You Can’t Build Muscle Over 35 Without TRT!

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, We’ve got a controversial one here for you today. The fact of the matter.

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, We’ve got a controversial one here for you
today. The fact of the matter is this – I’m going
to make the statement right off the bat. You cannot build muscle over the age of 35
unless you are on TRT, which is Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or as some would call
it ‘hormone replacement therapy’. I know this to be the case. I know this because someone left a comment
on my video that said that was true. So we know it must be true. Now I’m going to put this comment up here
and I want to read it for you, and then we’re going to start breaking it down because you
guys obviously have to sense the sarcasm in my voice. This ain’t true, okay? Now, let’s put some context here. The guy’s name is going to be blurred out. I’m not looking to cause a personal attack
by me, or any of my viewers against this guy because everybody’s entitled to their opinion. But his sentiment is downright wrong. Jessie wanted to nominate him as “Professor
Dickweed”, or something like that. I don’t care. You can call him whatever you want, but I’m
not going to name him publicly. But I want to read what he said. “Jeff, I really like your videos and I’ve
watched them for, maybe, two years now. But there’s an elephant in the room, and that
elephant is that you are on HRT” – hormone replacement therapy. I want to make it clear. I have absolutely no problem with this. In fact, at 42 you have little choice but
to be on hormone replacement therapy if you want to be truly athletic. But the problem I have with it, as some would
have with this video, is it leads to false expectations in anyone over the age of 35,
especially. Unless someone is a genetic freak they will
not be able to get that swollen, veiny, bulging look. Don’t get me wrong. They’ll look pretty good, but not like this
wrestler” – because this was not what I talked about, a wrestler in a previous video,
“and certainly not like you. So do your fan base – especially the older
guys – a favor and admit that you are on HRT so you can maybe help people get their
doctors, and/or anti-aging clinic and get the supplements they need to stay healthy
and active into their 60s. What’s the harm? I mean, I know there’s a stigma to this stuff,
even when prescribed legally by a doctor. But maybe you can help dispel this a bit by
letting people know how to do these supplements responsibly, and legally. Either way, I wish you the best with your
company, and your channel. I truly am not trying to bust your balls,
but again, I do not think it’s fair for you to keep one of the integral parts of training
over 40 a secret any longer. Your body needs testosterone and growth hormone
to function properly and repair itself. Sure, diet and hard work are fine, but without
adequate tested GH, their results will be GREATLY DIMINISHED” – capitalized – “and
may even result in injury. So consider coming clean. I think it would be good for you, the sport,
and the public’s perception of you. All the best.” Now, that’s a mouthful right there. Right there is a bunch of horse shit. I’m going to tell you why. It doesn’t anger me because he’s personally
attacking me, or trying to call me out for something he feels that I’m using; my secret. What angers me is what it does to those that
were thinking about starting and were discouraged by what he just said because what he just
said, he just set the bar really, freaking low. 35? You can’t look good after 35? I’m guessing he’s 36 years old, but the fact
of the matter is, to think that any ‘bulgy, veiny’ look, whatever it is, is strictly responsible,
or requires hormone replacement therapy – because after the age of 35 you just can’t have that
– is setting the bar so low. It is doing such a disservice to anybody that
watches this channel, any other fitness channel on YouTube, anywhere they go for advice, and
encouragement on how to look better than they do right now. It’s really a quitter’s attitude and that’s
my problem with him. He’s a quitter. He is determined that because of his lack
of ability to commit to a cause, that means nobody else can do it unless they’re a genetic
freak, or they’re using something that they shouldn’t be using. That pisses me off, guys. It really, really gets under my skin. That’s the reason why I’m making this video. I had another video planned for today, but
this one had to be done. What I think the problem is, is that when
you think about where this comes from, it comes from an insecurity on your own inability
to achieve something. So what you do is, you go and try to bring
everybody down to you. Instead of trying to aspire to get to this
level –whatever that level is that you’re achieving – you try to bring everybody else
back to the pack. There’s another saying. They say there’s two ways to have the biggest
building in town. The first is, you can knock all the other
buildings down, so your building is the only one standing. That’s the first way you could do it, or you
know what you could do? You could build the biggest fucking building
in the neighborhood. Then you’ve got the biggest building. This guy has chosen to try to knock the other
buildings down. But don’t let him discourage you. And I don’t say that because I’m angry that
he’s potentially discouraging customers of ATHLEANX, from people from buying programs
that I recommend. Guys, I have 800 and some-odd free videos
here that you know I put my best, and greatest content here for you each, and every week. Multiple times a week. There are so many people that use our programs,
