Wood-Fired Sauna Stove and Kitchen Reno

(upbeat guitar music) (snow shovel scraping) – All right, oh you still there? She had started tracking over this before.

(upbeat guitar music) (snow shovel scraping) – All right, oh you still there? She had started tracking over
this before I shoveled it. So yesterday, a lot of places in Ontario, even just south of here, had rain yesterday and freezing rain. Think it was like nine degrees in like the Toronto north area. Toronto up to, I don’t how
far up, Gravenhurst maybe. It’s about maybe an hour,
hour and a half south of here, but at a lower elevation. So while it was raining and
thunderstorming down there, here we were getting more snow. So all the snow that melted sounds like everywhere else
didn’t melt here at all. I don’t know what it’s
like further north of here. I don’t think there’s that
much snow there either. So basically we’re in one of
the snowiest areas in Ontario, for a couple of reasons. One is we got lake effect snow
coming off of Georgian Bay. And then the second thing
is this is a higher, one of the highest elevations in Ontario. So we get colder weather. Not only colder weather, but
as the systems come across and they get forced up
the hill essentially, it causes the clouds basically to let go of their moisture, so it dumps here. Point is that if this is gonna be the
snowiest place in Ontario a lot, here quite often, or at least always have
snow during the winter. I’ve been putting more thought into what I asked you about
the ATVs and the snowmobiles, as well as talking to my family
a little bit more about it, and a few other people, friends, and I made a decision on
the snowmobile situation. So I’ll fill you in on that either when we go back
inside the cabin now, or an upcoming video. Got a couple of things I wanna show you in the cabin that will let you know more about what my plans
are for this winter. So, let me get more of
this firewood inside. Talk to you more inside. (wind whooshing) (metal clanging) (handsaw scraping) (upbeat guitar music) (wood knocking) You looking at? (upbeat guitar music) (wood banging) (handsaw scraping) (meat sizzling) (water bubbling) There you go. There you go there. Yep, freedom. Good, can you stay there
with it though please? (door creaking) (snow crunching) (birds chirping) (metal clanging) (snow crunching) (metal clanging)
– Whew! (metal clanging) (metal scraping) (fire crackling) (snow crunching) (wood banging) (metal scraping) (wood banging) (snow crunching) (plastic crinkling) (chuckles) I’m not throwing
it in the cabin, okay? We’re not throwing it tonight. (metal clanging) This is a fairly typical
breakfast that I have. This spinach is something I
eat pretty well every day, and often times twice a
day, once at breakfast, and then again either at lunch or dinner. I’ve been having a hard
time keeping it fresh but the problem was I was
keeping it above floor level, and then if I left for a day or two it would freeze and go bad. So, I ended up figuring
out, took me a while that if I put it down
in the hole in the floor with the potatoes, and the
carrots, and the canned stuff, and anything I don’t wanna
freeze I put it down there. It’ll actually stay,
it’ll get a little bit of a cold damage if I’m gone
for like a full two days, but generally it’s pretty good. So I’m able to shop once a week
in town here in the village, and then eat it basically for a week before I replenish my supplies. So that’s generally how it’s been going. Shop once per week when I’m
in town uploading videos. And that’s working out pretty good. Certain things that if I
didn’t make it into town there’s lots of food here still that I eat when I don’t
have anything fresh. Beans, and rice, lentils, peas, potatoes last quite a while
so I’ve always got a bag, and bag of carrots, and onions
down in the cold storage. Then I’ve got flour and stuff so I can always make bannock bread. So I’m getting the hang of it for sure. The camel that I had last night. I’m not sure if it’s in this
video or a previous video, but I cooked it last night. Bought that from the
same place as the elk. That was what, three weeks ago maybe. So I’ve kept that in
the little freezer here, and it’s kept, it stayed frozen, which was good, even when I
had the fridge turned off, which is most of the time
’cause I just use ice. I have big ice blocks in there. Anyway if you’re wondering
what camel tastes like, I only got that because I was curious, and I wanted to try it myself. I try to keep an open mind, and try all kinds of different meats, and other foods, but meats
are most interesting to me. Found out it just tasted like beef. It was tougher than most cuts of beef. It might have been just
the stuff that I got wasn’t a prime camel, it was just cubed. So if I had a cooked it
longer like I usually do when I cook that method, then I’m sure it would have been tender. I did taste a piece outside. I cooked it separate from the rest of it. Once I curried it, it was hard to get the true flavor of the meat. But I found that it tasted
both ways exactly like beef. Not something that we
have free-range here, running wild in the forest, so I probably won’t try that again, but it was interesting anyway. (snow crunching) (wood banging) (metal scraping) Woodpeckers and chickadees
all over the place today. This is what’s called a
safety edge on a file, which means the file serrations
are here on this side, but on the sides there’s
nothing, it’s flat. Which means when I’m sharpening this gouge I can go right up against the edge so it sharpens the blade, but doesn’t cut into the
side blade or into the screw. The starter screw on the end of the gouge. This side is here is flat,
just for polishing it. Nice and sharp. (snow crunching) (wood scraping) Sure. (wood banging) (handsaw scraping) Frozen. It’s frozen Cali. (wood banging) (handsaw scraping) (metal scraping) (wood banging) (gentle piano music)

