WATCH: House Votes To Pass Rules For Impeachment Probe | MSNBC

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  1. The Democrats may not like what this impeachment inquiry sham may reveal.

    Already the vote shows that the sham is clearly about partisan politics not principle.

    Further the President's lawyers will now be able to cross examine the witnesses and therefore will be able to expose the swamp, those who were involved in the Russian collusion hoax and in questionable financial dealings and other corruption in Ukraine.

    Investigating the possible corruption of a former Vice President in a foreign country cannot be illegal. It is the responsibility of the president to do just that.

    If such corruption existed it will come out in the impeachment inquiry.
    The person who should be fretting over this is Joe Biden. I would suggest that he gets himself a lawyer.

    The Hiliary campaign, the leadership of the FBI and CIA, some members of the Obama administration, some media houses and others who were a part of the Russian Collusion hoax should also be concerned and lawyer up.


  2. The powers that be are done with donald trump. Theyre going to put in elizabeth warren. Watch the simpsons episode where lisa becomes president after trump leaves office. Lisa is wearing a purple jacket that elizabeth wears alot. Also youtube search " protocols of zion" audio book

  3. Dog and pony show, they never had anything they don't have anything now they won't get anything in the future Boo hoo hoo crooked hillary lost the election and we can't live with that, yeah right.

  4. Republicans need to all be voted out of office they're all Putin's beaches they're selling our country out to a bunch of communist freaks we're losing our democracy two cowards and they all should be guilty of treason.



  7. Democrats will face the vote of "We the People" as well! What will the Democrats do when they are facing the truth that it is them who "We the People" find guilty….

  8. I am XXX, my name is Heath G. Greene. I live in Lansing, MI. Why was I not included? Is this about me? 5178620270

  9. If a President fails to uphold and protect the US Constitution that he swore an oath to, than what's the delay with the impeachment going forward? Republicans who agree and support this kind of behaviour from a President, are no better, and should be charged with treason.

  10. How about that ! When Pelosi drains the swamp after Trump's impeachment ! Pelosi will become our first female PRESIDENT !!! Only in America ! GO PELOSI !!!!

  11. From 7:39/7:58 The RESOLUTION Is ADOPTED Without OBJECTION!" to
    "7:44/7:58 The Motion to Reconsider is LAID upon the Table." : "Honorable Members, The DECISION Is YOURS.(on going Further… to the Ultimate Consummation.) But I Beseach YOU…Think well on 'IT!'"

    The "ABOVE" is definitely, irrefutably, & demonstrably the very ACME of House-Speaker NANCY PELOSI's own political career. IT's another critical cusp in party-politics-in-office as finalized decision-making that has been REACHED by NANCY crossing Her own RUBICON- on She and Her agreeing Colleages' own TERMS onto Time's Final Resultant Of "IT" All!

  12. Im Surprised that Nancy is still standing ? She must be waiting to get her drugs ( Prescribed pain killers) and having her normal of drinking alcohol until she can hardly speak, looks like the report said, they make their vote and get out of there, time to party at Nancy's office, she got the drinks and the drugs, they don't ever get drug or alcohol tested like the American working people to have and keep their jobs, Hay Nancy can i come to your party, need something like your smoking and all the other Beverages, that you are handing out, ?

  13. face of Marxist PkkYpg terrorists.. Worse than ISIS. They were killingthe kid(who was trying to save his mom) and woman.That’s whom Turkish troops dealing with PkkYpg not the Kurdish brothers. Like Taliban not the Afghans.?

  14. MAGA 2020!!! Muller, Russian investigation, Impeachment. All just a joke and ran by cry babies. Grow up. Get a job. Then hate taxes like the rest of hard working Americans.

  15. History will remember how against all odds Trump was elected POTUS twice and that his second win was bigger than the first. You'll see.

  16. The goal of the corporate media and Democratic leadership is to keep a progressive out of office.
    So they distract with impeachment , Russia and the Ukraine.

  17. While we're at it, why don't we charge him with inciting violence and dereliction of duty!!! He said there will be a CIVIL WAR if the House impeach him!!!

  18. Time to skin the Pelosi Cat. We have had enough.Time to take a leaf out of the Hong Kong playbook. Time to Skin this Cat and hang it on a Pole, she is a Polecat. Or get her neutered along with Schiff. Claws and Balls need removing from this pair of traitors.

  19. Look at old Nancy smile. Her and Schiff are really having fun. FOR NOW. This time you backed the wrong horse. The people have had some good laughs over the years at some of your messups. But SEDITION and TREASON is taking it to a new low. You and Adam have just cost democrats everything. Don't believe for one instant that the silent voters are going to forget how the Constitution is being dragged through the mud and the rule of law has been flushed down the toilet. It's time for a major HOUSE CLEANING and it's on the way. Pack your bags boys and girls, Hillary can get you a job with the Russians she sold our uranium to.

  20. Why is this drunken pill head still working.Thats all the Demacrates got.What a joke.I bet shes drinking a little more vodka at work.She needs treatment.

