Vinyl flooring installation (on a boat) [Yacht Refit & Restoration Week 60] (Ep.69)

So what we started with now is we started templating check out the templating coming out. We have received our.

So what we started with now is we started templating check out the templating coming out. We have received our mattresses Oh goodness, check at that! She was older and neglected so we cut her to bare hulls and built her up from the ground with our blood sweat and tears So follow journey as we plan to sail her to new destinations and make lasting memories Here comes a speedy BMW. Hey guys, welcome to another episode with us. This week’s this week’s a good one one that a lot of people been waiting for Our floors! Made a big impact on our morale Vinyl flooring in sheets.. is a lot of work but planking definitely is a easier option. We saved a lot of weight in going with the sheet. A lot of weight. Was a huge difference like.. The planking is like three times the weight of what we would be put in so and this stuff that we put in this is 15 year commercial warranty For commercial applications & we are super happy with it. and it looks really good! In this week’s episode we got a little competition if you guys can guess what is Moses favorite tool what’s his favorite power Power equipment, I’m not gonna let too many things go out. So what’s Moses favorite power equipment to use? Write in the comment below whatever you think it is and we will take the name. How long is this thing gonna run for? Two weeks. The competition would be running for two weeks. So if you Want to participate give us the answer on the comments below. We’ll take all the names Write them down put them in a hat mix them up and then grab a name that lucky winner will be getting This package now you don’t know what is in it But it’s just a surprise. So if you wanna know what’s in the box Comment below and we’ll ship this anyway, literally any where in the world and Also to give you guys a hint to make it a little bit easier. Yeah this equipment showcases in Star Wars and it resembles r2d2 Yeah, that’s the hint so comment below and let us know and enjoy the episode guys and as you can see behind us We’re busy cleaning out house So all of the stuff that we cut that we didn’t use or cut planks, end pieces. We’re getting rid of it all Giving it away to people who need it for their boats and the rest Creating some space Thanks for watching adios amigos Dont forget to Like, subscribe do all the shenanigans share with all your friends and family because we love having people part of our family so Yeah, enjoy it and to our patrons you guys are hashtag legends. So what we started with now is we started templating For our vinyl flooring that’s gonna come in as you can see here it’s all ugly and dirty and full of paint and everything and over there spotless now all i’ve done. There is just pull this peel ply off this peel ply all over this So we just grab it by the corner like this. See the peel ply We literally just peel it off see the difference Between that and that that’s perfect. That’s epoxy sealed and ready to take the vinyl on We removed all the peel ply from our floors Here’s the cardboard that we managed to gets very thin cardboard And but it folds really well and What I’m doing is I’m fitting it down to the markers that I want and then I crease It, I don’t know if you can see The crease there, but I crease that against the side of the profile of where it is gonna fit So I’ve crease it against there & that’s how i get my mark and then I draw over it with pencil We’ll cut that out. So I’m using actually the track a Genoa track I’m using it as a straight edge because we’ve cleaned it up real well. Check at the templating coming up already looks like brand-new floor. It already looks awesome. We still need to trim this one over here So that needs to line up And trim that’s how that looks. There is our first template complete now, the only thing that we’re going to do is touch up paint once the floor is in Touch-up paint on this side and that side and I’m gonna try and get that center lid marked out so that It’ll be perfect in mark with it unfortunately we couldn’t buy a whole roll. So we bought these in sheets and That’s why we gotta do the taping, but it’s working out pretty well We templated all our flooring and then came the time to bid Luke farewell as he flew back to San Diego We say bye-bye to Luke Skywalker Bye Luke! Luke is leaving .Security’s already busy with Luke. Super sad.. We have received our mattresses and I want to show you guys how it looks. There she is.. So we went with the ripstop it’s like a canvas material Water cannot go into the material into the foam and wet it up which is awesome because no one likes a wet bed and Then I went with the marine vinyl backboards so it will look like that once installed. There is the other room with the beds. Our saloon which is a mess at the moment. There is how it looks. Our table will go there. I still need to do the The doors for the rest of everywhere, but for now still got to do some stuff in the boat And here is the other one. Ricky needed some go-go juice to keep the energy levels up. All our templates out.. for the floors. And now we’ve taken the drill with a little flapper Done all the edges where there’s a little bit of epoxy that went on from us doing the floors we’re gonna sand now sand everything if there’s any little high spots, take them off fill any little holes and prep for floors. All the floors were sanded down and then epoxy filled to ensure a flat even surface Once epoxy cured it was also then sanded down We had to clear out our bed out of our bedroom and so that we can Roll out the whole sheet, this is the only room that we have that We’ve got the space and we cut out all the templates that we had on the boat & were gonna label the template out mark it out and then we’ll cut all that probably precisely to size a little over and Then we’ll take it to the boat put them down , double check and then we’ll start gluing The template was laid flat on the vinyl and Ricky cuts around the template using a sharp blade Oh, oh goodness, oh goodness. Check at that! Hard work pays off! Can’t even contain myself! So once we’ve allowed it to tack up and it’s pretty pretty dry now is It’s not even sticking to my fingers now, we fold it or roll it back on itself. So We’re not moving Its spot. I just got to do this pretty tough doing it alone, but and then you just pray that it lines up It’s down! And excess on the side the excess on the side will take off with something Benzine I believe so we’ll check out how it works out and Just get a bit of pressure to get everything flat just using my feet with socks cause it slides Nice down, putting as much pressure as I can There’s a method to all madness And there you go And then we’re fold that side up So now we know that this holes not gonna move and that’s perfect and then we can roll that side back We do the same process Rolling this side back We know that we can’t miss a line again We made sure that our hatches lined up with a cutout we made on the vinyl flooring So there’s everything all tacked up with glue now now all we’re gonna do is just flip it over. We’re just sealing up the edges with some suedoflex multi-purpose gray polyurethane and that so that no water can go get Get underneath the vinyl by some chance and it seals up the edge and then we’re gonna paint over all of the edges So the edges look like that at the moment What i’m gonna do is use some of this high-tech aluminium profile and design for boats only not really.. It’s just the non-slip edge You can buy at any hardware place anodized aluminium And obviously it’s being designed for this size lip You put four of the screws in and it’s called you don’t see your ass strip. were going to put one there and fitting another one over here Once all our flooring had been installed we did the last final touch-ups So floors are done and they are in! Finished doing the corners. Happy days! It was a hectic week So Rob from Stampede cruises here in Port Elizabeth invited us for sunset cruise around the waterfront. It was a beautiful sunset It was nice to have the taste of the salty air on our lips again instead of fiberglass dust Stay tuned till next week as we get started on painting the boat Thanks for watching Don’t forget to subscribe below if you haven’t already and give us a big thumbs up because it helps us out a lot Share this with your friends and family as well. We appreciate it If you’d like to join our awesome patreon family a link is provided in the description below If you would like to make a one-time donation towards Sailing lady Africa, the link is also in the description below

