We Found Our Feng Shui Home!

This is take two, sorry something happened earlier and it just ended the earlier broadcast but it’s okay because I.

This is take two, sorry something
happened earlier and it just ended the earlier broadcast but it’s okay because
I already went into it. Anyway um hoping you guys who ever seen me live right now
on Facebook as well as on YouTube please say Hi, let me know where you’re watching
me from and as the title suggests I wanted to let you guys know that my
husband and I, we found a house and we’re actually getting the keys tomorrow. So if
you’ve been realizing that I’ve been a little bit quiet on social media that I haven’t been doing my videos of late well for one this as we
get closer to Chinese New Year this is actually the time of year whereby my
business is the busiest and so just imagine doubling the workload and
the stress and the to-do list on my plate right now because I’m not just
dealing with business I’m also now dealing with closing on the house with
getting all the documentation, the insurance you know all the services and
also doing a renovation in the house and moving. We are moving, end of this
month and those who have followed me you will know that this will be the second
time I move this year. We moved back in March to where we are right now
we knew that was going to be temporary because we knew we were going to be
house hunting but we weren’t going to be house hunting in like desperation mode
well at least that’s what we thought initially we thought we were just gonna
take it cool take it slow and not rush into anything and that getting to
bidding wars which is still a big thing here in Toronto. Real estate is still a
little bit crazy right now. So um that is yeah so between business being in the
busiest time of the year and and everything around
the house and the holidays, I’m just trying to keep saying this with you I am
just trying to hold on to whatever shred of sanity I have left. So that is it’s
been very very interesting the last few last few weeks to say the least. Now some
of you are a little bit curious in terms of my um sorry I’m just looking off the
screen because that’s where my computer is and I’m looking just in case there
are comments from you guys um hello hey Mitch and whoever’s
watching on YouTube feel free to say hi as well hello hi, Susan. Anyway yeah
so on today’s impromptu livestream honestly I wasn’t thinking about doing a
video but my social media manager gently reminded me that I’ve been a little too
quiet and it’s not good for not good for the people who are waiting to hear from
me. So if you want to know about my house-hunting journey, the ups and downs
as well as how we ended up getting the house that we have now and also little
announcement towards the end also house related uh that I thank you guys
especially we’ve been watching my video I think you guys will really like this.
So we started house-hunting basically since we moved into this apartment so we
moved in March of this year to this place, a rental and we knew that was
going to be temporary and so we started we started looking um we had our
perimeters in terms of we we didn’t want to own a car so we told our real estate
agent that it has to be very very accessible like with public transit
close enough to the high we honestly uber everywhere I take the
cab every right now it’s just way better than driving honestly this here in
Toronto car insurance is high you have to look for parking under everything so
that’s one and then obviously we had a budget to work with with the real estate
agent and Toronto real estate because we thought ok this is gonna be our first
house. FYI we always I won’t say hated but my husband and I we have always for
years now resisted the idea of owning our own home. When people tell us that we
should be buying a house we’re like no we would rather put our money invested
elsewhere and so um yeah and and to be honest there’s still a little bit a part
of me where I go like oh my gosh I really don’t want to be owning a house
right now like it’s what have I got my myself into kind of moments I am
definitely excited to move into the house but there’s definitely moments
where I feel safer being a renter. There’s less responsibility, less worries
definitely in terms of the roof over my head. Anyway so we started looking and
we thought okay let’s since it’s our first home let’s go for you know
something like like a smaller house right I’ve always loved small homes
anyway and by the way in Feng Shui you do not want to be in a house that’s too
big for you. You want a home where almost all the rooms are being used
because it’s what’s called human Chi so if you if it’s just the two of you and
you’re in like the 4000 square foot home that’s actually not good because
