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I recently did a video on why the second Death Star was built in four years when it took nineteen.

I recently did a video on why the second Death
Star was built in four years when it took nineteen to build the first. And I got a lot of comments suggesting that
the second simply began construction well before the destruction of the first. Honestly that’s not a possibility that crossed
my mind, because I always believed that the second began construction as a replacement
for the first. But in canon material I actually couldn’t
find a definitive statement that proves my case. But I did find plenty of evidence that suggests
the second was built after the destruction of the first, so I’ll present both sides
of the argument in this video and you can decide for yourselves. Real quick, let’s talk Legends. Again, not canon, but Legends does definitively
state that construction on the second actually began, ironically, as the Battle of Yavin
was happening. Palpatine already had some ideas on how to
improve the station, specifically the superlaser, and ordered the construction of a second. So the second Death Star began construction
after the first was completed, but before it was destroyed, although it was close. The canon is far more ambiguous. I started my research in Wookiepedia, which
does state that the Emperor ordered a second Death Star immediately after the destruction
of the first. Problem is, no sources are cited, and I’m
looking for definitive proof from content. I couldn’t find any that specifically said
what I’m looking for, but I do think the timeline is strongly suggested. We have to read between the lines a little
bit, but I think the evidence is there. Most of the evidence I found comes from the
Darth Vader comic, Lost Stars, the novel Tarkin, and A New Hope. And really the best evidence I can provide
is that the Death Star is always referred to as a singular object. The simultaneous construction of a second
is never, ever mentioned. So I guess there is a possibility that a super
duper mega ultra top secret second Death Star was already being built. But Ockham’s Razor suggests that the simplest
solution is more likely correct, and with that I agree. I think the evidence I’m about to present
points towards one Death Star construction over the course of nineteen years, and then
a second replacement beginning construction almost immediately after the Battle of Yavin. Let’s start with the film itself, A New
Hope. In the big conference room scene, the Death
Star is only ever referred to by itself. Fear of this battle station. Nobody ever says something like, “When the
second one is done we’ll be unstoppable!” The Empire put all their eggs into one basket. They dissolved the Imperial Senate because
it was no longer necessary. They clearly felt one Death Star was enough
to instill fear among rebelling systems. They also talk about the mere possibility
of the Rebels finding a weakness. If they were aware of the thermal exhaust
port, no one spoke up. But if a second construction were already
underway, it would make sense that it would have the exact same design. The canon character encyclopedia says Moff
Jerjerrod was instructed to design the second Death Star without the weakness of the first. A weakness they were apparently not aware
of until after the Battle of Yavin. The Darth Vader comic builds on that idea
a lot. Taking place after the Battle of Yavin, we
learn that without a Death Star or Senate, the Empire started having problems maintaining
control. Rebel and pirate attacks became larger problems,
and that’s cited as the need for a second Death Star. The Emperor does mention that the order for
a new battle station had at least been made, but again he doesn’t exactly say when. But other statements again seem to confirm
that there was ever only plans for one Death Star. Grand General Tagge states that “Our larger
plans cannot be based around any individual asset. Not a Death Star.” Tagge also calls the Death Star “Tarkin’s
folly.” Not follies. Inspector Thanoth mentions spending “Decades
to build an unparalleled weapon.” Even the Emperor himself states “While the
Death Star was being constructed.” Not the Death Stars. Next, a quick stop in the book Lost Stars. An Imperial Lieutenant named Nash Windrider,
who personally served Darth Vader aboard the Executor, claims “Through sheer stupid luck,
the rebels managed to destroy the first Death Star. By rebuilding the Death Star, and using it
as many times as necessary to restore order, we prove that their luck only goes so far.” Again, going with the simplest solution, it
sounds to me like the Empire had one Death Star. Nobody ever says “The first Death Star maybe
have been destroyed, but at least we have the second well underway.” I do have to admit I can’t completely rule