and there are so many people that don’t use our programs. All of them unified by the fact that they’re
getting results, and they’re out there actually doing the work, and they’re not looking to
start bringing into the equation, elements that make their ability to obtain those results
impossible. This guy has. So, for the record, if you want to talk about
me – I’ve mentioned on this channel many, many times before – for someone that struggled
in their life to put on size, to have any muscle – and I’m not a huge guy, guys. I’m 5’10”, 175lbs. To have somebody accuse you of using some
performance enhancing drug – and I’ll throw hormone replacement in that group – anything
performance enhancing, other than what you’re naturally doing every, single day – for
someone to accuse you of that is one of the most ridiculous feelings. I feel like “Holy crap!” I could not imagine anybody would have ever
said that to me, at one point in time. The fact of the matter is, even Jessie, our
own, beloved Jessie, who’s put on 12lbs is getting accusations thrown his way. Which, to me, is laughable that the guy is
juicing, or doing something else. I mean, it’s so crazy. But that’s what happens. As soon as you start to look better, then
people start making accusations. Now, in this case the guy has two check boxes. Over the age of 35, TRT for you to look good. You look better than me? TRT. It’s like you fit those two criteria? TRT. It’s beyond ridiculous. As I’ve said; I don’t drink. I never have. I don’t use drugs. I never have. I don’t use anything. The strongest thing I’ve probably used in
my life is Tylenol, or maybe an antibiotic. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I live a very, what some would say, a boring
life. But you know what? That boring life is what I like. I have a family, and my family prefers that
I live that life, and we have a good time with me living that life, believe it or not. It might not be the life for everybody, but
it’s what I choose to live. I have a very strict attention to my diet,
and what I eat, and my nutrition matters to me. I don’t eat cheat meals. I have my carrot cake once a year. As I’ve said to you before, the reason why
I don’t eat cheat meals is because I don’t feel like I’m cheating. I actually enjoy the foods I eat. It just so happens that I eat healthy foods. I can stay lean 365 days a year because I
love what I eat. The fact is, the foods I do eat are in line
with keeping me this way. They’re in line with keeping me lean because
I eat healthy foods all the time. I don’t feel tempted. Am I saying that is something that everyone
else has to do in order to look a certain way? No! I know people all the time – I know guys
that are older than me, they come to our live event, they send pictures in of what they’ve
been doing, following our programs, or not following our programs. They look better than me! I’m sure they drink. I’m sure they go out socially from time to
time. Surely, they eat carrot cake more than once
a year. You don’t have to do that to look good,
but that’s what I do. But to throw accusations that way, it’s sort
of more of a compliment and a boost to me, but it pisses me off because it’s what it
does to you. Again, this channel was meant to inspire you
about what is possible, and I will sit here, and I’m going to make this guy’s day a really
bad one because I’m going to tell him right now, to his face: 100%, everything that I
demonstrate on this channel is doable. 100%, everything that I stand in front of
you and demonstrate – my bulgy veins and all – is 100% doable with no TRT, with no
supplementation, with nothing but hard work, and a commitment to eating right. I know I just ruined your day. I just took away all of your excuses. Now what?! Now what? Well, I can tell you what. The rest of the guys, the guys that came here
with good intentions, the guys that are actually willing to work; you just became inspired,
and you should be inspired because you can achieve whatever it is you want. You’re going to have to prioritize. You’re going to have to work your ass off. All those things are never going to go away
and I would never bullshit you about that. Those elements will always have to be in place. There’s no way around that part, but if you’re
willing to commit to that, and you’re willing to bust your ass to really do what you need
to do then you have the ability to look far better than me. Far better than me because you’re willing
to put in the work. As far as the quitter goes; guys, like I said,
I can’t control the sentiment, but I will do this. I will offer him an olive branch to wrap this
all up. Dude, commit to your efforts. Instead of spending your time trying to figure
out every reason why you’re not looking as good as you should be, spend a little bit
more of that time focusing on actually trying to look better than you do right now. I promise you, you’re going to see improvements,
and I promise you, you’re going to be surprised about what you’re capable of doing when you
direct a lot of that energy, and focus toward something that’s going to help you in the
long run to build a bigger body, and to look better. I promise you. Guys, I had to make this video, like I said,
out of order. We have other videos scheduled here. I’m going to get back to those, but I think
this is an important message to get across to you. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a program
that puts it all out there, step by step – no TRT included, it’s not needed – the right
exercises, the right attitude, hard training, and good nutrition; that’s all over at If you’ve found the video helpful tell me
about other videos you want me to cover and I’ll do my best to do those for you in the
days, and weeks ahead. All right, guys. See you soon.