there’s not enough human Chi human breath to spread around in that whole
house . And there’s a school of thought as well that there’s also spirits that are
more likely to come what this is whether or not you want to believe it but this
is part of the Asian belief is that if the house is too big for you then um
you’re likely then you know that the space is going to get taken over by
other forms of energy. I saw a listing uh it was it’s a
beautiful home and my heart skipped a beat. And I asked my husband hey have
you seen this one? Maybe we should take a look at it. He said yeah I saw it a
couple of weeks ago it was on the market. It had been on the market for a whole
month at that point. He said yeah I saw it a couple of weeks ago but it didn’t
really think much about it and I said let’s just go to the open house but the
open house which was on a Sunday happened to be when I was at Niagara
Falls for mommy getaway and so I was like oh just just go with your sister
just go take a look at it um and to be honest the night before because I was
curious the night before we actually drove by and I went up to the front of
the door with my compass in the cloak of the night felt like a little robber at
that time uh with my compass and took a compass reading to see what the house is
facing so that I could at least calculate the flying star line
energy I didn’t have the proper layout so I couldn’t calculate the other
advanced feng shui energetically for the house but at least I have the flying
star and so with that um you know so Saturday night I took I took a compass
reading and then Sunday when I was at Niagara Falls, my husband and my
sister-in-law um went to the open house and they called me well I was at the
winery, getting quite happy from the wines, my sister-in-law
called me up and said this house is gorgeous. And by the way because it was
on the market for a whole month that morning that Sunday morning when the
open house um happened the price actually dropped by almost 40,000 and so
because of that because of a price drop and my sister-in-law and my husband
called me as well they both fell in love at the house and
said let’s put in offer let’s just put an offer on the house right now because
the price just went down it’s gonna be like a whole bunch of people just you
know buzzing around this house at this point. My agent was ready with the
offer and we were gonna go to the house to present the offer to the owners at 2
o’clock and so the whole morning so this is where above-and-beyond Feng Shui
comes in you guys okay. I wanted this house because as much as
far as I could tell from the photos on the listing, there’s a sunroom which is
going to be my office and that is where the strongest money
energy is so that’s perfect the front door has career progression so
that’s great for my husband as well um what else the side door so we’re
actually renovating the basement and there’s a side entrance,
the side door is also great for whoever is going to be renting our basement
apartment because that’s also another really great career progression energy
in there and for the renovation we’re gonna you know we’re going to put in a
kitchen down there and where I’m going to put the stove is actually like a
whole bunch of opportunities are going to come up that is attracted by that
stove that I’m gonna put into our basement so whoever’s renting whoever’s
going to be renting our apartment that basement apartment is gonna get the
whole place as Feng shui as I can make it right.
Obviously there are some structural issues it would have been better it
would have been my 8 plus Feng Shui unit but down there it’s like really
good I’m doing Flying Star I’m doing I’m doing six methods I’m
doing chi men du jia, four levels of Feng Shui in that unit the same with
upstairs as well um and even whoever’s house hunting or if you’re not happy
with your house currently there is no such thing as a perfect Feng shui home
right so my office is is really great my stove
could be better once we actually do the kitchen
renovation I’m gonna fix the stove a little bit most likely with obviously
Flying Star but most likely with as well um we have uh what
else needs work no yeah the upstairs, the second floor
where all the bedrooms are those are fine. We just need to make sure that the
beds are placed properly um so that’s great and so it takes feng shui wise it
takes a lot of the things that we were looking for anyway back to the offer day,
in terms of how I got this house so my real estate agent was gonna pick me up
at 1:30 and in that whole morning I said okay I’m not gonna do when you work I’m
gonna do my inner feng shui stuff now so those who are in Manifesting Code or
those who have heard me talk about Manifesting Code or those who have heard