out the possibility of a secret second construction. But it would have to be a secret from even
the Empire’s top authorities. Technically the Sun Crusher in Legends was
built under Tarkin’s orders without even the Emperor’s knowledge, so there is some
precedence there. But I do think from the content we’ve received
so far, one Death Star at a time is more likely. So, if in Legends Tarkin had some secret projects
going on, let’s explore what we know about Tarkin in the new canon. In the book called Tarkin. He was involved in the Death Star’s construction
since the beginning of the Empire. If anyone were to know about any secret projects,
it would be him. Here’s what he had to say about the Death
Star: “Both as impregnable fortress and as symbol of the Emperor’s inviolable rule,
the deep-space mobile battle station was an achievement on the order of any fashioned
by the ancestral species that had unlocked the secret of hyperspace and opened the galaxy
to exploration. My only regret was in not employing a firmer
hand in bringing the project to fruition in time to frustrate the actions of those determined
to thwart the Emperor’s noble designs. Fear of the station, fear of Imperial might,
would have provided the necessary deterrent.” Interestingly, in that book the Death Star
is never called by name, simply referred to as the project. But never once are multiple projects mentioned. One final source I want to discuss is the
man himself, Pablo Hidalgo. He was kind enough to answer some questions
via Twitter, albeit vaguely. But I expect these questions are going to
be touched upon in Rogue One and the upcoming novel Catalyst, so the ambiguity is totally
understandable. I asked him exactly the question I’m posing
in this video, and he responded that the original didn’t take twenty years to build, it took
twenty years to become operational, which by the way very much aligns with the video
I did about the vast difference in time to construct two Death Stars. I then asked if that meant it only took four
years to make a second Death Star operational, and he neither confirmed nor denied. So. I still think most of the evidence points
towards the second Death Star beginning its construction after the destruction of the
first. It seems to me the Empire planned to have
one battle station to control that galaxy with. Maybe they had plans for multiple down the
line, but I don’t believe those plans had yet taken shape. So if I have to guess at the most likely scenario,
the second Death Star began construction after the Battle of Yavin with enough knowledge
to remove the vulnerabilities of the first. However, I have to admit that researching
this topic made me rethink some things. When I did my previous Death Star video, I
was positive of the timeline. After looking into it more, it would be ignorant
of me to hold the same opinion. While I think the scenario I laid out is the
most likely, there is definitely a chance that another was built in secret. It would have to be a huge secret, but again,
that’s not without precedence in canon. Additionally, Pablo’s vague answers make
me think we are going to learn much more about all this in some upcoming content. Specifically Rogue One and the novel Catalyst. I think Pablo was more referring to why it
took nineteen years to build the first Death Star, but it’s also possible, however unlikely,
that we will get a major reveal of a second Death Star already well underway. Again only about five percent of me thinks
this will happen, but what if the second Death Star were in the final moments of Rogue One? The Empire could lament the loss of the plans,
but feel confident in their secret construction that wouldn’t be so far along for some improvements. Personally I think that would diminish the
sacrifices we are likely to see from Jyn, Cassian, Chirrut, Baze, Bodhi, K2-SO, and
the rest. But I want to stay open minded to the multiple
possible answers to this question. Whenever I cover a topic like this, it’s important
to me that I provide you with as many facts as I can. If I speculate I try to make that very clear. If I can’t provide you with a clear cut answer,
at the very least I want to provide you with the power to make a decision for yourself
based on the content rather than my own opinions. So what do you guys believe? Do you think I make a solid case? Or do you still think it’s more likely that
the second Death Star began construction earlier? Most importantly, if you have some good canon
sources that provide a definitive answer, please send them my way, because for the life
of me I couldn’t find any. If you haven’t already, please like and
share this video, subscribe to the channel, and follow me on Twitter and Instagram. As always, thank you for watching and may
the Force be with you!

