What Do the Teachings of Jesus, Flat Earth, and Hebrew Roots Have in Common?

In this video, I’m going to discuss two groups of fellow “believers” (for lack of a better word) not because.

In this video, I’m going to discuss two groups of fellow “believers” (for lack of a better word) not because the two sets of beliefs are similar, but because what I would like to say to both is similar. And it may apply to some other groups and individuals as well. With both groups, I have fairly strong disagreements. At the same time, there do continue to be members of both belief systems who continue to support this channel and who continue to say that they are benefiting from what they watch here. So why is that? I think it’s because both ideologies attract people who are able to think outside the box. That is what all three of us have in common. Flat Earth I will start with flat earth. A fairly high percentage of the people who have joined us in the past two years have been people who hold to the Flat Earth theory. It did not seem necessary to challenge them on that belief so long as they were able to move forward in terms of listening to Jesus and obeying the things that he has told his followers to do, so we just agreed to disagree. However, there did come a time for each of them when they needed to show as much doubt about the veracity of flat earth theory (including where it came from, and where it is leading) as they have shown toward things like NASA, astronomy, airline pilots, and other sources of information. Real spiritual growth can only come from our willingness to question everything. Not necessarily throwing everything out, but weighing up the evidence on both sides in order to get the bigger picture of what is happening in the world. Toward that end, there is a video which proved to be quite helpful for many of us as it did not seek out to debunk flat earth theory. It patiently listened to the arguments in defense of flat earth and it gave viewers the opportunity to really get to know some of those who have led the way in promoting Flat Earth. This much more relaxed approach to differences was a welcome relief to so much of the shouting that goes on back and forth in those people who have not learned to listen to both sides. The video is called “Behind the Curve”, and trailers to it can be found all over the Internet, if you Google the title. As the official trailer states, it is partly a “fun” documentary simply because it doesn’t become obsessed with changing either side. But something more disturbing has happened recently here on YouTube, with regard to Falt Earth teaching. The powers that be in YouTube announced early in 2019 that they were going to go beyond their usual guidelines with regard to censorship and just straight out refuse to promote videos that did not conform with the views of YouTube management. They came right out and named Flat Earth as being one such teaching. That decision by YouTube management scares me far more than anything taught by Flat Earthers. Obviously YouTube expected that it would get widespread support from people like ourselves who do NOT accept flat earth theory. But this overlooks the history of what has so often happened with regard to censorship. Censorship based on ideologies has a way of growing, once certain boundaries are crossed. If censorship can be used to block one form of relatively harmless teaching why can’t it be used to block other forms…including our own? And sure enough, it was not long before YouTube had restricted publication of material from our own channel because it pointed a finger at China and at the government in Kenya for trying to control the masses of those two countries through heavy-handed use of computer technology. Both countries were aiming to impose strong sanctions on anyone who did not submit to their computerised system of control. And when we pointed it out, the Kenyan government complained, very publicly and very strongly. And that is when our videos on Kenya in particular, disappeared from YouTube search engines. So how can we cheer for YouTube censoring Flat Earth theory in light of further restrictions on videos warning against the mark of the beast or promoting obedience to the teachings of Jesus or teaching almost anything that is offensive to anti-Christian forces in the world? What we are seeing on YouTube and elsewhere at this very moment is a powerful Iron Curtain being dragged across the entire world to eventually shut out anything that seeks to challenge the approaching One World Government that has been predicted in the Bible. So, flat earth or globe earth, if beliefs on both sides merge with genuine faith in God and this upsets the political status quo then we may already be experiencing what it is like to share a cave with people who are quite different to ourselves just because we are both hiding from the Antichrist forces of the world. Hebrew Roots And now I will switch my attention to the Hebrew Roots movement. I will mostly address the growing popularity for using the name Yeshua, or similar names in order to perfectly reflect Hebrew pronunciation of the name that has traditionally been pronounced Jesus is the English-speaking world. I find more and more people writing to me and talking about Yeshua Hamashiach or something close to that as though I use those spellings too, or at least as though I should be considering such a shift. I did seriously consider such a shift shortly after I started this channel and when I first learned about this widespread movement. Sure. Why not go ahead and pronounce it as it would have been pronounced in Judea at the time of Christ? No problem. But I found more and more of these Yeshua people starting out like they agreed with what we have been saying only to discover later that their real agenda was to replace faith in the Jesus of history with a false Jesus whose primary purpose for coming to Earth was to promote faith in the Old Testament. “Yeshua”, while being a much more accurate Jewish pronunciation for the name of Jesus is no more about the real Jesus of the New Testament than is the more popular name Jesus, when used in church circles. Jesus promised that there would be many false Christs in these last days and there would be false Messhiachs as well…and false Jesuses and false Yeshuas. So the way to find the true Messiah is not to focus on the spelling but to focus on the Guy whose teachings appear in the four gospels. In the end, I stayed with the more traditional, western way of spelling his name. Not because it was in any way superior, but just because the new spelling (or should I say spellings, because almost every day someone comes up with yet another variation) all these new spellings have really come to represent a deliberate attempt to take people away from what the real Yeshua taught and back into the Old Testament with many of these people even going so far as to promote a return to animal sacrifices. But there does seem to be a sizeable number of viewers on this channel who do, in fact, refer to Jesus as Yeshua but who still say that they agree with what I have been saying about obedience to the teachings of Jesus as contained in the four gospels. So far, there have not been many who have actually forsaken all and joined us in our campaign to promote the teachings of Jesus around the world but neither are they fighting against such a campaign. So there we have yet another surprising resident turning up at the door to our cave. And, like I said at the beginning of this video, what all three of us (the flat earthers, the Hebrew roots people, and those of us promoting a return to the teachings of Jesus) what we all have in common is a willingness to question tradition…to question the status quo to question the way things have always been done in the past. Hopefully there will be one over-riding conclusion in the end which is that all the problems have stemmed from people leaving out the teachings of Jesus in favour of hundreds of counterfeits and distractions, including attempts to make these two issues flat earth and Hebrew spellings–the cornerstone of our faith. By all means, question everything. And that must include what you are now promoting. Consider the possibility that even what you are following now has not spontaneously arisen from what we read of Jesus in the four gospels. 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