me talk about above and beyond feng shui. This is what you do okay so in the
morning I did my meditation, I did my visualization, I went into my Akashic
record to speak with my Akashic record guide in terms of is this a good house
for us? Is this the right number to be offering for this house? Just to get a
sense of anything that we need to tweak uh and even now I wrote a letter to the
owner and I have a family picture right at the top of the letter and I said hi
you know where the MacLeod family and we’ve been looking for a house for a
while now but it’s been really you know exasperating,
we fell in love with your house and we hope you choose us. And I took that
letter and I infused the letter with love. I’m not going to go into details
you will learn about it in manifesting code but I mean I I looked at it and I
infused it with love because that letters going to be given to the owner
we presented the offer and then uh with with what I call a Chinese law
of attraction which is another thing that we we delve into is just
in certain directions with your back facing certain directions to ask for
certain deities so I looked at the energy of the hour of that day of that
specific hour well – its increments of two hours right
but at that specific moment where are the deities presenting in which
direction so when I sat and I did my prayer of sorts so I did a prayer to the
deities I did my prayer while asking for assistance from the Angels
I did a candle ritual with my back to specific directions I infused the candle
with my money essential oils which we also covered in manifesting code um
I cleanse the space prior to that to make sure that the energy is as
heightened as possible. I also burned essential oils that also
tap help me tap into the higher around on energies so that I get clearer
messages and so I did specifically one meditation
visualization asking for help with the offer. One meditation and visualization
asking to have a connection, build a connection with the owner and then one
meditation of visualization in terms of if this is the right investment for us
let it comes through and I tell my Manifesting Code people all the time
as much as we want something always end with this or something better. Because
the other homes that we put in offer and we really loved that homes as well like
I mentioned before we were emotionally invested but we don’t know what is our
highest and best good house so even with this one I said if this house is not for
our highest and best good, let that deal fall apart. And so um you guys are
everyone’s just listening right I haven’t seen any new comments by the way
anyway so yeah I spent a good 3 hours I think about ten o’clock till
noon, I took a break at noon to take lunch and then I had a little
bit of time to fit in my third meditation visualization. I actually did
two candle rituals because I didn’t want to leave it to chance and then
1:30 came in my real estate agent came to pick me up and we went to the house.
So we got to the house and mind you this is the first time I’m seeing the house,
I took my compass with me to double-check on the compass reading um
and then so that was all good you know my real estate agent knows I do feng shui so when she she saw me do the compass reading she was like okay
everything’s good we’re okay to give to put in the offer? I said yes like you
know so I had an hour maybe 45 minutes to you know walk through the house and
then I happen to see the owner passing by. We’re not supposed to cross paths at
that point supposedly so when it came time to present the offer I was ushered
into my real estate agents car uh and they stayed in the house to you know
give our offer to the owner and her agent and because I knew how
the owner looks like I was in the car, the whole time I was sending, I was
clearing the energy, I was building again the Inner feng shui stuff, I’m not
gonna go into the nitty-gritty of it because we do that a Manifesting Code but the basis of it is mean basically visualizing her the whole time
I was in the car I had my back towards certain directions, I closed my eyes and
I visualized the owner in front of me and I sent love and I cleared the energy
and I built our connection energetically. And I’m not gonna go to much because I
know that the video is already really long but our offer got accepted so
basically from my husband and sister-in-law seeing the house from that
point until our offer except it was a whole 26 hours so it was
very quick in terms of how things moved so that was a month ago that was end of
October. And we’re getting the keys tomorrow! And so it’s it has been a very
very intense a few weeks because this being our first house, it’s a lot of
stuff to learn about your house and learn about how to be a good homeowner.