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  1. when i was a kid i thought the second deathstar was the remains of the first that they had fixed up. thats why it had all the holes in it

  2. The first one was merely a rough of the final component.  Consider the Y22 platform, which eventually became the F-22 Raptor.  It is not serving in the military as we speak, because it was a rough of the final platform.  Same thing.

  3. wasn't their a prototype before the first death star, also think about it logistically, you just conquered the galaxy now you need new ships, new equipment, new troops its going to cost time and money, after you already established that and resources isn't a problem building the death star 2 wouldnt have been that difficult. maybe they hauled ass when they realized they needed another super weapon?

  4. What If Palpatine Was Hiding The 2nd Death Star With Nobody Knowing Except For People Who Were Working ON It And Palpatine Was Keeping It A Secret?

  5. Construction of DS2 may have started shortly before Yavin, after DS1 became operational. Seeing the potential of the first, the Emperor might have thought, "imagine what I can do with two, or even more?"

    Tarkin might have been aware of this second project, but at such an early stage there was little point in revealing its existence at the meeting we see in ANH, or indeed any other meeting. His death at Yavin would only have buried the secret construction further, until the Emperor chose to reveal it.

    There may have been a pause in construction to analyse the failure of DS1, so that when construction resumed, and armed with the experience of taking so long to get the first operational, priority was always going to be arming the superlaser as quickly as possible and making sure the the vulnerability of the first could not be exploited again.

  6. There is no way something as huge as a Death Star could be built in only four years. To be honest, even 19 years is an impressive mark. Just think of the ludicrous (pun intended) amount of resources needed.

  7. I love how >90% of your stuff is regarding the in-universe perspective as opposed to relying too heavily on production notes and the like. I think production stories are cool for side trivia, but I hate when they're used to try and explain things. Great video, thanks!

  8. There's one thing I have to admit I never see people take into account…

    It takes a LOT longer to build the first one of ANYTHING because there's a lot of R&D still taking place. Plans have to be redrawn and adjustments have to be made whenever something goes wrong. But once you get all that stuff working, you know how to do it again should you need to.

    My current 1lb combat robot, REV 2, had undergone THREE revisions before I was confident enough to take it to an event, and even at that point it didn't work and I needed to make a fourth version – which is still in the works. But with every revision, I find myself making smaller and smaller tweaks to the design. Version 1 didn't have enough clearance for the weapon motor on the top plate. Version 2 proved that a 3mm weapon deadshaft is too fragile. Version 3 had an issue with the weapon motor mount flexing, letting the outer shell of the weapon motor bind against the top plate (it's an outrunner, so the outer shell of the motor spins). Version 4 will fix that by switching the top and bottom plates from Alloy910 Nylon to 6061 Aluminum, as Aluminum is a much stiffer material than thermoplastic nylon. I went from having to completely redraw parts in my CAD software to simply having to make them from different materials.

  9. The Second Death Star super laser was operational.How ever most of the interior and it's propulsion systems were not.Thats why it wasn't moved when the Rebels found about it.Palpatine focused on getting the Laser working to deal with the Rebels inevitable plans to attack it.

  10. Hate necroposting, but here goes anyway. I remember reading in a book a long time ago (now part of legends), possibly Tales From The Empire that Palpatine had the ability he later on was shown describing in Episode 3 having learned how to manipulate souls to beat death.

    Part of the punishment he inflicted on the first Death Star's architect, Bevel Lemilisk, was to be eaten alive by piranha beetles from Yavin, then have his soul forced into a the clone body replacement of Lemilisk. The emperor then forced him to design a new Death Star without the exhaust port weakness, but also with many new improvements.

    Some of the details are sketchy to me now since it was maybe 20 years ago that I read whatever book that was, but that's the gist of the story.

  11. This is stupid. You either think one way or you do not. You don't spent 10 minutes laying out your theory only to then be like, "Oh but this is only true if you believe it is".
    Whatever happened to having a backbone? State you opinion and let those who disagree, disagree.

  12. As a kid before I started watching Star Wars I always thought the Death Star was just a half destroyed planet by the empire!

  13. When it comes to military projects, government officials have the attitude of "why build one when you can build two at twice the price.

