You Can Now Contribute to the Flat Earth Movement

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  1. I'm seeing alot of "wake up" and "NASA lies" in the comment section, is regurgitating nonsense apart of the indoctrination process in flatardia?

  2. Funny how you call yourself a "Christian" but when it comes to God, you're a PIG. Do read your bible, maggot!! Effing heathen!! THE EARTH IS FLAT!! Yeah, keep listening to NASA, a bunch of people who spreads lies upon lies to all people. The globe is nothing more than CG. Just so you know, we do not live in a spinning ball!! We live in a flat earth covered by a glass dome. Read your bible, that is if you really have one, you sould out hypocrite. (Sould out: a person who signed his or her own blood in a contract with Satan)

    "Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass?" — Job 37:18

    "And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.
    And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day." — Genesis 1:7-8

    "The One who builds His upper chambers in the heavens And has founded His vaulted dome over the earth,
    He who calls for the waters of the sea And pours them out on the face of the earth, The Lord is His name." –Amos 9:6 (NASB)

    "Fear before him, all the earth: the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved." – 1 Chronicles 16:30

    "The LORD reigneth, he is clothed in majesty; the LORD is clothed with strength, wherewith he hath girded himself: the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved." – Psalm 93:1

    "Say among the heathen that the LORD reigneth: the world also shall be established that it shall not be moved: he shall judge the people righteously." – Psalm 96:10

    "Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed for ever." – Psalm 104:5

  3. Must say I love your carpool karaoke but you don't look too smart to me believing that you are sitting on a ball that is spinning at 1000 mph, moving at 64,000 mph and hurling through space on the Milky Way at 460,000 mph. Earth is flat dude. Take a day off and do some research.

  4. The problem is these guys are peddling lies as jokes about anything they don't like (Trump, Flat Earth). But when you use your own head and not theirs you'll see there is veracity to the things they say are lies.

  5. If the world ? was so round, why do all flights from Japan take over 11 hours from East to West? Why not take the shortcut to LA?

  6. He failed to leave out the fact that senators and Congress are exempt from Obamacare because they would not allow themselves to endure such crappie Healthcare

  7. As much as the controller media tries to mock, they will never escape the truth. More and more people are discovering flat earth truth. There’s nothing they can do to stop it. The earth is flat and motionless. Most people unfortunately are nowhere ready to be unplugged. The indoctrination runs very deep to the core. I pray that more and more people wake up and discover the truth. The earth is flat.

  8. Why not? If we donate, we can finally prove him and all the other flatheads wrong, just imagine their dumbstruck reactions. ?

  9. You guys laugh, but until y’all can go to space yourselves and see the curve, you can’t tell flat earthers that they’re wrong. Y’all are the ones believing EVERYTHING some people with degrees tell you…if you wanna figure out the truth, do it. I honestly don’t care if the earth is flat or a globe, so this is getting ridiculous. Let people believe what they want.

  10. This caused me to look into flat Earth and after a thousand hours of research, #bubblesinspace, top ten reasons I don't trust NASA. I don't even think we can leave low Earth orbit. It's the biggest Ponzi scheme…

  11. The Earth isn't flat! Lies! The earth is actually shaped like an innie belly button! That's what gravity is, the belly button pull!?

  12. Biggest contribution to FE….. "Earth is chubby"- Neil DaGrabAss Tyson

    Earth is obviously and observably FLAT ??

  13. 20 years ago people thought it was stupid to say Columbus didn't discover America.
    Now everyone knows Columbus was a government fraud. You're welcome.

    Btw, what are we gonna do with the hundreds of Columbus statues still symbolizing his discovery??? #justsayin


  15. Are these the same Nut Cases that infest the front rows of the Trump Hate Parties??
    They should stick to theories that have at least a 1% chance of being accurate.

  16. It may not be flat but it sure isnt a wet spinning ball surrounded by a vacuum. Defund NASA and make them legally accountable on fraud charges.

  17. a funnier joke would be to explain to the kids that a playboy magazine is something you could swipe left or right

  18. Well it's not perfectly round is it. Could we at least have a photo of how round it is. (Anyone who thinks the world is perfectly round is ad fucked in the head as the flat earthers. Please do a little research. I'm sick of sheep's.)

  19. If the earth were flat, why can I fly from Seattle to Tokyo in 10 hours…. I can fly from Seattle to London in 9 hours… But you can fly from London to Tokyo in 11 hours.. If the earth were flat, wouldn't it take 19 hours? If you flew out of London and went west to Tokyo, it would take 19 hours.. But for some reason (the earth is round), you can go the other way (east) and save yourself a few hours…. And, where does the earth end? Where is the edge?

  20. People like this deserve to have Hillary as their president. They are completely brain dead. She is a traitor and a murderer and just what these kinds of people needed. But I do thank God for Trump!

  21. According to most Flat Earthers there's a giant dome over the Earth keeping the atmosphere in yes? Then how does this dome open and close in order to let astroids in and out?