100 thoughts on “You Can’t Build Muscle Over 35 Without TRT!”

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  2. im a medical dr 54yo ,filipino,5'8" and im building muscle and definition, using some of your tips Jefd and daily resistance band training (supplements im taking DMG and Taurine, 2-3 eggs/day).. i discouraged TRT and Steroids, that is toxic to your body

  3. Jeff I love you man ! You are my true mentor ! Thank you for this video ! I’m about to turn 38 and I’m back to the gym and this dude was hurting my intentions to work out hard and expect results ! Thank you Jeff bless you and bless all of your family

  4. Cod liver oil and zinc supplimentation along with exercise and sex boosts my testosterone.
    I still have a good physicque and gettin' close to 60yo.

  5. Jeff your coaching and motivation has inspired me to get back into shape. Been following you for years and now its tine to put in the work. Starting with 6 pack abs week 2 now and pushing foward. Oh by the way im hitting 35 but no worries im putting in the hard work to get greater results.

  6. I started working out earlier this year at age 52 and I grew so fast the first few months (a lot of it due to muscle memory) the guys at work thought I was on steroids.

    I've never taken any PED in my entire life. Moreover, my T was recently tested at 400.

  7. It's science Bitc$. Get the blood work done, if you are below normal there are several health effects that can be quite harmful. For a man of Science I find this quite surprising. Im glad you, Jeff, don't need it but please don't disparage those who actually do. I think you handled this subject poorly. First and only time I have seen this on your channel.

  8. I’m turning 40 and have always been into sports and have been pretty cardiovascular fit . Never weight trained though
    Anyway I’ve started training with weights , improved my diet and am using protein shakes etc and I’ve actually had some pretty good gains in my arms, shoulders and chest.
    (And I still Party )
    But it proves to me that you’re absolutely right , if I was stricter with diet etc I could dramatically improve my aesthetics.

  9. Testosterone decreases so slow over the years (only goes for men) so you can counteract it with so many methods like good food,
    reasonable vitamins and minerals, hypertrophy orientated training, good habits(smoking,alcohol,drugs), enough rest and passion.
    Just look at people who train in their 40s, 50s and compare them to those flappy and lazy ones. -_-
    It's kinda harder to maintain a lower body fat at higher age but again there are so many possibilities to still achieve your "senseful" goals.
    Trying to be the best "muscular" version of yourself is the key.

    Just don't compare to drug users like many actors and some youtube athletes claiming they're natty. Same goes for highly genetically blessed athletes.
    Also keep in mind that you can't build big muscle mass in 6 months, which does apply for all ages but even more for "older" beginners.
    Most give up to early and blame it on bad genetics, their age or anything else which the main problem.