And the responsibilities that you have as a homeowner but at the same time for
me is also to boost it up Feng Shui wise. Now going back to the fact that the
house is that a cul-de-sac, we are the third last house from the
cul-de-sac and those who are in Feng Shui 2020, I know in our private
facebook group we have tons quite a few actually of you guys in cul-de-sacs and
I know you’re panicking over it. And my suggestion is inner feng shui where you
need to go above and beyond Feng Shui at this point because you cannot face a
cul-de-sac, I cannot fix the cul-de-sac so why would I buy a house
that’s third house from the end of the cul-de-sac? I’ll tell you why and I’ll
say this knowing full well that there are some feng shui practitioners out
there who are going to think that I’m crazy for doing this but I’ll tell you
why. Remember heaven luck, earth luck, mankind luck, you know on on all my videos I
talked about having luck earth-like mankind luck, we can never get away from
that. Heaven luck is our astrology our spiritual path, our karma, our our past
life and how that impacts us. Earth luck is the Feng Shui,you know our home how
their rooms are you know the external structures, internal structures and how
that impacts us. There’s also a mankind luck in terms of our actions our
decisions, our self-sabotage, our discipline, our lack of self-control,
that’s our mankind luck. Now in my 10 years as a feng shui consultant, I have
seen a small group of people who have done really well despite “bad feng shui”
and I’ll share one such one with you. It was a Wellness Center so they have
naturopathic services, massage therapy, I believe spiritual counseling,
it’s a Wellness Center so the owner was undergoing renovation and she had me
come in. And the center energy of that Well ness Center was really bad for money
and I was a little bit concerned. However she said um she told me that all her
practitioners in that Wellness center, they’re booked like three months ahead so
everyone’s really busy. She wants to do the renovation not to boost the business
but to make sure that the renovation doesn’t drag down the business which
she’s a smart lady. But after my discussion with her I was like okay tell
me what you do every day. So the story is she comes in every morning
before she turns on the open sign, before she starts her a business day, she asks
universal energy, angelic energy to shore up to protect her business that was my
first clue. This was maybe six, seven years ago when I visited this consult,
like part of my journey into above and beyond feng shui okay. So that was one
and then um the last place that we stayed at we went into it that was my
first experiment okay we went into it knowing full well that the energy at
that are at the apartment door is also not good for money. So i know, it was a little
bit risky but we moved in with me knowing full well that fly the star
energy it wasn’t great but there were other
things like for instance our master bedroom was good, our kitchen was good
that two out of three is good but still main door is still quite important ,out
of the three. And so we were there for for many many years, in fact. In that
building seven years and that was the time when I really implemented daily
inner feng shui tools. My meditation, you know cleansing the space,
working with crystals, working with essential oils, working with with my
Akashic guide for my home. Working with all those higher level, higher vibration
energies to make sure that they boost up whatever fengs shui placements that I
have and to also make sure that our mine and my husband’s
actions are also getting supported in good ways. And in that unit
honestly someone who does not do Feng shui and does not do inner feng shui in
that apartment, they would have really bad money luck, really bad financial
challenges. However my business doubled, actually almost tripled while we lived
there. And so now that was me, taking a cue from my wellness center
client realizing that bad Feng Shui is not the end-all be-all. However that’s
internal bad feng shui, right? Now I’m experimenting basically with the
whole family that we’re going into a house where instead of dealing with just internal issues, now we’re dealing with
external issues but I’m feeling really good about it because in the past
three years what I’m starting to call my spiritual Chi, my spiritual energy is has
been really strong. My intuition has been has been I’ve been sharpening my
intuition in terms of my the way I can tap into messages, the way I also start
to trust messages because some of us were we’re naturally intuitive, not me
actually I had to practice it but some people are naturally intuitive but they
don’t necessarily trust it right so I went into my Akashic guides into my
intuition, you know getting messages that this is a good house for
us and the cul-de-sac is is something that I can protect my family from.
Someone who does not do daily energetic work like I do will have issues from the
cul-de-sac. And we have seen many people, a lot of people after I mention about
the cul-de-sac. Many of you come to me saying that um yeah that you you’ve
you’ve known people who live in a cul-de-sac, they’re having issues and so what
I’m going to be doing with this house obviously Feng Shui the heck out of it
as much as I could but there’s no remedy for for the cul-de-sac. Not known feng shui
remedy for the cul-de-sac that will be up to me and my spiritual energy and my
daily energy work. What kind of energy work? Anything and everything that I know
to basically have a bubble around our house that not just the cul-de-sac this
is not just to protect us from the cul-de-sac but also to protect us from
other other harmful energies as well. I’ve always been doing that. This time
I’m just gonna add on the cul-de-sac as as another potential thing to be
watchful for right? So like I said in our private Facebook group
for our Feng Shui 2020, many of you are in cul-de-sacs and many of you are
really worried about it. And especially after I mean saying that there’s no
feng shui remedy for it. It is now up to you especially if you’re moving out it’s
not an option, it is now up to you to go above and beyond Feng Shui.