  14. My theorie is that the Second Death Star started to be builds in many 10BBY or 5BBY or 3BBY it would make sence more or 16 BBY thebreal auestion is how did the First Order Make statkiller base so quickly eh eh ITS CALLED A SIENCE FICTION

  15. I've always assumed the second one was started after the first was destroyed, and I think this is what they wanted to convey with its representation in Return of the Jedi. Of course, over time they can revise with new material. Thinking about the actual number of years, of course, it seems like it would have to have been started beforehand, but I am still OK with its having been started after the destruction of the first. I'll just go with the idea that they had lots of bumps in the road the first time, but with the second one they were able to speed along smoothly.

  16. Pablo is not to be belived, he has been show that he makes up info and changes his story along with contradick movie canon.

  17. One battle station to rule them all, one battle station to find them. One battle station to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

  18. like any military minded leader as soon as Palpatine knew that the death star worked he started making another one. so I would say after Alderon was blown up another one was ordered. anytime you do something once it only gets faster as you learn from your mistakes

  19. The Emperor doesn't even ever question the need to destroy an entire planet. It would be much less costly and energy efficient to just make the surface uninhabitable. We can do that with current technology.

  20. Two Death Stars at the same time? How many do they need? First one took forever as they were trying to figure it out. By the second time around, they had experience.

  21. Only reason I would argue that Death Star II was already under way was because a death star that was smaller took more time than a much LARGER one? From a architectural and engineering point of view, that doesn't make sense to me.

  22. So–you don't think the theory can be correct because (1) It contradicts NON CANON sources, and (2) Nobody mentions a second Death Star, even though the first one was kept under such tight wraps for the longest time. I myself have a different theory–namely that the biggest problem was actually designing the superlaser and it was R&D on that which caused the most delays, coupled with the fact once the Empire knew how to build one, it becomes a lot easier to build a second.

  23. Well, Rogue One confirmed that the first Death Star remained a secret for the whole 19 years, as it was still only a rumor until it was confirmed in Galen Erso's message to the rebellion, so there's no way to say how long the construction of the second also remained a secret until it was discovered. It even makes less sense to have that much of a difference as the second one is even bigger. Because why would the Emperor be upset that the second one wasn't finished yet after 4 years while the first smaller one wasn't even near that state of completion in that time ?

    But then I remembered something. As shown in Rogue One, the superlaser was built separately and only inserted at the last moment. But wait, go back to Revenge of the Sith, and look at what's already being built and even fully part of the main foundation, that's the superlaser. It's hard to see it an you could think that is only the dish, but rise up the brightness and you'll notice parts connecting the center part to the dish, so that's indeed the superlaser. Of course officially it's just a continuity error, but how can we explain that from an in-universe perspective ? Could it be actually the Death Star from Return of the Jedi ? Think about it, like you were the Emperor. The Death Star is taking too long to build, and the Empire needs a faster solution against its enemies. Why not build a smaller one ? It would be faster to build it, and at worse, if the rebels ever discover about the project, let them focus on this smaller one to keep the bigger original safe. After all the Emperor wasn't even there for its completion, and didn't even seem to have a throne room on it, and even Vader didn't really have interest in it, unlike the second. This actually gives a much better reason for the Emperor to be upset as even though finally operational, it was still not finished after 23 years.

    I'm sure they won't go for this, but again, it would fix a continuity error, an inconsistent building speed, and a stupid reason to be upset despite the second bigger one being built nearly five times faster than the first, especially for a man who can patiently wait 13 years for his plan to make him ruler of the galaxy while letting his real ennemies lead his army during the last 3 years.

  24. My theorie is they probably started constructing the first Death Star a few year later befor the battle of Yavin they decided to build another one in case of “sheer stupid luck” is gets destroyed

  25. The second death star superlaser got complete and the death star wasn't complete yet it looks like it is but it isn't but it is cool

  26. Its more likely that once the first DS was built it would have been easier for the Empire to just copy the first one, taking less time. This happens in naval shipbuilding, the first copy takes a long time to sort out problems, source material and wrestle with new weapons. Once these were sorted out it would just be a matter of cut and paste, on a large scale.

