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[music playing] I already knew that there was going to be several inspections before we actually got cleared. It was.

[music playing] I already knew that there was
going to be several inspections before we actually got cleared. It was a nightmare
for the inspection. We did our own
inspections multiple times. When it came time for
the real inspection we actually got very
educated on a lot of things that we knew nothing about. So you found a house you love. You made an offer on it. It’s been accepted. Now what? Now it’s time to
get an inspection. An inspector is trained to see
things that you and I cannot see with our naked eyes,
things like HVAC that’s shot, the roof is shoddy,
things that will cost you a lot of money down the line. Now, it’s a few
hundred dollars to pay. But it’s a piece
of mind to ensure you’re not buying a lemon. Numero uno priority
for me was electric. Yeah, so the bathroom
was the first thing we did. We fixed the crack
in the foundation. That was the first
thing we did was the crack in the foundation. If you bought a fixer upper or
a house with a lot of potential for renovations, we all
want to do the fun stuff. But I’d like to ask you
to focus on the items that are going to determine
the health of the house. For instance, what
about the HVAC system? Is it in good working water? The roof, are you having
water or mildew issues coming in through the attic? Maybe you need to
replace that roof. I know it’s not glamorous,
but somebody’s got to do it. I bought a fixer upper. And I really thought I was
going to do a lot of it myself. (SINGS) Wah, wah, wah. Look, I am a huge fan
and advocate of DIY. It’s kind of my job. But when we get into the
contents of a wall with wires and plumbing and things that
have a lot of legalities or could kill you,
that’s when you need to call the professionals. A contractor is necessary
for those things. How do you find
a good contractor? Get good references. Make sure that if you’re going
to have them do some work, it’s all spelled
out in the contract with an itemized list of
what they’re going to do and when you’ll give
financial disbursements. Never pay a contractor upfront
for work that hasn’t been done. For a renovation
budget, we really didn’t have one, to be very honest. You know,, establishing
your renovation budget, know that typically every
project goes 30% over and takes 30% to 40% longer. What would have soured
the deal of this house? If I ever saw water damage,
I was already X-ing that out. I think if we found out that
the crack in the foundation was structural, just the sound
of the word “structural.” Anything wrong
with the foundation is a big red flag because
if the foundation is broken, the whole house is broken. Because what does
a foundation do? It holds up the house. For me, the only two things
that would make me back out of a deal would be the shoddy
electrical or real plumbing issues. Everything else can be fixed.

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