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  1. Good Morning from Arizona! Last week sometime, I happened to click on your videos. Wow! I am fascinated with your skills and patience to build your cabin and your daily life with your dog. I am originally born in Turkey, over the years, I ended up living in Arizona. Thank you for sharing your experiences and videos with us. I only watched a few of them so far. Have a question: when did you start building your cabin? And I love your scene videos, are you using a drone to capture some of your videos? Thank you. My name is Gulten and live in Arizona.

  2. What was the vegetable(?) you cut in half and put in the camel stew? Also, I'm new to your videos and wanted to say I'm hooked. Great stuff.

  3. Was that camel meat? Like a camel ?? I don’t eat that but should add oregano and garlic and cilantro and carrots celery.

  4. Wow Shawn looks good…you are a beast …i wouldt want too cross you …you would pick me up carve a few notches in me and tell me too settle down …and I would..:) you drag those logs like there nothing…anyway god bless brother..

  5. Oh I wanted to ask …how is gutar practise going ..iam alone alot and I find music expression are great for the soul and not too mention fun ..i have an acoustic and I been playing for years ..i no you're probally tired and not too mention busy..just a thought…ok god bless my friend …

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  7. Great show you have shawn. You have tremendous skills. love the cabin. we went off grid last fall to finish our camp in New Brunswick. Then the snow came lol. we will be back in the spring. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  8. Wow…I enjoyed this one, not so much the commercial interruptions that broke the feeling, but neat to see your work on the sauna!

  9. I have read several places that cooking with Turmeric (like you used with the camel) requires cooking with fresh ground pepper corn to activate the full health benefits.

  10. You make it look easy. I've done a bit of building using forest materials…when I was 40. Kept me in great shape. Every single thing you are doing is using almost every muscle in your body. Then when I see the food you cook…oh, yeah. I could sit on my numb old butt and watch hard work and great food all day. Thanks for doing such a patient and professional job of it all. WELL DONE.
    And CALI. Oh, what a girl she is. She wants to play, and play. My standard Poodle almost never stops demanding my attention. I guess all dogs are the same. It's all a game. They know that. We pretend we don't know that. 🙂

  11. Shawn, another fantastic video. You and Cali have it made, great location, playground and absolutely gorgeous cabin. Additionally, as always, great food. I am very thankful to have this channel to go to escape the city concrete jungle. Living through you vicariously. Thanks again for another great episode. Cheers.

  12. Are you cutting snowmobile paths through the woods and do you have plans to get a snow blower rather than a snow thrower(yourself)?

  13. Just great, Thank's Shawn, I just watched you make to incredible dishes that sent me to the kitchen to have breakfast for Dinner LOL Perfect egg's and Potato'

  14. Your  builds are to amazing… love what you did with the oval wood on the outside of the cabinet.. The sauna is coming along… so brilliant how you make the wooden pegs to put together the logs …never seen anything like your builds..

  15. One scene is filmed from various directions, angles and distances. It is difficult to imagine that he makes it all by himself, while he is busy to working with log/wood/food. Besides all images are stable and focused perfectly.
    To carry out such filming may need a camera crew. He might have at least anyone at the place to take care of this amazing wildlife series. If not in such standard case, I would like to know the truth.