  21. How can people listen to the Dems and to the fake news media and hate Trump? Some are just ignorant and do not realize that they are being lied to by the fake hateful liberal media, others are actually evil, evil in their words and deeds. This is what Jesus said 2000 years ago. He said:"I am come as a light into this world but men loved darkness rather than light, because their works are evil; therefore they do not come to the light so that their works can be exposed." That is exactly what is happening here in this country. The country is now divided into those who love the light and have a good heart, and those who hate the light because their deeds are evil and they do not want to be exposed. God is coming back soon, but in the meantime He has to divide the sheep from the goats. We can see how clear the division is: those who love life and innocent children are hated like Kavanaugh, those who love abortion, immorality and chaos are loved by the left who are either blind or evil. It is a shame but I believe that two thirds of all people are basically good; except many have been confused by the fake news and by the lies of the Dems so it is better to wait on those who have been lied to that they will open their eyes and see the good that Trump and his supporters want for this country . Now we need to pray and wait on the Lord to open the eyes of the blind and then justice will come and prevail.

  22. "a resolution approving procedures"  =   "changing the rules so they might get him somehow with anything"….these weasels never disappoint.

  23. So, basically the Republicans support Treasonous acts, rather than be an individual, standing up for the American people! Because Trump will ostracise you? Starting to see real violations of the constitution, very clearly…

    Dont underestimate the power of those defending #WhitePrivlege… they'll allow anything, but blocked Obama from MODERN CHANGE, to an old slave supporting, sexist system!

  24. This is so wrong. Pelosi said she wanted a bipartisan vote… the bipartisan vote goes to the nay… but there are too many dems voting for it.

  25. Donal genaraliazes. On ethnic groups their are. Good and bad on all races stricter and more severe. Punishment are in order.

  26. Pelosi and her cohorts stand for trying to take our guns, attacking freedom of speech, illegal search, and seizures, Banks illegally foreclosing on people, and being corrupt and needing bailouts, and taking REPO money in the billions as we speak and taking advantage of people, No warrant home invasions and seizures, corrupt police and illegal arrest! The constitution being thrown out the window! Does anyone else see a pattern as of late in the USA? Anyone else see a 2nd civil war coming? It sounds like and looks like Nazi communist to me! Welcome to what the new world order will look like! If we lose our gun right and 2nd amendment it will only get worse! They will go after the 1st next just wait and see! If a 2nd civil war does break out the left will lose. Why? They don't believe in guns! And for those who think they know who would win a 2nd civil war you might want to watch … Who would win a 2nd civil war

  27. Not that I'm for Trump's actions or anything, but this vote points out the messed-up state of our partison politics. This vote was pretty much a count of red and blue in the room

  28. Honestly, and very truly I can not trust Democrat. President Obama sent $150 billion dollars for them. wich daily they hang people in the street with no mercy, also in jail, the prisoner rapes girl and boy especially university students by the group.No one has security except mules and all of them plunder the country. Why close your eyes to those? Then have a long speech about Human Rights, Wich Human Rights are you talking about? How could I trust Democrat? People, Students, Old guys have not insurance and youth have not future. Children have not enough food, where are you? Iran is a rich country why they should have such a miserable situation? How could I blive your words? Tell me about it?

  29. Please every time any where first prying god worship first Jesus Christ worship song after that starting to new day use don't forget God all programme successful always positive fillings positive sagetion accept thank you massage sent by udyogkhadka kathmandu Nepal to U.S. prying worship community groups U.S.

  30. If the democrats continue down this path…it's going to finish them once and for all! Americans are fed up with their lies and nonsense…the media is America's greatest enemy and MSNBC is at the top! They're pushing this nation ever closer to a civil war and total destruction, only a fool would listen to these liars!

  31. We need Republicans right now Democrats gave so muck of a chunk of america away!! I have a business now.. with Democrats i didn't know were to find myself.

  32. In the name of GOD give the working people a break be fair work with the people working and trying to make it stay a float not those born into money and rich the only ones that get all the breaks.

  33. Voting to impeach and witch hunting Trump? What a bunch of evil people. Trump is the best president ever. They just want their evil people to run this country.


    The video link above is of – Joe Biden (Obama Vice President) bragging at an event about him getting "Ukrainian Prosecutor Fired"
    . Using "withdrawing US Loan Aid guarantees" if he wasn't fired? Joe Biden Son Hunter Biden – was involved and profited. Perhaps Democratic Party in USA above the law there. I'm from the UK

  35. I believe the new word now is that apparently christine lagarde of the IMF has wrongly recieved funds possibly from the pope.. and given these funds to politicians whom are trying to impeach Mr Trump. So the info goes..

  36. Talk about partisan spirit! George Washington spoke on its dangers at length in his farewell address. For reference, an excerpt:"…[T]he common and continual mischiefs of the spirit of party are sufficient to make it the interest and duty of a wise people to discourage and restrain it. It serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. It agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which finds a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions. Thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another." — George Washington

  37. that cow she is waisting millions of $$ on Trump impeachment we need those for food homeless veterents what this cow as done for americans!!!!!!!!!!!!! she as millions let go infront of her house in San Francisco PH and demonstrate we need those $$$ to help homeless veterents kids and more many in San Francisco have no food and they are waisting millions on this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pelosi you became a sick old troll! you look like a 100 yrs old lady now shame on you been democrat geee I'm a shame now f…. the democrats they just make us pay more taxes we need help to lower medications insurance lower us poor peoples taxes democrats have done crap only talks until now San Francisco my home Pelosi home is a garbage now she as police security pay by our taxes millions of it to gard her house in PH we need those $ for the poors she as millions that old cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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