  27. Simplest reason why you don't want a second Death Star? Because one Death Star could easily destroy another. The Emperor had throne rooms on both. It was intended to be the final tool in cementing his conquest of the galaxy. At the same time however, the Empire was full of ambitious people, many who did not know of the Emperor's power or background. Why have an impregnable battlestation to make your rule absolute if a usurper can hyper in a similar weapon that can instantly annihilate your stronghold or planet you are on?

    Palpatine was all about survival. He wasn't about to let power like that be duplicated.

  28. I have an idea maybe the second was an abandoned project only to be redone when the first was destroyed. The reason I say this is because like today with aircraft a lot of times a prototype is built and abandoned for a better one down the line. (A good example would be the SR – 71) So perhaps a military force as large as the empire would have made sure it was right, a good idea, and also workable for what they wanted it for.

  29. did you know star wars isn't real? So please don't work yourself to hard because you won't find any real proof of anything.

  30. ya know everyone say that the exhaust port was the fatal flaw and there was a entire movie that explained it but by all means it was a ok design

  31. Legends, canon or not. Governments rarely do things logically. Even made up ones. The simplest solution is it was cheaper to order two Death Stars at the same time. The reason the other people not talking about it is military secrecy, compartmentalization of information, no one the first DS had a "need to know" about the second.

  32. I have two theories I support:

    First, I agree strongly about the idea of multiple Death Stars being ordered. Remember, the first one was an enormous secret. It stands to reason that they would have been equally, if not more so secretive regarding a second, or even others. The reason behind this purely being shock and awe.The Empire was not merely about grand splendor. Many of their strategies in various media are reflected in modern military strategy. Break an enemy's mind before you even fight him, and you've won. If the Empire posessed multiple Death Stars, but deliberately refered to "the" Death Star, or "a" Death Star, it would create a mystique within enemy ranks when they think they know for certain one is on the far side of the galaxy, when BOOM!! It suddenly appears over their planet. It would throw chaos into their ranks and make them question the quality and integrity of their intelligence about the Empire.

    The only real evidence I have to back this up is the reference to its designation, "DS-1 Orbital Battle Station". If they had a DS-1, its likely they anticipated a DS-2.

    The second theory I have is that the second Death Star is actually an original creation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. We know the CIS had plans for their own as far back as the begining of the Clone Wars. Its not unreasonable that they would have started construction, but lacking the original plans thanks to Count Douku, they would not have been able to complete it. It even makes sense that the Emperor wouldn't have wanted to use the CIS Death Star, since he would have to explain how he knew about it's existence during the Clone Wars and yet did nothing. You could take it even further, and suggest that, especially given the odd construction incongruities, the CIS Death Star was actually cannibalized for parts for the Imperial Death Star.

    I'm less confident about this theory, but I kind of like it more. The idea that the CIS came close to their own Death Star, perhaps even tying into their own interest in Mygeeto, would make for an interesting EU book or comic series.

  33. Really… It never crossed your mind that someone in the empire would have predicted the possible loss of the station lol and thus sated we should have a spare

  34. Well, based on what's been said, I will chip in with this: Palpatine was ALWAYS known to have tricks up his sleeve in both Legends (especially with his clone) and in the official canon. So, maybe he KNEW that the Death Star 1 would be destroyed (but just didn't want to believe it since he is arrogant) and had the Death Star 2 be built as a replacement/backup. Or maybe he thought "Well, if one Death Star is good, two is better." And therefore thought that these two could compliment each other in reinforcing the might of the Empire. Also, some things are returning to canon (ex. Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels) so maybe we will see things like the Sun Crusher or the Tarkin weapon in some form (not identical to their Legends counterparts mind you, but similar to a degree). As far as more than one Death Star at a time, that would NOT be economically realistic. One Death Star already costs three whole Office Depots full of credits, so building more than two, let alone just two, would cause the Empire to be bankrupt. That means no more weapons, TIE Fighters, stormtrooper armor, or starships.

  35. Having the second death star started before the destruction of the first dilutes the impression of the films themselves.