  16. Good evening. I carry on wathing, your videos, your work. Did you finish this one? I hop, so .I want to see how it looks en finish. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  17. Depends on which part of the camel you eat…i ate the toe..tasted like a dead trout with hairy clam sauce…yummy!

  18. Ive just been dropping in an out of episodes, sorry. But i'm very curious as to how the electric lights are powered.

  19. The best video I have seen and heck yes very inspiring. I've always wanted to build my own cabin some day soon. Many blessing and thanks for sharing your videos.

  20. why u dont start planting some veges and potatoes corns etc apple tree so can hv your own supply of food .. meaning during the summer season .. lemons etc

  21. No inverno de Long Cabin é comum as pessoas terem que remover os excessos de neve nos tetos e nas entradas principais das casas. Precisamente é isso que james faz quase que diariamente e o mais feliz de todos é Cali.
    A neve está abundante pois na noite anterior nevou muito e no ambiente nublado fora o domínio dela emperra.
    Não é fácil a labor de James com a madera porque as mãos ficam sensíveis e a madera ainda mais dura.
    No interior da cabana é a alegria do bem estar porque o fogo aquece o ambiente e a deliciosa comida invade de sabor e de aroma.
    James prepara os deliciosos pratos e as energias voltam a se recuperar para logo voltar ao labor.
    Apesar de que nos expectadores vemos as dificuldades, para os canadenses trabalhar na neve não se vê algo desconhecido e novo. Eles estão preparados para enfrentar todas inclemências do duro inverno.
    Enquanto James trabalha, Cali explora, deixando seu dono concentrado.
    O silêncio da natureza é invadido pelo corta, golpeia e raspa nos troncos que James realiza.
    Um cafezinho anima as energias de James pois ele já tem uma estufa portátil acesa no ambiente.
    Cali observa distante e calado. É como se entendesse que seu dono necessita estár totalmente concentrado e que não deve atrapalhar. Ele tem muita vontade de brincar porém ele entende.
    É curioso e animador ver que James não precisa de que alguém este mandando, nem controlando o seu trabalho pois ele é muito comprometido com o seu labor, sabendo muito bem o tempo que deve empreender e o tempo que deve parar.
    Hora da comida chega e uma caçarola de carne de camelo, purê de batatas e salada verde é o menu do almoço.
    Em Canadá o camelo não é um animal próprio e nativo, seguramente essa carne é importada do médio oriente.
    James gosta de cozinhar e ele sempre mostra aos expectadores os costumes e tradições da culinária canadense.
    Antes que a noite chegue a lenha deve ser levada e armazenada no interior da cabana cada dia pois o uso de está no inverno é maior e constante.
    O trabalho continua pois ainda a claridade deixa que James faça os buracos para dar firmeza nos troncos do novo quarto.
    O silêncio apaziguar o final da tarde de Long Cabin e as imagens aéreas transmitem a paz do manto nevado.

  22. My personal self reliance was a product of childhood parental neglect in NYC. They skewed my view of the world and so my challenges kept growing. Ran a solo business as a sign painter, studied nutrition, martial art, religious anthropology, social evolution and along the way I've also learned to love tools. The painful solitude of my youth is now perhaps my greatest strength. Consequently I'm now 63, living in Puerto Rico and working my way toward easier finances of the ExPat communities in Central America (even tho I miss winter). You have been a hero to me since hurricane Maria hit us, but now more than ever. Your set up is magnificent. Bottom line: when I grow up, I want to be like you, brother! God bless and don't forget to eat your veggies! ?

  23. i just gotta say that i always look forward to seeing what your cooking Shawn! love your work and outlook in life. Thank you so much.

  24. Where do you hunt "Camel" in Canada? LOL ! Was that really camel steak? I've heard of Arabs eating it for holidays ? — Oops, just got to the place where you explained — LOL !

