller, the
UniFi devices appear connected and stable. To watch more product tutorials, please visit
the video section of our website. Thanks for watching this video.

5 thoughts on “UniFi – Create & Restore Backup Configuration to New Controller”

  1. Hi, I just got the UniFi NVR appliance, 4 UVC's, 3 UAP's, USG and POE switch.  I would like to have the controller on NVR instead of PC.  Does this tutorial assume you have followed the instructions here first? https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi-Controller-Installation/UniFi-Install-the-controller-software-on-the-UniFi-Video-NVR/ta-p/814754
    If so, why not have the controller software pre-installed on the NVR?  Or at least an option to add it via the web interface?

  2. What if the new controller and old controller will be on separate networks/IP schemes? (192.168.X.X-OLD 10.0.X.X-NEW)

  3. Thank you for this informative video. It made the transition much easier.

    I am wondering though, why does the UniFi controller "marry" to a specific IP?

  4. I too would love a solution that won't require IP changes, the existing server host's other services that won't be going away with the migration to a cloudkey, so handing over the internal IP address just isn't an option.

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