    Plus, a single death star is an enormous drain on tax money, human and material resources, done in parallel with massive fleet build-up and expansion of the empire. Go figure.

  36. Did the Empire reuse parts from the first one after it was destroyed at Yavin? The Thrawn novel discussed how it took so many resources to build. It would help explain why the second was completed so much faster.

  37. The reason why the first death star was slow because the first one must be kept secret and it wasn't sped up

  38. The second Death Star began construction in between the prequels and originals either right after the prequels or right before the originals so all that being said it didn’t take two decades for the first Death Star to be built I mean the first one started construction right during the prequels or a little before but in between the prequels and originals the first one finished and the second one was in the middle of construction

  39. I don’t remember the source but 20 years ago it was said that the second Death Star was being built while the first was constructed.

    If it was built after Death Star 1 was destroyed it would have taken much more time to build as the first took decades to complete.

    One Death Star was powerful but the Galactic Empire was huge and a second Death Star would be needed to maintain control.

  40. The 2nd Death Star began construction once the insurance companies didn't put a clause on magical space wizards with light sabers cause of destruction. The reason why you didn't see a 3rd Death Star was because the clause was indeed put into the insurance contract.

  41. I thought it was being built roughly before the first one was completed as a means to have two Death Stars ready to be deployed on either side of the galaxy. And once the first was completed the engineers already knew what they were doing, so that's why they completed it so quickly. Kinda like cooking the same thing over and over again. You know how to do it better and quicker.

  42. I'm a massive advocate for natassi daala and the Imperial maw installation which houses the death star prototype. Would it be too much of a stretch to have the emporor have a blue better moment "here's one I prepared earlier" fetch the prototype from the maw installation and use it as the template to build the 2nd with improved and upgraded security and weapons I still think the maw installation could be cannon as in Solo we see a single star destroyer just before the kessle run which I think may be either the Gorgon Manticore Basilisk or Hydra

  43. Wrong….i believe that the 2nd Death Star was underway when the Empire's Advanced Weapons Team found out about the glitch Gailen Urso planted.

  44. I like your channel but come on man you got your nonsensical definition of Occam's razor from freaking contact. It actually states that the correct answer is the one that has the fewest amount of hypothesis in it. In other words any answer which basically draws the least conclusions and that has more facts and lessons educated guesses. Not always the simplest explanation; I mean you could say the simplest explanation would be that it was begun the second the rebels got the plans, Because Darth Sidious is always planning ahead, Doesn't have a lot of faith in his staff and always wants to be prepared for the possible failure of something so important, especially if there is a reason to believe that the weakness may be exploited. Now to me that would be the simplest explanation, but it draws too many conclusions. Was just saying he probably felt that there was a good chance of being destroyed in the force therefore begun Construction of the other death star before the first one was even blown up cuz beside of the possible failures to Planet killers are better than one. That would be an assumption based purely on Occam's razor. Getting your definition from the movie contact, oh Fat Tony I can't believe you did a favor for me just to get a favor back later.

  45. Also they were already aware of if not the design flaw but certainly a design flaw. Because otherwise why would they care that the rebels got the plans to the store is not like they're going to build one of their own. Plus in a new hope they tell Grand Moff Tarkin that there is a danger detected do you want to leave the ship and he says during our moment of Triumph hell no. Like I said as much as I like this child I think I fumbled the ball here.

  46. 1. How they measure the years or time in general? (I'm not a super fan)
    2. Maybe they were closer to the Sun for the first one?
    3. Maybe it was made with cheaper material but bigger to impress the customer.

  47. Prototypes, especially incorporating new technology, take a lot more time than further models.

    (And we don't know how long was left until the DSII would be complete- another year, two…? Generally, buildings aren't complete when the outside is; and there was a lot of surface area to fill in over Endor.)