  22. I was raised in the South during the 50's-60's when many people hated blacks and almost everyone was a Democrat. Since then the party of hate, in order to secure more votes, had to do a 180 concerning civil rights in the US & ethnic prejudice therefore, they couldn’t show their disdain for ‘lower class minorities’ anymore. That unfortunately left the demon-crats with a false persona & a vacuum for all their hate so they now were forced to become a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. Now after over 50 years we can finally see the true nature of the Demon-crats revealed once again with their obsessive hate for Trump and we the basket of deplorables who support him.

  23. No globe scientist or advocate can ever produce a true representation of their flying spinning globe model where oceans lakes and rivers are demonstrated using water. All the globe earth models sold and taught to us as fact in schools and universities are false since the water is always represented by some SOLID material painted BLUE (what a con job).
    On the other hand anyone can build the "Stationery Flat Earth" model using water to represent oceans lakes and rivers! Anyone any day all the time. The truth is simple and self evident and falsehood is weak and self defeating.

  24. ahahahha i enjoy the phrase flat earth movement, as if they admit to it being roung but have a problem with it

  25. What’s the difference between a picture and an image?

    How come the Globe is always shown as an image?

    At what height can you begin to visually notice curvature?

    Is it strange that people say ‘all the governments can’t possibly be working together’ yet the Antarctic treaty proves they do?

    Why is there such a huge connection between being an astronaut and a Freemason?

    Why did the CIA create the term conspiracy theory?

    Did the majority of people call truthers dumb when they said things like ‘the CIA smuggles drugs into the USA’ even though that turned out to be true?

    Do governments take loans from a central bank?

    Did a hanging lemon get Gus Grissom killed?

    How come Neil Armstrong stated they never went to the moon in an interview with a little girl?

    Why do flight paths match up to a FE model better than a GE model?


  26. the whole earth belived they went to the moon, they lied before and once a liar always a liar, DONT TRUST MAIN STREAM MEDIA, AND ESPECIALLY SCIENCE, the earth is flat, if you believe we travelling into orbit at 666million miles an hour hahahahahaha

  27. Flat Earth – Brian Cox is a fraud can't answer simple questions

  28. YouTube search- “200 proofs earth is not a spinning ball” by Eric Dubay. I used to believe earth was a spinning ball like everyone else until I looked into it. It’s not easy to experience your reality melt away but that’s what happens when you take an honest approach to flat earth. Mainstream science is part of the propaganda machine. Real science destroys the globe model. Why do you believe everything you are told when it comes from “scientists” you see on TV? It’s called programming for a reason. Put your ego aside for a moment and take a look. It won’t hurt you.

  29. U Globetards are brainwashed beyond belief well indoctrinated since nursery wake the f*ck up sheeple. Flat earth rules ball earthers

  30. James Corden spends too much time brown nosing the tv execs to even realise the flat earthers have been winning this debate hands down for the last 5 years ? mainstream media acts like there is no debate and globe earth would win the debate.

  31. wow some random uk retard saying obamacare is good and trump bad. never heard that before. almost like these late night chimps work together to shit out the same dribble.

  32. Hey Corden, absolutely love you man for once you are the stupid one because the earth IS flat….. do your research and use your own mind and senses on this one, you'll see its true…. unless it turns out your mind is blind

  33. I had no idea why this untalented, unfunny celebrity from here (Britain) landed this job in America, it made no sense. But ive since seen how it will push any agenda its controllers tell it to.

  34. considering the flat earth theory is so absurd…the establishment has spent millions trying to bury it. Getting shills like this guy to mock it. Even Obama makes the same flat earth 'joke' 3 times in 3 different speeches. If you look for flat earth videos on yt good luck, as you have to scroll through hundreds of professionally made 'debunking' videos first. that actually dont debunk anything. You can prove the earth is not a globe yourself anyway. Using long distance photography. You'll see that you can zoom into landmarks that should be obscured by curvature. Here's a link to a good video, it's very long, but covers everything, from how they fake space travel to the FE. I watched in installments.

  35. I'm tempted to donate the gofundme just so he can send up a satellite, see that the earth is round, and see how stupid he is.

  36. James Gordon thinks he’s smart, even tho all he does is just talk about his opinion which nobody gives a shit about. He is probably the most biased person I’ve ever seen

  37. James your just another sell out to the elites… playing your part for money and deceiving the masses… wake up sheeple… everyday sheeple are waking up to all their bs

  38. Nasa gets 54.000.000 dollar a day and no conclusive prov so that 30mill americans think its FLAT… 200.000 dollars dose not seem that much…he shuld have goten it from goverment a day… But Sorry Globe you are loosing, all becaus they dont lisen to arguments and try to do what the Flatards want, to see where we live, live and REAL..

  39. Wow people believe and follow these morons on t.v. talk trash about everyone but the pimp playboy smut dealer he is good to these people.

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