  10. Hello there! I do wanna'thank Jeff for inspiring me for 2 years now.Nobody needs HRT or TRT and I wish that I could prove it to you.I am 58 years old,6'1" for 172 lbs-+/-10% fat-.So sorry about that:I am French.I do eat some of the best(worst) carbohydrates in the world.2 years ago,I had a huge hernia and I could barely lift up a 50 lbs bag.After the surgery,I began to watch ATHLEAN-X on Youtube.Guess what?I will get to 7% fat…without HRT,with Jeff's help.

  11. That's such a Bull****… I am 37 and I started like 12 month earlier, I don't do any boosters, not even Proteinshakes … And I am pretty surprised how good it's going…. I thought it would take me years to get in shape again… But no the muscles are growing the belly is shrinking and even the fatty skin is becoming tighter…
    Of course without Proteinshakes and other supplements such as Creatin or Aminos and so on it takes longer … But hey I am doing great…

  12. What about people with XXy who don’t produce testosterone sufferers from type 2 diabetes male 600 lbs 6ft9” 46 years on keto diet only able to do pool and stationary free weights limited mobility??? Any ideas mass weight gain at 37 from back injury need ideas to help

  13. Great videos thank you , I built muscle after 40 , now I am 43 , naturaly and only with Calisthenics and my Testosterone is never been so good just with training and very good diet

  14. I am 37 now, still i have fun watching people reacting to my age, whenever I spell it out. I am not a super built guy…but spends 4 hours a week in a gym from age 18

  15. my dad was about 43 when he started training seriously again and by 45 he managed to build an insane physique 100% naturally just by doing a lot of hard work and managing his diet consistently.

  16. Started lifting weights at age 37. Now at age 40 and I have gained about 10kg muscle mass. Only supplement I have ever used is recovery drinks from local supermarket (protein shakes etc).

  17. It reminds me of a line in the movie “ the pursuit of happyness “: Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. When people can’t do something themselves, they’re gonna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period.

  18. Just turned 54, have started back in the gym last 5 months, biggest strongest muscles I've ever had, bout 9 lb lean muscle increase so far, lost 12 kg fat, I am so happy, I know ill lift till I can't, my new life choice

  19. I'm 45 years old and I use no performance enhancements and using Jeffs techniques and I'm gaining muscle and veins popping out. So not being able to gain after 35 if horse sh**

  20. Everything you said is bang on. I'm 56 and have never looked better. After years of "pottering on" in gyms me and my brother decided to knuckle down 7 months ago. Totally clean and I've never packed on as much muscle as this. Just lifting heavier and heavier as we've changed our mind set at our age "now or never". I know my testosterone levels will be way down at my age but it's not hindering me or my brother, who's 54, much.

  21. I’m 51 years old and love TRT. I’m in the gym everyday knowing that I’m not just beating myself up because my body has free T to make muscle and promotes recovery. There is ZERO chance the guy in this video isn’t on TRT. ZERO CHANCE!

  22. Yu are very true i am best example i jioned gym at 42 and now at 44 i am super with some good muscle ans made some lean body from 94 khs to 68 with out and single supplement with natural diet

  23. Thanks Jeff, I am a hard gainer and I have been doing bodyweight training since the last month and I am in the best shape of my life and I know it's only going to get better. Quality content like this keeps me motivated and has helped me a lot and i mean a lot. I just want to show my gratitude towards you.

  24. Respected Jeff sir u make video for us. But u don't give reply to our queries. I asked about my back pain but I didn't reply. There is no advantage to me. So I m unsubscribing ur channel right now.

