Women in Construction Management Summer Institute

(upbeat music) (saw running) – It’s definitely empowering women. I think that’s just a big thing that you need to.

(upbeat music) (saw running) – It’s definitely empowering women. I think that’s just a big
thing that you need to know. – Go for it, because
it’s a great opportunity. – I would say go for it. (power drill running) It’s just a lot of fun to do and you get to learn a lot of new things. – We’re hosting our first Women
in Construction Management summer institute. We reached out to a handful of our females who have done really well in industry, and they just dropped everything. They got super excited. Some of them flew out
from across the country to help us out with this. – We were teaching these high school girls what construction was, and what life in construction was like, and what reading drawings was like. And then we just helped
them take a 2D drawing and put it into 3D. – [Anna] Every afternoon,
the favorite part is when we get to sit down
and do a hands on activity and try to put it all together. And we did a project earlier today where they got to make their
own lamp and power it up. And the girls got to try
some mixed reality yesterday with the goggles and look at a model, and it was really cool to see them, their eyes light up when
they got inside the model. – It’s nice to have girls
who are kind of interested in the same thing that I am. Also the specialists are all
women that they’ve brought in. Many of them have gone to CSU. – My time at CSU was amazing. I built relationships
here that I still have. – You’ll meet lots of great girls. It’s really cool that this
is just a program for girls, because they’re all pretty awesome. – [Lindsay] I definitely saw
some light bulbs going off when we were talking about the
crazy sky rises that we build in San Francisco and their eyes light up. It’s reaching those people that know that they want
to get into an industry to break the rules, and set the bar high. – I figured out that I had a lot more options than I, like, realized. – [Girl] It’s telling us that we can.

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