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  1. That's my guess!!!
    Awesome with the flooring and all that has to do with cushions!!!!
    Looking great.

  2. Moses' favorite power tool (equipment) is the vacuum!

    The floor looks awesome! I love seeing how far you've progressed, but I have to confess that I'm dreading the day that you guys complete it!

  3. Floors look great, Moses loves the vacuum cleaner, Thanks for all the videos, you guy's have done an amazing job on the boat. Peace, love and Fruit!

  4. For sure Moses' favourite tool is the shop vac. But one of his most prized possessions is the 10 speed pushy you both gave him. For sure one of my favourite Moses' moments from his cameos. Keep up the great work you 3 the finish line is in sight!

  5. i would guess due to the lack of dust onboard that moses spends at least an hour a day cleaning up with the vacuum cleaner,wether this makes it his favorite tool is debatable as i think he derives equal pleasure from making dust with the palm sander.
    my guess as to favorite tool would be shop vac number one with the sander a close second.

    the seat's and materesses look really good,if you still have the templates ,and any money left in the budget it might be an idea to get toweling covers made for them, that can be easily removed for washing,that and fitted top sheets for the bunks.

  6. Hello,
    I think Moses does not have a better power tool, maybe he prefers to work without … with all that water around??⚡?
    Have a good Sunday

  7. You guys are smashing it,such a brilliant result Simone and Ricky, and of course Moses. Great stuff.

  8. Moses definitely favors the router, he's the man!…everything is looking amazing guys…you keep making my rebuild harder and harder…your work looks terrific Ricky, floors turned out great…Where is the back round singing Simone? LOL…cheers!

  9. Moses hou van sy Angle Grinder.. Of.. Die vacuum cleaner…
    Hoop ek is reg.

    Ons is n grooooot fan van julle.. Dis ook ons droom om n boot van scratch af te bou en die wereld te gaan seil.. ❤️ Mis nie n episode nie

  10. looking great, however I would caution against using the aluminium non slip treads – at some point someone's shin is going to impact one of them with painful consequences. Sharp edges and boats don't mix well.

  11. Man what a difference the floors made! She is looking almost as good as Simone 🙂 My guess is the vacuum (Shop Vac) #MosesFavoriteTool

  12. Having been in PE to see the boat in real life on Friday afternoon I can say she is really taking shape. The floors look really good. So does the whole galley.

  13. I've watched you guys from start to finish, and this episode really made me feel happy about what you're doing, SV Lady Africa is really coming together, well done to the both of you, and moses.

  14. How is this coming week looking for you?? My work at PIA solar has been postponed until next month and the 2 directors that I deal with are both either on sites or out of town for the rest of this week at least, I don't know how far down the solar/house bank/inverter/charge controller etc…. road you are yet and I'm also 100℅ sure that both of you have done more than adequate due diligence as can clearly be seen by the absolutely fantastic results of all the other boat work that you've done so far. So if you've already got a plan and sources for the relevant hardware and systems, cool, I'd just like to give you another option and perhaps some deal could potentially be made??? IF YOU DON'T ASK….YOU DON'T GET. The flying fish is no longer "on ice" due to load shedding?????? so should be consumed within the week…..????

  15. Mo's favorite power tool……."A BATTERY OPERATED ONE" …..jokes aside (although ESCON/ESKOM) is no joke, I'm going with 2 options, first choice is a small angle grinder, second is sanding machine of sorts, be it belt, oscillating or rotary.

  16. The crew from SV basik wants a chance to win the mystery box but unfortunately we each have a different guess:
    Teal – Angle Grinder
    Linh – Orbital Sander
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  17. Hi Sailing Africa,

    Why dont you set-up a “go Fund me” for Moses, so he could get some high quality tools and equipment, as you have thought him so much he could easy go ahead after you leave to have a good self employedxc job and need tools etc for it.. Just asking here, not saying you have too…

    I believe all of your Subscribers that appreciate Moses for his relentless work ethics would contribute as a surprise for him…

    Fair winds and following seas to you all..

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  19. Every person who works on a boat has a true and undieing love for the glorious sander. and Moses is no exception!

  20. Answer to competition question: vacuum cleaner. Please donate the gift, if I win, to someone local, to save on shipping – I'm sure you know someone who'd love it.

  21. I love your videos. Been a fan since the beginning. I think Mose's fave tool is the orbital sander. Your cat is looking great.

  22. I would guess the shop Vac, it's mine too, kind of a psychological plus its close to the end of one part of a project before moving on to the next!

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  25. Lovely vlog Guys, great install – making dreams come true – keep up the good work. From a fellow vlogger (beginner)

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