  25. I am 66 2/3 yrs. old and am working out on a Schwinn machine that has butterfly? Lat pull down, sitting bench press (if there is a way to convert to supine let me know I didn't get the manual when I bought the thing used) sitting leg lifts, curls, tricep extension from behind the head and forearm supported leg lift. Plus a 40# pump rotor that is just like using a curl bar. I don't have the strength of my youth but I am eating healthy and have increased my upper arm strength over three years of gym membership and now home workouts to where it is no longer a struggle to lift the pump parts I inspect in the machine shop I work at. Certainly the body doesn't produce "T" at my age as when it did 45 yrs. ago or does it? Anyway the older you get the more effort you need just to not regress. Thanks Jeff.

  26. ??????? A BUNCH OF HORSE SHIT!!! Dude you are the EMPEROR!!! you summed up all of his nonsense in 5 words!!! Im 35 and i do not look too much diferent from when i was 18, maybe more muscular, but when i need to know something i look at your videos! Best regards!

  27. Cold Showers, no masturbation, healthy diet, exercise/lifting, and ice your balls in the evening will raise it naturally. HRT helps, I see nothing wrong with it, honestly?, fukc what people think. I'm am 40 was correctional officer for 3 years, worked 16hr shifts in the oilfield, and now working 12s in the medical field, so to hell what some youngster punk says about it, I done my time and my body shows it.

  28. You have no idea how much this little talk helps me. Because you did things I haven't and you know more than me. I have difficulties with my diet. I guess I have to try, make a few errors and at some point I'll find my way with what works best for me.

  29. Is a lie I am 66 the 19 of this month and no supplements I am not bulkier but feel good and that's mathers God bless Jeff.

  30. Im a senior athlete – over 60 – and compete at the national level in track & field as a sprinter.
    I train hard and can still get good results and be the best I can be with no supplements.
    Love your videos.

  31. Even if you are over 50, most men over 50 struggle with at least hair loss or high cholesterol. So HRT it's not even an option.

  32. Im in TRT. I really needed that cause my testo was so low I would not be able to build mucles. And Believe me when I telling U. I have tried. What happend was that I was sick instead of building mucles. I don't drink, don't do drugs, eat healthy and so on…. But Now in TRT starts slowly to shows. It's not easy,still. But now its possible. Its all about genetics.
    Thanks for a Good Chanel

  33. I am building muscle right at home with only dumbbells and a good diet without steroids at the age of 43 and I see no fucking elephant in my room.

  34. 47yo doing pushups body weight squats, 20lbs bicep curls for six months. I’ve lost 20lbs 4inches in waist. Chest is popping out all over the place. Oh yeah I’m crippled. So fuck off with excuses. My muscles scream out to me each day to work they twitch and want to go go go……

  35. I'm 36 years old and I'm on trt because my count is real low. Even on my shots my t count remains low but I can tell you that you don't need trt after 35 to build muscle. My older brother is 38 and is waaaay bigger than me and he's natural

  36. I’m 35 natura, working out 5+ years, doing my first men physique in 2020…looking better each passing year. Don’t get discouraged by losers. It doesn’t matter what others think, focus on yourself, do the work. Thanks Jeff keep up the good work.

  37. I don't normally comment but what a prick ??.. So I'm a 43 yr old female wtf do I take, HRT Just to get to the gym ???

  38. You built a building and you and your family loves it you do not have to please no one else just like he says to the person that send him that hormone bulshit if you want a beautiful building build it only you know how strong it is because you have put the work in it good review keep up the good work watch and follow a lot of your videos thank you

  39. Well….I'm 41 and in the last six months I've added 1 inch to my forearms and calves, and nearly another inch to my chest, but only because I stopped flat benching and only incline because I have a good lower chest already and always have, so I've been building up my upper pecs, which seem to be twice the size of what they were, don't use any drugs, my have never had forearms at 13 inches, except for at 41 yrs of age.

    I'm not a body builder, doesn't interest me, but I'm in great shape, and have huge veins, like hose pipes.