It’s not an option at that point if you have any external structural issues,
other energy work must be done together with the maximum feng shui that you can
do in your home that is how you make sure that you don’t get affected a
hundred percent from that structural issue so I know this has been
long-winded honestly I was hoping I could I could do 15 minutes but knowing
what was I thinking I know I’m a talker. If you guys have any questions about
this let me know I haven’t seen any new questions here. Oh Flores asking what do you think about
this book called the Book of Spirits? I have not heard of that book to be honest,
I have not read many new books lately but I have not heard of that but I’m
definitely open to you know different forms of energy because again Feng Shui
it’s just one third of it you guys, remember that Feng Shui is one third of
that. I have another client who just moved into a house a much better feng
shui house, I’m so happy for him because we worked on the feng shui, we looked at
the feng shui before he bought the house so I know he’s going into a much
more prosperous and supportive Feng Shui but I had to remind him remember in
terms of your past life lessons in terms of whatever karmic debt you may have, you
still need to work with this one issue because that’s outside the realm of Feng
Shui. So he needs to you know it’s a little bit of a tough love for me
because I because feng shui cannot fix that for
him. It’s outside of the Feng shui around he needs to do his energy work each and
every day. You cannot do your meditation or visualization when you need to. When
you feel like it you have to do it every day and I tell my manifesting code
members all the time even if you can’t do all the tools every day, pick one tool
to do every day it could be the clearing, it could be the journaling, could be the
meditation it could be the our money assignment. So those are the things that
you need to do to meet the Feng Shui halfway okay so I’m going to end that
here. Sorry for a long winded one but tomorrow if you want to keep an eye on
Facebook or my youtube community post, excuse me, I will be documenting this um
I don’t know how much but I’ll be getting the keys I may or may not be going to
the house tomorrow but I know I will be going to the house on Thursday because
I’m meeting with the contractors, I might do a video walkthrough. Oh announcement – almost forgot about that! So announcement for this house is
we’re doing we’re doing minor work for the main floor but we’re doing most of
our renovation in the basement to get ready for a rental apartment. And I’m going to video blog and show you guys what a feng shui renovation
looks like because I get a lot of people calling me to do a consultation for
their rental but that’s the thing a lot of people only know fast food feng shui
right when they call me to do rental work and I quote them my pricing they
bulked because they think feng shui is all about making it look Zen, making it
look good, it’s all about placing you know um like fluffy nice-looking stuff.
No. Incorporating feng shui into the renovation means looking at date
selection look at the compass direction that the stove
is going to be facing, that the door is going to be facing, looking at what are
the permanent energies in all these rooms and picking out the tiles the
colors or whatever that will work best for that room. And obviously with us,
you know renting this up I also want this make to make this the most
auspicious for whoever rents out the place so the stove specifically the
stove which is really really good from opportunities is going to be good for
anyone who lives there versus the stove upstairs for us it would be good
specifically for me and my husband. Because obviously we’re gonna live there
it’s our first home but I think I’m gonna make it our forever home because I
do not like the house buying process at all. I’m not leaving um yeah so there’s
ways of making a stove for instance auspicious for everyone in general which
is you know specific five degrees in the compass that’s good for everyone but
there’s also a based on astrology, specific five degrees in the compass
that could work for me or my husband but hopefully the both of us. So those are
the things those are the myths that I want to start breaking in terms of what
is really involved when you do a feng shui renovation so for the next
few months you guys are gonna see clips of me um doing as the reno starts as
the reno progresses and I think that will be fun. Thanks for watching
everyone I know this was really last minute. Thanks for hanging out with me
and I’ll see you guys tomorrow keep your eye out on my facebook page or the
youtube channel. Take Care. Hello this is Safrina Kadri from
Feng Shui and Prosper and welcome to my youtube channel. If you like what you’ve
seen please subscribe to my youtube channel. I do try to put out a brand new
video every week so you subscribe then you can make sure that you don’t miss
out any of the other content that will be
coming out your way.

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