  48. considering the manpower and such it would take to build a battle station, I highly doubt there was a secret second death star…. someone would have opened their mount and leaked it out… even a regular construction worker

  49. One possibility is that the second deathstar is a not a true deadstar, simply the superlaser and only the essentials to make it work. That way it can be the anvil in the hammer and anvil trap, destroy the rebellion and it gets finished later. In Rogue One the dish is the last major piece added, since it is a complete battle station but the second one is completed in reverse order

  50. "First rule of govt spending: why build one when you can build two at twice the price? And keep the second one completely secret… " – SR Hadden, Contact

  51. Here is my theory, that the second the star was built after the first was destroyed, but they focused on completing the super laser first and then build the structure afterwards, therefore explaining why it didn’t take as long, because they already knew how to do it because they’ve done it before, and focused on the structural part as an afterthought

    EDIT: I posted this comment, before watching the original video where you explain the time gap

  52. I tend to think that the second Death Stars construction was ordered shortly after the destruction of Alderaan. Seeing that the weapon was successful. The emperor ordered the 2nd to be constructed with possibly even more to follow

  53. the first death star is a smooth flawless round ball. can't you see it. it is so awesome too see a circle so well made and smoothed out, is that awesome to you people who like star wars, cause if so then people will make a bouncy ball toy of the death star…..

  54. in Rogue One, when the death star attacks Jedha the superlaser is upside down, but when it also attacks both Scarif and Jedha, it is believed hat it did not destroy the entire planet, it only attacked a small part of the planets……..

  55. I think the second death star began construction no earlier than 2 BBY at the earliest, and probably 1 ABY at the latest

  56. Maybe they had lots of replacement parts lying around. They didn't need to plan on a second one before the first was destroyed to plan ahead for maintenance problems and attrition.

  57. I know this comment's a couple years late, but I like to think it was built after the destruction of the first, and that it was so much bigger than the original, because the designer of the Death Star II wasn't as much of a genius as Galen Erso, and just couldn't figure out how to minitaturize or compact the technology enough to make it as "small" as the original Death Star; and also couldn't do so because the original had certain rare resources assembled into it's construction that was nearly impossible to find for the construction of the second.

  58. Either way, the first one took longer because it was the first one.

    When they built the second one, they obviously had the benefit of having already built one, naturally expediting the process.

    When you build a prototype of anything, you spend most of your time making improvements and adjustments, all in the natural course of development.

    So, by the time you're ready to, or forced into, repeating the process, you have already worked out all the bugs. That means you can just look at the blueprints, gather the materials, and begin.

    I feel like this should all go without saying lol it's such a fundamental part of the human experience.

    Anything you create is by definition going to take more time and energy the first time. By definition meaning; "prototype." or, "first attempt."

    You know, "Trial and error," lol the first draft is always in pencil so inevitable mistakes can be corrected.

    Duplication can only occur once the final draft has been satisfactorily improved upon. And the subsequent construction is naturally expeditious.

  59. Wasn’t Grand Moff advised to evacuate due to a “weakness “ ? The fact that the second Death Star didn’t have the same issue means that either the exhaust port had a redesign or that the second DT had a entirely new floor plan which would mean that it was built after Yavin

  60. Years and several books and shows later, there is still no definitive answer. Catalyst/Rogue One does do a little to reenforce the idea that the first would have taken longer due to new technology and technique development as well as various early setbacks like the departure of Poggel the Lesser which saw massive sabotage and loss of workforce. DS2 construction would likely have gone smoother with less to no time delay for development.

  61. possible after the first death star was finished the Emperor Ordered Another to be built Right away afterwords but Rushed so we get more Death Stars built. Honslity building more Death Stars be good idea.

  62. it took a lifetime to think out, develop and make the first ever automobile, the second however was made in mere days, and then came mass production.

    The point is that while the first death star took 19+ years to build and test and develop, all that research was done when the second death star was made and the speed of building would the more or less only depend on how much effort and rescourses was put into it.

  63. Financing 2 death stars and having them blown up .. Talk about taking a massive credit loss.

    How was the death star financed?

    Even if you can imagine quite a bit, Centives, the economics blog of students of Lehigh University, says it would cost “$852,000,000,000,000,000. Or roughly 13,000 times the world’s GDP” to build the Death Star…and that’s just the cost of steel production.

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