  40. I see tons of people on YouTube who are in my opinion on steroids.

    But they look like beasts and unnatural. If you want to look like that ofcourse you'll need it. But being low bodyfat percentage is what matters. I'm fat at the moment but I also have 85kg of muscle if I could keep some of that muscle and become 75kg body muscle with 9 percent bodyfat. I'll be vany and muscled. ? Just takes hard work and determination.

  41. It was precisely the panic/fear that this might be true that made me click the link, get here, and learn what's what about this issue. I was about to get back on weight training and the idea almost put me off, on the spot. I have already had to start buying larger clothes because of the most recent years of weight training, and…I'M 63 YEARS OLD!

    That guy owes you an apology, big-time!

  42. at 41 started a year ago and made visible progress with main goal to strengthen the core and get rid of back pain. this channel was very helpful in preventing / recovering injuries / correcting mistakes : painful elbows, rom, using hip flexors instead of abs. many thanks for your work

  43. If I can do it…. you can do it !!!
    My target was losing fat started at 34 in 35 I reached my goal … I’m 37 and ready to sign for championship competition

  44. I've spent the last 5 months at the gym busting my ass at 39 and i'm 100% sure I've put on more muscle than Professor Dickweed… without any HGH or Testosterone. I ate right and put the work in, that simple.

  45. If your out of shape they will say something negative. If your in great shape they will say something negative. I've experienced this negativity in my life. Stay positive and don't give up.

  46. Just a hater who wont put in the work. I'm 35 now and have been working out again for about 9 months. I'm naturally thin but I've put on 20 lbs in 9 months and am lifting heavier than I ever achieved in my mid and late 20s. Get off the couch bro! Watching these videos wont do it. 35 and stronger than I've ever been and getting stronger. I haven't hit my prime yet…I'm still working to get there.?

  47. I have started training 6 days a week about 5 months ago. At 36 I am fitter and stronger then when I was 18. Clean diet and a few supplements, no HRT no steroids.

  48. I used an inhaler once when I got sick. Then I went running when I felt better and I could not believe that it helped me breath so much easier. I felt like I could run for ever

  49. I'm 41, started lifting 3 months ago, got serious 4 weeks ago with a 6 day push pull legs split. I'm seeing amazing muscle gains. I'm using creatine and some protein powder to help hit my macros while I lose some weight. No need for hormones.

  50. Jeff, I don't care if you are using supplements. Form over numbers every day. Health is #1, and you've taught me how to improve my form. That's all that matters is that you are helping people increase their quality of life. Thanks for everything you do

  51. I'm 36. And I can build mass. In a few weeks. Just doing 4 x 12 reps. Spotted on the last couple of lifts on the latter sets. And pounding about 500 grams of any meat per day. Some guys have more responsive muscles. But any guy can make gains. Gotta spot the last few reps and understand where the protien is comming from.. and rest. 2 on 1 off

  52. As a complete casul that was accused of hacking in CS:GO, I think I can relate to how ridiculous but flattering this sort of salty loserdom can be :D.
    It can be hurting some people if taken seriously though.

  53. I'm glad you said it's bullshit. I thought you were saying this to be true… lol. No stupid excuses! Train hard eat clean. I thought I was too old to get stronger and leaner. I'm 30 and never been stronger than I have before and getting stronger everyday literally I know by 35 I'll be lifting even heavier and stronger looking leaner. As long as you're giving your body what it needs to recover that has a big part in it. Nutrition is very important and it's given me the strength I have to lift heavy. I'm getting stronger fast since cutting out all the junk and eating healthy i perform way better than I ever have in my life.

  54. Lmaoooo. Never saw this before. I'm 34. And dudes that are 24 at my gym think I'm 26 or 28. They never think I'm 30+. Don't listen to Idiocracy of the modern age. Eat well. Sleep well. Train well. You don't need drugs.

  55. I’ve lifted weights since I was 12 and I’m 41 now , 6.0 foot, 197lbs , 32 inch waist . Athlean X is the best program I’ve ever used. Jeff’s program is amazing. Thank you

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