  25. Pine needles tea? That's a new one for me, I'll have to try it. Your videos, hard work and sterling character make the daily news on Trump bareable.
    I would vote Yes on the snow mobile, it will take away from the lovely quiet and bird song but you might need it to get back for help or something quickly some day. Take care out there.
    Do you play that banjo?
    Paddie from Puget Sound

  26. Golden Retreivers are GREAT Catchers LOL This winter I decided to see if my golden would catch snow balls well……"HE LOVED IT AND CAUGHT EVERY SNOWBALL THAT I THREW" what a hoot they are so smart and fun. He would bear down on his front legs and kept his eyes on the snowball wow was so cute. I love to watch Cali and my golden gets jealous because I make a big deal of saying things like…oh look Harley there's Cali ohhh she's so pretty….I know bad mama huh? He teases me back trust me he does. Just love the Self Reliance but some of the meat so wild I kind of have a challenge with that LOL. Camel…gulp.

  27. Blue toy, orange toy, orange bone… Cali must be young if she still loves her toys. 🙂 She certainly adds something to the videos. Every joyful, ever there. Dogs are truly a gift to humans.

  28. how do you support yourself. and how do you store your food and you sure eat good and your dog too

  29. I was just paying attention to the herbs you added to this "stew". Cumin and Turmeric can both be used for swelling and in pain relief.

  30. Cali has her teddy ready to play… Umm, cooking and eating, sgain. You have a healthy appetite, Shawn. You are always cooking, and eat lots of red meat… Camel meat! Noooo…

  31. Here in London… smack in the middle of the great lakes.. We are also in the snow belt…. we've had some serious snowfall in past winters but the last 2 have been pretty minor.

  32. I am addicted to your u-tube Series…81 yrs old female. How I do envy your life; were I 60 years younger and had the wherewithal; would find myself a teacher to help me start an independent lifestyle. My admiration for you and your family is way up there. So happy you chose to send back videos! Thank you.

  33. I keep enjoying your videos, you seem to be a calm, capable and gentle man, your voice and face remind me of Kevin Costner in some of his roles where he goes back to nature. How does your family feel about you spending time in the woods instead of with them?

  34. друг наш,вы молодец,нам очень нравится…..(казахстан)

  35. Love it,love you dog, love the wholsome food you eat ,reminds me of my child hood, out with dad shoting rabbits to eat, chopping wood for fire,filling oil lamps no electric.or hot water,ice on inside windows, trudging 5 miles to school ,though all weathers,good old days, i would lie to go back,we had little,but were happy, not like today,milking cows, haymaking, wow, Maureen UK ENGLAND


    I am your follower. VIVONO NORTH OF PARANÁ – BRAZIL.


  37. I think the branch popping back up after you beat it down made me laugh the most. Your videos are amazing. I've been binge watching for 2 days. Just absolutely incredible. So jealous of your lifestyle.

  38. Hi, I just discovered your channel a couple of days ago, love what you´re doing. l live in Norway, where there´s also plenty of wilderness, mountains, forests, snow etc. although working for a big company, dealing with the day to day internal politics, management, HR, and all the other BS, it´s mentally tiring, so seeing what you´re doing gives the much needed "headspace", makes me just wanna head out to the hills myself. This has to be one of the most relaxing channels on the internet. Thanks for that 🙂

  39. WOW You are so impressive! I have watched all of your videos and I don't have the words to say! I built my cabin in the Tennessee hills I didn't do most of the work but about 50% of it ! I didn't cut my own logs I order Hemlock. But any way EVERY thing you touch just turns out Outstanding! I just wanted you to know this! I know so many have told you but Just so impressive!

  40. When you talked you reminded me of Kevin Costner.
    I can't imagine what woman wouldn't have wanted to be with you out in the wilderness. I only could wish to find a guy like you, your a treasure.
    Have you tried any of the freeze dried goods like Mountain House which is the best I've found.
    When you throw the toy, has it ever gotten stuck up in a tree?

  41. LOL free range camel! Still laughing. Reminds me of when we were at the Cabela's in Dundee, MI and got some Caribol to eat at their snack bar. If was a pile of gristle and hardly any meat, plus the meat itself was tough and flavorless. I'm sure whomever bags a caribou isn't going to sell any of the good stuff for the general public consumption. It jaded my thoughts about people hunting caribou for years though. I'm sure it must taste good.

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