WMCHealth News: Bon Secours Community Hospital Begins $40 Million Renovation

It’s a great day in Port Jervis, isn’t it? A great day indeed as officials from the WMCHealth Network and.

It’s a great day in Port Jervis, isn’t it? A great day indeed as officials from the WMCHealth
Network and Bon Secours Community Hospital officially kicked off the construction of
a $40 million renovation that will include the development of a medical village hub for
local residents. A medical village is the concept where we’re
providing the totality of care. We’re not only taking care of people when
they’re sick in the hospital, but we’re actually providing health and wellness to people in
the community and the surrounding areas. The renovation will take place in four stages,
starting with an emergency room modernization and expansion before continuing on to include
a new bariatric center, an updated imaging center with the latest diagnostic equipment,
new areas to deliver outpatient services, and the conversion of three dozen inpatient
rooms to private. A project like this for Port Jervis is really
a game-changer. Everybody’s ecstatic, we are so excited about
beginning this project. Mike Israel, President and CEO of the WMCHealth
Network, believes the renovations will greatly enhance the patient experience and build a
healthier community. We believe there are a number of things that
we can do as I will say a very progressive healthcare provider, that will not only make
it more convenient for the people who live in this area, and not only make services more
accessible, but improve the services that they can get, and improve the health status
of the residents of this area. The reimagining of Bon Secours Community Hospital
is part of the WMCHealth Network’s $400 million investment in Hudson Valley healthcare. Our mission is to improve the healthcare of
the residents of the state of New York. For more information about the Investing in
a Healthier Community project, visit: For WMCHealth News, I’m Geoff Brault.

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