Uzi Resurrection – PART 1

*What tool they used to make the stiffener, that is… “You can wing it sometimes”

*What tool they used to make the stiffener, that is… “You can wing it sometimes”

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  1. Thanks for the video! I’ve got 2 kits to put together (as semi’s though) love gathering all info I can ahead of time.

  2. Mark, I’m watching other channels demo your work like the 50serbu. And ask where’s You? Well, here you are and glad to see a video on an amazing piece of history. Albeit an uglified puzzle, still, what it represents is Israeli ingenuity and freedom! I am looking forward to the part 2 video to see the rest of the process. Thanks again for your determination

  3. Man just makes me cringe to think of the job of cutting up these pieces of art/history ….talk about a loser job lol .

  4. I feel your pain on piecing that shit back together I just finished an sa.26 from apex that was a bit if a pain

  5. So you could buy one of these parts kits and the full receiver piece that you show at 3:02 and you could have a fully functional Uzi? (With the proper FFL license and stuff, mind you).

  6. I was thinking Forgotten Weapons was going to get shut down based on reading the rules but nothing really happened.

  7. Excited for part two! Im an FFL 07 SOT 2, but don't have much welding experience. Thinking of trying to build one of these or one of the Sten kits.

  8. you seem really ill informed when it comes to current events no offense. Youtube attacking gun channels isn't just a myth, they attack more than gun channels, they attack any right leaning youtube channel. And why do you care? bitchute and full30 are great, and youtube needs to die anyways.

  9. Mister mark serbu have a question Is it possible to manufacture a sniper rifle from the Tongston metal or not because the tongestone is stronger than high Carbon steel and more resistant to high temperature

  10. Hey mark glad ur back I found your channel through your daughters an just wanted to say thank you from one gun nut to another keep up the good work an I hope you keep making videos

  11. Marc, is there a way to contact you directly? I'm working on a semiauto build of a kgkt, that I've decided on all the denial portions but haven't really got a FCG 100% figured out for, would love to get some ideas.

  12. Here ya go… rifled, chambered pieces of barrel in different calibers and lengths – cheap.

  13. As of right now I am 12 below working age but mabye once I graduate high school I might come down to Tampa and apply for a job at serbu firearms once I have saved up enough money I have been interested in guns my whole life

  14. Very interesting. I'd still like to see a discussion about the semi-auto conversions available for the parts kits for Uzi.

  15. they arent killing gun related channels per-se, they are just making sure you dont get any ad revenue or revenue in general from your channel.

  16. Mark welcome back love your videos I'm a restaurant owner in St Pete Beach Florida i become a gunsmith because i see your originals videos and i become very interested in firearms reapers and modification i shoot competition dor 15 years but now i love to work in guns we have couple friends in comment or your kids and i have some friends in comment i will love to have you over my Italian restaurant in St Pete Beach for more exact in Pass a grille the restaurant name is Gennaro's im the owner i star here as a  cook 19 years a go and now i own the place i was born and race in Argentina  I'm first generation of italinian born down there sorry about my writing is not that good sorry but love the you are back here and love your 50 bmg rifle is one of the best 50 semi-auto on the market Barrett make the first one you perfect it love to see the end result i both a parts kids to and ass soon i get my SOT for my ffl license i will put my back together and send you some pic

  17. I had one of these from the eighties in semi auto, came with a long barrel and a short mock barrel for display. Really regret selling it back in the nineties.

  18. You are awesome wish i had half the knowledge that you forgot cant wait to get myself one of your 50cals they are sweet one day just need to save a little more

  19. Welcome back glad to see you're doing well! , Now could ya please bring back the SU 15? ( yeah yeah I know.. but a lot of us want em..)

  20. Very cool Mark. Wanted to come to the shop with Mike S this summer but it didn't work out. Need to get another shirt.

  21. I wish that i had seen this before stabbing myself in the finger with a wire brush. That is an important safety tip. Don't stab your finger with the wire brush.

  22. Awesome video, Mark. I love your content.
    I have an MPi 69 receiver lying around here. There is not really anything I could do with it here (in Germany) legally. If you would like to have it (maybe for creating further content for us) I am willing to throw it on the band saw ans ship it over to you.

  23. Mark: Suggestions, take it for what you want. Just ideas I have…

    1 – Get a hardness test (ideally 3x widely spaced spots) on that already built one (yes I know it marks it, but it's small enough and won't really hurt it) and re-treat that rewelded receiver once welded. It may or may not need it, I mean it's only a 9x19mm in a well built and designed gun, but, ideally after all that welding and plasma/torch cutting it may be a good idea just the same. You can use something like ER80 to ER120 for rod so it has better strength then standard ER70S2 and you can get it online in small quanities from a place like Arc-Zone so you don't need to buy 10# of it. They even use those rods for ship hulls for Naval use in welding of HY-80 to HY-120 steels.

    2 – Next build, I suggest a plasma rifle in the 40w range… sorry, had to say it!

    3 – Get a CBN wheel for your grinder and say goodbye to those old stones. Yeah, they cost a bit, but they don't throw stone crap all over if you ever dress them and you can cut some hard stuff really square. They can even outlast diamond in many applications believe it or not. D-Way tools is a good source. It's still nice to have a spare machine to use those stone ones on for certain things though, so don't convert them all.

    4 – If you have to fill in a big gap with TIG get a thick piece of copper plate say at least 3/16" to as thick as you can afford (ideally 1/4" to 3/8"). Steel won't stick to it and you can fill in wider than you could otherwise, almost like MIG or such. Also, a regulator with dual outputs like Harris (what I have) or Victor (not as good as they used to be, now Harris is better made) allows you to set up purge on the back if you make up a cheap purge box to contain the argon. May help the backside and porosity some to increase flow on time to ten seconds or more and let the weld cool under gas a bit longer. Looks like crap in the steel vs hydrogen, maybe from the parkerizing they did. I'm still learning TIG myself and am by no means a pro, but these tricks do help.

    Just trying to help 🙂

  24. Well, YouTube just pulled my video on the making of the GB-22. So I'm having my doubts about Part 2 though I'll hope for the best. In case it doesn't get made I'd like to say that I really appreciate the views and kind comments. If my channel dies here I'll probably end up somewhere else…just don't know where yet.

  25. Just a note, He is a licensed manufacturer and can build any type of firearm he pleases, Many firearms he makes are available commercially. Keep that in mine YouTube, What he is doing is NOT illegal.

  26. Nice to see you back! For part two would you explain the how and why the kits are available….. decommissioning of military gear?

  27. Thanks for the vid Mark. I picked up 2 of these kits. Going to do a semi conversion on one and then use the other for spare parts.

  28. i hate on uzi's becuase of black gangster people, i respect normal black people but not these fony bragging over self esteem chimps…. they fucked up the uzi's reputation & always be taking pictures with uzi's believing thierselfs as some kind of mafia druglord with very heavy and powerful weaponry.

  29. Не бит, не крашен, не варен. Дедушка стрелял холостыми на Новый Год.

  30. Hello there! 1000 thanks for this vídeo! Where could I get outer Uzi parts to build an airsoft replica? And other outer gun parts as well by the way!! Thank you!!

  31. Great video. I purchased a Uzi kit a few week's ago and I'm trying to figure all the mods to make it a legal semiautomatic. I've built a few AK's and one MG-42 semi auto of course, but this Uzi has me confused as hell. So much on it has to be changed to make it legal. Wish I had the license to go full auto.

  32. I have a couple of kits that need some burning together. I am considering purchasing a jig to hold all the little bits in placew while i fire up the welder. Thanks for the video.

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